Monday, 11 June 2012

June: The month of sunshine, warmth and long long days.

It's been a while since I posted anything, I had to go back and look at the last few posts to see what I actually wrote, it was about tea and Springfest, so atleast I know I won't say the same thing twice.

I guess not much has happened over the past few weeks really, I've  mostly been sat here existing throughout the week then LRPing on the weekends. Which I have done a lot of over the past couple of weeks. I've gone from double larping and traveling to Guildford so that I could larp on a Sunday, enjoy the hot hot weather and see my friends of course. Then over the Jubilee weekend it was the usual Bristol on Sunday and BC on the bank holidays, which was fun and utterly exhausting.I will be glad to never see another damn fae or demon again, or a shard for that matter. But at the same time I'm having huge amounts of fun. It's really the chain that's ruining it for me, when it gets too heavy I am just fed up with everything. I'm also having some fun with the froth, it's a little national plot based, all I am really doing is having tea and cake with dragon kin to get info out of them, but that's just my curious, knowledge loving nature, I mean hey I did eat an apple that made me go blind because I wanted to see if it would effect me....thats all.

Over the past week I have seen quite a few movies that have recently come out. First up was Ridley Scott's Prometheus, this is the non prequel prequel to the Alien series. If you are a big Alien fan you could probably pick holes in it left right and centre. But Scott did say this is not prequel, he wanted it to be a stand alone movie, I also think that Weaver has rights to the Alien movies so that might also be a factor to it too. I am not a big Alien movie fan but I didn't hate the movie, I mean if it I did not like it I would have left that screen wondered upstairs and watched Men in Black 3. But even I knew there were some holes. Plot holes aside it is a good movie and you do get the feeling that they are not meant to be there and they probably shouldn't poke and prod a dead giant alien thingy. Micheal Fassbender makes a really good cyborg, it's really quite creepy, then you do get hints throughout the film that he's up to no good, like all robots basically, they're all bad in their own way because for whatever reason we make them like us but we leave out the important parts like emotions etc. Personally I'd only give it a 4/10. If a giant ship is rolling towards you, do not run straight in it's path, run sideways. (Yes I know it was done that way for drama)  but GAH.

The next movie that we saw was Snow white and the Huntsman. It had some really well known actors in it, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth take the lead in this adaption of the fairytale. We also have Charlize Theron as the evil queen, who also appears in Prometheus as Vickers. This movie went down better than expected, Kristen acted much better than she has in the that Travis called Twilight. She pulled off the snow white thing very well, she had a hint of the old snow white in her as the good natured animal loving all round good person, but it seems she can also hold her own in a fight, I guess you can't stay completely nice when you have been locked up by your bitch of a stepmother who also wants to kill you. As in the classic Snow white there are seven dwarves, though this time they don't have silly names, they have proper dwarvish sounding names, the dwarves were played by some really well known actors. There is also the poisoned apple which makes Snow White go to sleep until someone kisses her. She then rallies up her allies against the Queen and goes in to battle against her, she gets to wear this really awesome looking armour. It all ends as it's supposed to end and SW becomes the rightful Queen. Overall I like it, it did not disappoint.

Finally we went to see Men in Black 3,  it's been ten years since we last saw J and K, I was a little apprehensive about this movie, I didn't think it would be that great but I was wrong, it's a MIB movie all over, there's great comedy, action. It surprised me to see Jemaine Clement as the bad guy Boris the Animal, I only really know Clement from the Flight of the Conchords. I don't really have much else to say about this movie really, if you liked the last two movies you'll probably like this one too.

Also in the TV world, Game of Thrones season two is over (boo). It was amazing and fantastic, I think I might give the books a go. It might tide me over until next year. I think if you haven't seen it yet you should see it. But thankfully True Blood season 5 aired yesterday, so I watched it this morning and it was awesome. The first episode it really one of those, get to know everyone's new paths kinda thing. There are a few surprises in this episode. I think Sookie is going to have alot to deal with over this season and I don't think she'll have much to back her up, especially with what happened last season and this episode.

In the world of books, I have been listening to The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner. It's read by Tom Hiddleston, he does it really well, there are so many voices that he has to create, he does it with ease and you can always tell the difference between the characters, he gives them their own personality. It's a children's book that's set in the time of the French Revolution. It follows a gypsy and a Marquee's daughter. I haven't got very far in to the story, but it's a good story and it's giving me plot ideas. 

At the end of June (I think) the Shakespeare Unlocked season continues with Richard II, Henry IV parts one and two and Henry V.

There us much LRP in the weeks to come. It's Summerfest in like 2 months which I am super excited about.

Well that was long.