Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Well its 4 days until Christmas.

And I can't really say I am in the "Christmas Spirit" at all. Yes I am looking forward to opening gifts and stuff. I am just not as excited about it as I used to be. Probably becuase I know how much stress goes in to Christmas. Maybe it doesn't feel like Christmas, lasy year everything was white with snow and when it snowed for that brief moment on Friday my heart lit up at the pure excitement that it had snowed. I was gleeful, then it melted away and well so did the glee.

I haven't really be able to do a proper Christmas shop, where I scower a town or city for the perfect gift for my friends or family. I couldn't do this becuase A) I didn't have that much money. B) John would die of boredum and it would just stress me out more. So I shopped for the essentials, John, my mum and my brothers (excluding the on in China).

I also miss out on an oppertunity to go see my friends in Taunton as John is working, I cant get there on my own and once again no money. But hey! I have my LRP friends who made me smile when I was feeling like death warmed up on saturday...apart from Dan....he made me play and I had to pay for it, BUT I did physrep the ill effects of being in a sh*t shoot by feeling incredibly nausiated.  Anyway moving on, I will get to see my LRP friends again on Christmas Eve so that will make me very happy indeed. Maybe I will be excited about Xmas after then. Who knows?

I have a busyish time ahead of me. Besides Cara and Tom coming over tonight for thier bi weekly dinner. On Thursday, I have to make my area of the house spick and span for the holiday weekend. *le sigh. I shall play some good music and get it done in a flash. Apart from the washing ofc that takes all day. We  will need to get a big washer and dryer when we get a house. I should also probably get the ironing out the way as well. But then in the evening there is a Christmas special of DnD, which I am slightly worried about, becuase Christmas and DnD don't really mix, its like banana and jelly.

Friday, John is home. So we are going to set the table for Sunday for 11 people. I don't think I will ever cook for that many people. We were going to do it on Satuday but we at BC haing too much fun, then we will be too tired to want to extend to table and  then relay it for the large number of people. Then probably do it for 9 people the following Tuesday as Tom and Cara are having thier Christmas at his mothers.

Saturday as i said I LRP, which is nice becuase I get to see my friends one last time before the new year. Oh and its the last Merlin :(

Then its Christmas day where all hell might break loose. I get to open presents. Watch Dr Who. Drink the wine that Iw as given a month ago :P and share it with others ofc.

Then its monday and its back to business as usual.

I have started to write a little story to get my days going faster. I thought what if Valvossa had left Ithron at the banquet back in Nov? I think its going quiet well so far, I had a little trouble with working out the goodbyes but I did get a little help from my friends with some dialouge and some editing. Which I am greatful as I am rubbish at writing. I am past 7000 words which I think it better than my Nano becuase I think I have only been writing it for about 15 days. But the creative pace is slowing as I near a turing point in the story as Valvossa returns home. She will have a few problems to deal with. I am also thinking of someway of bringing Scut back in to the picture. I dont want to go back and write the whole thing again so I will have him already in Llaminisu.but I don't know quite waht to do with him really, I will have some fun with V and her siblings, some for of altercation between her and the warleader about a certain problem. An unexpected act of heroism maybe. I just don't want to make it a cliche.

Now  I must go back to writing and singing...probably out of key.

Merry Christmas to all my family and freinds.

Merry Christmas to my brother who having his first? Christmas in China...though I think it might be his second.

and Happy holidays to those who read this from around the globe.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

What is wrong with the world?

*Disclaimer: This will get ranty.

Lets see. The worlds economy is going to sh*t. People are striking. We are occupying our  cities. We are killing each other. We are doing pointless disgusting things like microwaving kittens for no bloody reason. We are 11 year old fathers. I look at the world and think, really, you can not be serious. I wonder how some people can be so stupid and guilable.

Its like all the Black Friday stories I have heard about, I almost didn't beliece my friend Peat when he told me about this women who pepper sprayed a crowd of people to get to a gmaes console that was about to sell out, but then I read it along with other BF stories on Oddee and I just couldn't beliee, this women said that it was in self defence, you madam are a liar. Some of the other ones that I read were just astonishing, like the man who had a heart attack in a shopping centre and people were just stepping over him, someone eventually noticed and called '911' but he died later that day. Several of the stories consisted of armed robberies in 'parking lots' stealing other peoples shopping.

Another story that made me dislike the human race a little more was the Justin Beiber fathering some child, it was obviously a cry for attention from some young American mother, but America believed it for a while. It's also like the guy who predticted the world would come to an end in May (there is even a post about him), the US believed that too, the world was skeptical and then it didn't happen, but according to my friend Jace he then tried to do it again back in October telling everyone he had made a mistake, well its December now so that makes him twice as wrong, so see you again in another 6 months for another end of the world old man?

Then there is the 11 year old father, this is another one of the UK's screw ups, clearly we are going about sex education the wrong way, I mean it worked fine for me and my friends when we were in school, I didn't want to catch some disease or have child, I still don't I am just responsible. I look back at the people from secondary school and some of them have 1 or more children. Some are even married, which I also think is a little mad to be honest, you really need to live life before tying yourself to one person, you'll regret it and I have seen it, one of my friends got married just as they left colllege and now they are no longer with thier wife, for reasons unknown to me but I am sure it was a good reason.

I have recently read an article on the Independent where someone/ some people broke in to someones home and put a kitten in the microwave, killing it, they took nothing, they just did this mindless act of cruelty. If I had it my way I would arrest those in question then put them in a microwave.

I think something needs to be done about the world. I know I have said this a million times but I do believe that my LRP characters life is better than mine, Amelia is having a great time, bussiness i s booming as far as a journeyman alchemist is concerned. I also really enjoyed Valvossa's life though right now she's feeling a little transparent. Ooh bad joke.

I know I have probably only talked and made no sense or made a point but I do this regularly, and with most things I regret it as soon as its said.

Ah what is life if you don't regret large chucnks of it along the way.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Its almost that time again.

Its the 29th of November, which means its less than a month until Christmas.

Alot has happened since I last posted, I have gotten past the 10k mark on my NaNoWriMo, I know its not the 50k target but its a good start for a n00b, I have found that is was more difficult to write when John was around, probably becuase he might have read along and questioned my every word, and I also am greatful for some of the encouraging pushes that I got from friends. I probably wouldn't have gotten past 10k without it.

For all those Americans that read this, it was recently Thanksgiving. We obviously don't celebrate it over here, I also think that I could only stand one turkey a year to be honest. But if I was to get in the the spirit of things I know that I am thankful for somethings. Mostly my friends, both from college and FnH, there really isn'y an inbetween, I know i rarely talk to my college friends but it's good to see that they are not totally loosing the will to live at uni, I think the alcohol consumption makes up for things ;) I kid girls. I really do miss them and it really sucks that I won't beable to see them soon, I have no money to get down to Taunton on a weekday, and I would feel guilty if john paid for it as he pays for my rent and food when we go out. When I am around both sets of friends I can be me you know, I always feel lighter when I have been to LRP, and not becuase I'm not in armour.

I have been to LRP 8 times this month, 7 at FnH and 1 at new dawn.  Obvioulsy as I said in the last blog Valvossa died, but so far as Amelia I am having fun. Nile, who is playing my alchemists master have lent me a suit of chain, which should include legs, but I am far to feeble to wear Johns chain legs to I have 3AP HS leather, and leather on my arms, which I bought. So yeah barely been hurt really, I think I got the most injured at BC with all the Githasians in the dark, bastards beat off the armour, then one cut my throat (damn you John), at guilford we did nothing, we were supposed to go find someones dead uncles corpse, but it wasnt in the place were it was meant to be so we went on a wild corpse chase. We came across some suspected bandits, we went the wrong way but Dave J found a very nice looking mushroom, which he collected for no reason.When we got back on track we found a chest of alchemical ingredients. Then we came across a shifyty bloke, then a group of strangly clothed people just stood around in the woods. We then went home. Oh I also got poisened when examining a mushroom, what do you expect from an apprentice.
At lunch Dave J was giving away his wifes clothing so myself and another girl went through the bags and took what we wanted then a friend of ours said he would take home whatever we didnt want to give to his fiancee. 

The afternoon mission was more interesting, I got to play my ghost and seven more people died which included valvossa's good friends Crystol and Corven. So thats a grand total of 13 dead. Whoops. I had fun playing my ghost though I had a hard time keeping the mood up.

This weekend I get to go shopping and laos exchange my camera for one that works we hope. Shopping is second to none when it comes to just relaxing and having fun.

Friends are like stars,  you may not always see them but they are always there.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


So this will hopefully be quick, I have a NaNo to wirte but I just felt like I needed to write this.

I had a good weekend despite dying and also missing the chance to see Peat, who must have arrived at the guilford pub just as we left. Oh well sith happens as they say.

I have had a relativly quiet first few days if the week, mostly playing Dragon age 2 and writing NaNo like my life depends on it, but I am getting stuck, as I am getting to a turning point in my NaNo where my main character is slowly realising that her best friend is possible the right man for her as he is so very caring and her "knight in shining armour" he is like this becuase recently she has been through a break up and its been hard, her ex has just openly attacked her. But I dont want her to seem like a wall flower but she also feels like she wants her friend to show her how much he cares. So I am trying to make it interesting and not a cliche.
I am also trying to sort out my new FnH character, I am playing an alchemist so I have to sort out some nice looking kit.

I will miss Valvossa, and I hope her friends will miss her too.

I also have found out that someone else from my secondary school has spawned a child. It is getting a little ridiculous that people of my age are getting married and having children, its even more stupid then when they were having them in school. I mean you should wait a few years, get your heart broken and put back together a few times, live life before tying yourself down. I know I might sound like a hypocrite as I have been with my partner for over 3 years, but I like to look at things realistically, even if I little on the cynical side, I know that some people are meant for each other and they stay with that person for the rest of our lives, but I also know that some things are not meant to be and people break up, move on and find new love. I'm not gonna get all gushy and say me and John will be together forever, we might we might not, that is how life goes. I just want to make the right choice before tying myself to someone with the words of marriage or another human being, I have seen what it does to people. I mean its happened in my family. I also take a realist approach to this as in this relationship its goes work, house, marriage, kids on the ladder of life. Which is fine, at the rate I am going with finding no job in this forest, we will be on step one for a long time.

I said I would be quick and I dont wanna start ranting. So I will go back to my NaNo.Sorry if there are any missing V's they key doesnt work all the time.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Skinny Love

Golly its November already and its only several weeks until Christmas, but lets not think about all that right now.

This last week has been...interesting, I have started NaNoWirMo which for those who do not know is National Novel Writing Month where people write a story for a month and the target is 50k words. I had also been planning this for the weekend that has just passed. Johns mother made me 50 or so cakes for the banquet which I decrotared myself, only like 20-30 were eaten by other people so I have to eat them now :( I'm gonna be so sick of cake.

Thurday all I did was decorate cake, my fingers felt arthritic afterwards. Friday was a day of getting myself prepared and also getting the second bedroom ready for my friends Peat and Jamie who were crashing here on Saturday, so that consumed most of me day, then I stared at my NaNo and I think I only wrote like 200 words that day, I am using a different font colour everyday, but the other two days I was on fire, so far I had managed like 3000 words or so, I have now passed the 4000 mark. I am proud of myself I have to say.

Saturday was so much fun, I got to see all of my friends though most of them did dissapear off to the exec, our mission was great even if some of it was done a little ham fisted. The second mission looked awesome and I had fun monstering and I was also apparently the kit mule until more of the boys came back from being doomed templar men at arms. As it got darker my vision failed me, so I went to help Bill set up the portal, then I was the portal which was fun though no one got dragged through. I think this year banquet was the best for me, I had so much fun, mostly becuase I was the only girl on my table, I had Peat, Jamie, Nile and occasionally Aiden, Chris T and Ian. I think Tralda was looking down on me ;) I was kept very entertained, Jamie, Nile and Peat were mocking the Knight Commander, all in good spirit though. Chris T came oer at Fifth being strange and crazy. Oh and after getting a vision of ice trolls and getting really cold Sir Harry showed that he was a true noble and offered me his doublet which is strange coming from a Griffon, they should only really set fire to an elf if it was cold :P

Sunday began a little too early that I would have wanted it to, I set my alarm for 7, I probably aimed for 8 and missed. So I couldn't get back to sleep so I came down stairs to read, then I had to make tea for my guests. The missions at bristol were good, though the first one lasted forever, I had to play an Archon of Longstor so I had to lie on the ground and be dead/ dying until they healed me ect. I was there for ages and got very cold so I did little else after that, so once I had finished being an archon I hung out with people behind the portal. Peat got made up as a demon of some kind with a funny looking moustache, but he was not as funny as he looked, when he went to attack he would call a time freeze draw his sword slightly, tell people to fall over then just put his sword away and call a time in. Eep. Our mission was mostly in the dark, but it was fun, there was a moment where Peats character got feared away and I had to shout at him to come back which made me feel so guilty when he knelt at my feet asking what he could do to make it up to me. When we did get he baron to his Revernant brother, the baron died and was be headed, then Sir Harry battled with it and he won becuase he is made of awesome.

So this week will get trying to catch up with NaNo, and getting to LRP again but sadly with less of my friends :(

Thursday, 27 October 2011


I don't know if it is the dank weather that  I see before me out the window or what but I just feel...deflated.  Maybe I am just tired, I have been going to sleep at atleast near 1 in the morning, just lying there with thoughts of this coming weekend, I might be going to Guilford for New Dawn, and how I am not doing anything again for Hallowe'en, one of my friends did suggest something but that would involve me getting to London  and actually being allowed to go on my own as John hates cities and nightclubs. I keep thinking about the banquet and I keep getting more selfconscious about it, like am I over dressing, will the necklace be too much? am I going to make an arse of myself. 

I am also going stir crazy, I know that I have been out to LRP last weekend and I had a good time with friends but that is the only time I get to see them. I guess I am just used to being around my friends everyday from being at college and school. But now all those friends are far away in uni.  And some of my other friends I barely see, mostly because we play in different branches and its expensive to get to other places.

I have gien my cv in to a few shops around glos and applied for a few online, but the main response I am getting when I go in to a shop and ask is "no we aren't looking for anyone at the moment, but give us your cv and we will keep it on file" (and forget about you and give it to someone who applied when you had a vacancy.)  The only place that said yes they were looking for  people at the moment was this shop in glos quays where they sell mens shirts, ties ect and some womens shirts, quite a expensive place.

I decorated some cakes the other day with the FnH guild/church symbols. Some look like a chils made them and some look ok. The only problem is I think I havent made the icing thick enough, as the pen icing has beld in to the other icing and it looks bad now and the icing dough sweats so it looks shiny, but I don't know what it tastes like. I should be making more next week for the banquet.

I know this'll sound bad but I just want to go somewhere that isn't here, on my own. Away from the forest. I want to back to london, I havent been there since I was 6, I don't remember any of it,  I want to see the sights, soak in the culture, go see a play and get some retail therapy. But the drawbacks to this would be I wouldn't be allowed to go on my own there anyway, and I have no money o do said things.

Like many people have said, "Life's a bitch, then you die."


Little miss F*$#ing sunshine.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Well today I had a bit of a brainstorm/ brainburp.  Sometimes I think up stories that might have potential to be interesting peices.  My only drawbacks are, I can never begin them and I always either loose interest of reach a wall that I can not find a creative way around/over/under. Maybe if I give you the jist of it someone who is lovely enough will give me a creatie poke in the right direction for how to start the damn thing! And if it is interesting to more than someone than my head then I might NaNoWriMo it, but I will never in a milllion years get 50k words in a month.

So the jist....I don't even have a name for this either!

 It is set on earth but in 2120 and the world has been revaged by natural catastrophe, world war (and I mean all of it) and more natural catastrophe, the world is a series of different islands no bigger than the size of Madagasgar or an area of similar size. Cars are obsolete, but there are other forms of transport around.
There are just over 1 billion people left on  the planet, technology has changed but some people are yet to evolve.

Amelia is the focus of the story, she lives on one of the islands that used to make up the United Kingdom which in the past 50 years has reclaimed it's Empire, she has a simple life, but a more privilaged life than most people on the islands that make up the Empire. She has a bit of a struggle with her family, and some of her friends. She meets a person from another Island of the Empire of Britian, which is a relativly rare thing as people don't really travel from island to island anymore, most of people's lives are conducted by technology, Ameila's house may be ran by a computer, she hardly uses it, she doesn't use transport she walks to her job, the only real time she uses computers is for leisure and for cooking.

This is all I have really. I have to think of a real good reason why people don't really go from island to island, they can, there are boats and stuff, some just don't.

Ideas and suggestions welcome.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Dreams and the week gone by.

So last night I had a very odd and very detailed dream, it wasn't like a jumble of pictures and sounds and feelings it felt real. So from what I can remember as I have been awake for some time now was, myself and a few LRP friends, my LO Olly, his fiance Ellie, Seneschal Matt and CC Peat were all on a hiking trip in Germany, and for whatever reason it changed to a hotel in northern Sweden where we were next door to Alexander Skarsgard's house and I think I remember telling Olly and Matt to not play golf as it would to in the Skarsgards garden, then where they were playing golf turned in to a river as they had just got splashed by a boat. Then I remember looking at a map of Sweden and all the rivers were in a grid formation like you would see the streets of Manhattan and me and Peat were navigating our way to the coast via the rivers (there is no coast in NE Sweden, it goes in to Norway). We went back in to the hotel and it had changed in to an Apple shop, but then there  is a rather blank space and it jumps to the gilmore girls.

You know when you think of something and it sounds good and then when you wrtire it down it isn't as good. Well this is it.

Any way this week has been unpleasent. I'm just feeling a little like a puppet on string. So yeah I have been upset a few times this week. Yay. I think my brain has been giving me strage a odd dreams to distract me from the real world. I'm also worried about one of my friends, and I think a few people are.

I just need to get out of this  house, hopefully I will get to a little earlier today as we are going to the cinema in Gloucester later and I hoped that John would take us in earlier so I can have a wonder and relax.

I finally got Dragon age legacy, it is awesome but difficult. I died like a million times on the final fight so I had to go back to where I could swap over players. So I hope that I can work out a puzzle that John worked out for me as I don't think I saved it.

I should be practicing making cupcakes with dough icing but I have no motiviation whatsoever, I feel drained so I think I will just play more Legacy. I think I  just need a day alone where I can do things at my own pace and where I don't feel like I'm being watched or hovered over.

Watching Real Steel later. Playing New Dawn tomorrow and probably a whole load of nothing Sunday.

Roll on Nov 5th, I get to have fun, see my friends and dress up.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The internet

Lately this has been getting on my nerves by dropping in and out all the time. It gets really annoying when I am just trying to watch or listen to something and I have to refresh it a thousand times because the internet has decided to take a nap, or when I am trying to talk to someone and msn gives out or face book has a stroke and doesn’t send or receive messages. A friend of mine has this same frustration, though they live in a city not in the country like I do. I am actually writing this blog in works processor because the net wishes to p*ss me off. If the internet had an physical form I would take a flail to its groin.  I wrote an entire blog last night that took me ages to write, and usually blogspot saves as you go but as the net was blinking on and off so often it was failing to do so, so as I clicked publish nothing happened and it told me to log in, and when I got to the main page I had only saved one line, so a gave up, I couldn’t remember what I had typed, I just let my brain tick over. 

I think that if I ever get to go to Gloucester I will take the laptop in the a computer place as both the H and the v key are broken and it is really starting to annoy me.

So besides the net and the keys not working anymore, there have been other things that have been added to the pot of my stress today.  My cold has gone away but has left behind the cough, and I just don’t have the energy to cough anymore which makes it more painful, I just want to rip out my lungs, I mean they don’t really work anymore anyway, they’ll probably kill me one day anyway.

The inability to go anywhere more than a two hour walks worth away. John hating cities and general walking around said cities. I will never see London ever again at this rate.

Johns mother....*twitch*

Not having a job.

Not being near any of my friends.

Oh and my knees must think I am 60 because they are complaining.

Rant over I'm fine everything is sunny and not filled the psychotic thoughts. I have tea.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Space Bound,

This post will have nothing to do with space, I'm just listening to Eminems' Spacebound, despite not really being in my main genre of music I do like some of his music, more of this recent album more than the rest, I think he has grown up from Slim Shady. I like this song becuase it reminds me of my character Valvossa, and some of the things she has has to deal with since her death and ressurection, and I think it would be something that she thinks about often.

I think this weekend shall be a good one, I shall be over my cold (huzzah!), though right now my lungs want ot be on the outside of my body and I don't want that, they would be inside out and it would make life difficult. Tomorrow shall be a day of cleaning ang general housework, I didn't get to to this today as I got  called by my recruitment agency at nine o'clock this morning wanting me to go to the Crown in Whitebrook to do pot washing at 10...yay. So I did and I decided that when I got home at 3 this afternoon that I would just sit and relax and that that housework shall wait for tomorrow, I just hope that it is still sunny tomorrow as I ahve a load of washing to do and I would just hate to hang it indoors.  Then there is of course DnD, where I believe we left off in the middle of this city that hates angels and he have two angels with also doesn't help that our warlock can make you sick whilst just looking at him. So that should be all fun and games.

Saturday on the other hand is completely unknown to me as far as plans go. I might go in to Gloucester or Bristol and take my camera back again, as when I got it back the other day it still will not charge properly and it still makes this illusive clicking noise. And I  can't get my money back anymore :( sucks. So I will just have to ask them what they did exactly for the month that they had it. Also if  my cheque and wages have come through then I will be getting a new phone, amoung other things but phone is definetly at the top of the list. It won't be anything super shiny and fantastic, I just want it to text, call, and maybe have signal in the house and maybe just maybe have the net...that I will only just for emergencies....

As for Sunday, that will be the day of LRP at Bristol. I believe that my friend Cookie is running, so that should be interesting to play as I have found out some interesting stuff and it is a shame that the Dragon kin are away for the winter they would be interested in what we found too. It would be nice if one of my friends from London would come along but I doubt that will happen.

Oh well I just wish I had more froth really, one mage has my string doll and another has my essence of fire elemental and I doubt I will see either soon (the items not the enchanters). Though I have a feeling I am going to need the fire candle soon as it is part f on going plot. My string doll is sitting around waiting around for something to happen. Oh I hope it doesn't eat Sol...I would say I like him but I made that mistake last time *narrows eyes*  :P

The internet is being slow and it keeps dropping out on me. Pah! to Forest internets...PAH!

Also Death to Tholon anyone?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Apocalypse please.

Well humans and non humans, as last blog was a little jabbery (yeah it's a word) on the whole Fade/Fae thing, which I basically did just for a friend to explain the concept as they had never played Dragon age. I don't even know if they read it as they still had no clue so they might have bought it. I'm not good at explaining things I babble on about a five minute thing for ages. I'm like a slightly more human, english and less magic Merril.

So yeah this past couple weeks have been long in so many ways. Last week myself and john were employed by our temp agency (along with a million people) making these Xmas decorations for shop displays in Next. So that meant I was on my feet for 46 hours, which my body did not like at all and it has decided to punish me by giving me a cold. It was quite funny last week when trying to read things and having a convosation (IM'ing not the talking kind) because I would try and read something and my eyes would not focus they would drift away from the sentence I was reading so that made life hard and when I was talking to people online I had to check that what I was wrote was A)Spelt correctly B) Made sense and C) Was in English, and also I would forget what I had just said so I would have to re read it again and again, also making sure what I was saying wasn't rude or anything.

I've been having alot of LRP dreams lately, some of them are vague and some are really good, I think my last one was at BC and I was trying to convince one of my friends to come out adventure with me and I believe one of my excuses was that they could help me hobble around between fights as I had just lost my leg. I don't  know if I was successful or not, but dreams are like that, they either make you forget the good bits really easily or they linger with you and I get the latter alot. I also like/don't like the dreams where you can still feel a persons touch.

So I am once again in the catagory of "unemployed" I have been in this catagory for one day and J's parents are worried that we have no dreams and/or wishes for the future. I mean yes we do but at the moment there are no jobs that we are "qualified" to do in the forest and surrounding area, I can't really get anywhere unless john takes me or I take a bus, and the bus is a little hit and miss really, esp if I were to work in the early morning or late evening, becuase there are none. Also when buying/renting a house, it is bloody expensive to do, I mean its not jjust the mortage or the rent its all the bills and food as well, which is depressing to think about. For me, to get a basic job in a town or even a city (where there may be more jobs) I would have to live closer to said thing which I don't, my closest town consists of, supermarkets, charity shops, salons, pubs, hardware stores, then misc stores. All of which are not looking for people. Problem. I think ideally I would want to live in/near a major city, like Bristol, Gloucester or even London, but my lovely J is "allergic" to cities, he doesn't like them, its a bit of a hassle to even go to one for a day, let alone live in one. I mean I like the country and all but there is nothing here for the lost generation that have to rely on partners and buses. I just want to be independent, have my own space, my own money.

Facespace has once again had a facelift, the only bits that still bug me is the ticker tape updates that are in the top right hand corner, it is not  needed. And then they have changed the chat thing and now people who are either not online or have left a while ago appear on the lefthand side. I mean its there for people to talk to  people who are online, not people who ahve just left. Its like FB is laughing at me, then again..doesn't the whole world?

Hopefully, within the next few day I will be able to spend a bit of the tax refund I got on a mobile phone, but I bet due the "perks" of living in the forest I will never have signal, until I am in an area of a large populace. And then when I get paid for last week I am tempted to have a bit of a shop, it will only be to Gloucester, Bristol would be too far, too expensive and John would hate it even more because its a lot of walking.

Oh look its past 11, I should probably turn the laptop off, or J's mother will hover. I'm not even tired and I don't need more sleep just because I am ill. As Saturday proved being around friends made me feel a little better.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Turning the fade in to fae.

Ok so I was reading a Dragon Age 2 fanfic (Not that kind)  and one of the stories was of Hawke and Anders getting pulled i n to the fade by Justice (Spirit of Vengence) and as Hawke is wondering around she finds different peices of Anders, who is trying to seperate himself from Justice and get back to his normal templar hating self.

So Hawke finds the different versions of Anders. Regret, Instability, Indecision, Lonliness and Distrust. And if you know DA2 well you will know what these all are and why did what she did to help Anders in this.
Regret - Anders regrets everything, probably taking about what happened with Justice and the chantry (boom). So Hawke holds and comforts him and he dissapears.
Instability- He regrets nothing. She accepts him despite his flaws.
Indecision - He doesn't know what to do, he isn't sure of who he is anymore. Hawke tells him that he is to find his path and stick to it.
Lonliness- Anders is alone and feels he doesn't need anyones help and he can do it all on his own. Hawke asures him he doesn't have to be alone in this, that she is his friend and will be there always.
Distrust - Anders doesn't trust anyone anymore, he thinks she will turn him in to the Templars. Hawkes tells him she can trust him no matter what even when she fled Kirkwall.

After Anders has been put back together she finds Anders and he had to do the same with pieces of her. They finally destroy Justice, as there is no real justice in the world and they all hve a big fight and Justice goes boom.

I think this would make a good Fae encounter/mission. The Fade is somewhere where you cannot trust anything that can be said, you do not know what it real, illusion or if it is a demon showing you lost and forgotten or unknown memories. Which I  guess you can link to fae as its a freaky realm where things are twisted and backwards and fae cant be trusted as far as you can throw then.

So my ideas would be that someone who has lost thier soul in fae or has just lost themselves in fae and needs to be put back together. Having different aspects of themselves scattered around fae (whilst the real them is in the clutches of some evil fairy) and when one piece is "fixed" it would point to the next piece, I guess it would have to be used with a locate or something.

But yeah that was my little spur of creativity that I have basically stolen from someone but hey, their rcreativity is stolen from the game.

If you don't know Dragon Age here are the wiki pages for Anders and Hawke. So you can get the jist of them:

Monday, 29 August 2011

Summerfest 2011

So it is the day after Summerfest 2011. I apologies for spelling errors, I am very tired and my hands don't really want to co operate with my brain. I mean I had to type 2011 like three times because I put 2001.

So Thursday, myself and John pack the tiny car and make our way to summerfest. A funny thing that we saw on our way past Sheffield was as we were passing this police car and another car on the hard shoulder of the M1 everyone who passed them went at like half the speed limit, so my first thought was "How harsh are the police in the north that we have to travel at half the speed limit" .The rest of the day was pleasant, as per usual, people helped assemble the compound and thier tents ect, then when night fell we all had fun catching up, sitting around the fire singing songs, though I think people kind of gave up and went in to thier own little groups to talk. I spent most of the evening wondering aimlessly from place to place, problably becuase I was restless and excited about the impending fun. I think the longest that I sat down was at the fire pit when I was gradually moving further up the pit, firstly because of the heat then I got mobbed by people I didn't know so I moved up a step then the CC came and sat down to have a chat which was nice then I went back to wondering aimlessly until I had to go to bed.

Friday was interesting once everything got going, once all the props were in place, which was this stone alter and three tall stone pillars, with jibberish written on them. Then things kicked off and with Krygonites and fighting and rain, and just as we were finishing the first fight someone slipped and fell, they fucked thier knee so  they had to be taken to hospital via ambulance which managed to makes its way through the compound. The King turned up as he does. And we had the High king of Ethrons funeral, where most of the crowans had to protect a princess, and then we burned the kings body which was fun. Other things did happen between the guy getting injured and burning a High King but I don't really remember it.

I think Saturday and Sunday were my favourite days. I really liked the mission we went out on, it was  most of the Crowan church, some mercs a mage and some other people, and we went out to get one of these items of kingship which I have never heard of before by the way and I have no idea what they do. But we ended up in this Barrow and we all know what lives in barrows.. a barrow wight, and at this time it was killing us quite happily with its group of undead, and we also don't really know how to get rid of said creature, it got up quickly if you weren't constantly hitting it with an enchant, and if you touched it it would make your arms freeze . So we let it walk slowly behind us as we advanced back to camp, and when we got in to view of camo this enchanter comes out with this automita and that thing carries it back and it carries it to this alley way that was made up and it anything touched the walls they died and were laid to rest, so the automita threw this undead in to the wall and it was destroyed and this skull with a crown fused to its head came flying back at us.  Then later on some Axirians (Romans) came along saying they wanted the stones to be destroyed and  that there was to be no high king of Ethron and that there would be a govener of Axir, so it might have kicked off but there were like 15 of them and two battle mages and Axirians can be pretty butt hard so I don't think it would have been very good if they kicked off. Then later on in the evening the CC came in as one of his NPC's who was a crazy looking bard. When I first saw him swagger in to the camp I could not stop laughing, so I thought I would spend the evening talking to him, and he was a very funny bard I think both me and my character needed a good laugh, and now when Valvossa looks to the sky she will hear the bard tell her that "North is that way" *points north* and probably giggle, and Valvossa kind of needs a good giggle at the moment with the whole dying incident and loosing two friends to a death and an excomming.

Sunday was battle day, it as a really awesome one at that, I felt the fear out on the field, especially when the mass strike downs went off, though that might have just been becuase of the flash bangs going off so close to me.And the vampires that killed me turned up but I was on the floor when they were being dealt with, it was also kinda cool being on the battle as a supplicant as I had the same consistancy of a mage, but luckily I am liked enough for people to notice the girl in the large red robes when she's on the floor. We also lost one of the other llaminisians before the battle which was sad, alot of people were upset by it but the person playing her was happy enough the to wrapped in cloth and bound when we attended her funeral, but obviously at her wake we did not burn the actual player. After the battle there was an unnerving moment when we thought that the Axirians were going to come back and destroy the stones, so most of the Crowan church and alot of other people gathered around the stones to protect them, I got handed a shield as I did not have mine with me, this shield was very nice but very heavy so I gave my sword to my friend who was playing his new character who only had a dagger, but after like 5 mins we gottold to stand down but be vigilant. I think for most of that night i spent it in the crowan shrine talking about churchly things, then as it got later they all started talking about how they could tell I was an elf by looking at my knees, telling bad tree puns and tell me I was two weeks old.  I think at the end of the night it was myself, Peat, Jebbo, Cookie, the pathfinder and Gary all around the bar talking and also at this point its about 2AM and I'm cold and before this Peat lent me his gambason, which is very heavy by the way but very warm and I was very greatful.

So yeah I had the best time at the fest and I wish it was still going becuase being home is so boring and lonely.
I look forward to next year, Peat did a wonderful job as CC, and I hope his plot is just as epic as this years, he can now relax for a while.

I am going to bed now, this has taken forever to write becuase of various things.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Yesterday you threw away tomorrow.

So this weekend has flown by at an alarming rate.

On Thursday I got my character ressurected, so that made me super happy. So the first thing that she did IC was bathe, lots and wash all her belonging lots  to get the smell of death off of it, then she wrote one of her friends a letter to say "Hey come over and tell me about your battle" but they had excommed themselves and the letter I got was heartbreaking. But Valvossa's is still a happy elf she got to go to her home land just a day after coming back to life, and then she gets to go back to Ethron and kill shed loads of undead.

Friday was fairly uneventful, DnD got cancelled at the last minute because two players didn't want to play.
I think I discovered that Facebook is turning in to Myspace, they have this page rage thing where you get your own backgrounds ect. Now there are ads everywhere which is really annoying, especially when they are the ones that have noise, then you have to find the damn thing and shut it up.

On saturday it was the Leicester New Dawn play test, it is a Nerf gun system and I got roped in to playing, so I played a medic, and i think they would have needed one becuase alot of them got screwed, which I think is the point, as one of the rules say that you can expect to die. It was fun even if I got a little in over my head when it came to remembering the stuff for a medic. I think the other team had a harder time but they all had fun, becuase I mean what's releasing a plauge? I mean it's not like you'll get shot for doing it ;) No you just get ripped to peices SAW style. We finished really late and didn't get home til late.

Sunday was a good day apart from one or two snafu's. Two of the cars got broken in to, from one of them all that was stolen was £3 in change and a rice cake sandwhich, they didn't take the other food just the sandwhich, what kind of idiot breaks in to a car and steals a sandwhich, luckily one of the guys from bristol came along to get a chainsaw from another player and scared them off, but by then they had taken some other things aswell, so I dislike him just a little less now. But other than that is was a really good day, as I said my character got to go back to Llaminisu to look for some evidence and I am excited about what is going to happen at summerfest with what we have found, it will suck that my IC best friend won't be there but oh well, can have everything. The other mission got to meet a dragon, which I would have liked to meet, I might have had a good story to tell it. Again we didn't finish til like 8 and somehow didn't all get to the pub til 9 which is odd as the pub is five minutes away. So we got home super late after food and socialising.

So within the next three days I have to orginise and pack the corsa for summerfest, but first it has to get fixed because the electronics are dying on it.

3 days :)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

8 days until Summerfest.

I have been waiting for this all year, and I am really loving this years plot. The speculation of where all these damned undead were heading. Then I became a seeker, which was kinda cool, I do wonder what will happen when we are all in the same place, as we are demon magnets, as proved when demons knew what was in my head and tried to kidnap me, fun times. So we'll be a smaller version of the undead beacon. Yay.... but it will be alot of fun. But before then I have to make a list, then get the contents of that list in to Johns corsa, and ensuring that I have a footwell this time.

The party on Friday was....memorable, figurativly speaking, I think with a mix of the bottle of wine and not eating much i got a tad inebriated, and I may have passed and stuff very shortly afterwards, it amazes me what a blacked out mind can do, I mean I managed to make up stairs and to the bathroom with no struggle, but then things got a little bad, and from what John tells me I called alot of people assholes, only people that deserved it, apart from when I called John one. I also vaugely remember asking for random Dragon Age characters, I asked for Anders, Fenris and Merril, I mean I know why I would want Anders at the time, he is a mage and a healer, so he would make me feel better. I know why I would want Fenris but I don't think I would have wanted him when I was drunk ;) heh heh heh, but I really have no idea why I would want Merril, though I think it might be becuase my friend Cattay was near and she's welsh and Merrill is welsh (she's Gwen from Torchwood.) and I was also apparently calling my pajama bottoms Merrill....I am a crazy person when I am drunk and I laughed alot when i heard it all. So most of saturday I spent most of it on a cloak trying to get a little rest.

Good news to those who haven't heard. My appeal went through and I can get my ressurection, very happy about it. and being at summerfest as a supplicant will be interesting so I think I will be protecting the squishies and maybe doing alot of praying. It will  be good to see my friends both in character and out of character.

8 days...

"I want my Merrill" - Me friday night. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011


So, this week has been a little strange for me. Sorry if it gets rantish.

Friday went well, Dnd was fun, I think I may have been in the minuses for a couple of rounds but I think everyone was in that game at some point. We have been led in to this labarynth of rooms and corridors, and I don't get a map so I have only partly mapped it so finding our way back or out will be interesting, but I think we established that a big circular room we went in all the doors leading from it just went back to that room after a while so we went in to this secret room where there was a pink swirly thing. And i forget the rest as it got late and my mind went to mush.

Saturday was great, I finally got to get out of the house for a day, I got to go to Gloucester, glourious not this house, village, area Gloucester. John bought a Nerf gun and some warhammer stuff. I spent most of the day day dreaming, I was thinking about what it would be like to wonder the streets of Brissel in FnH, to see the cathedral of Vleybor and the other six churches dotted around the city. What it would be like to walk through Brissels market square.

And then there was Sunday. It started out ok, apart from the rain. The first mission went by ok, it was a stand and hold this point mission, which I wouldnt have minded going on but bc of plot reasons I had to go on the other mission, and looking at it now, the ref of the first mission could have handeled it, I mean it was a couple of encounters that were completly random. But the second mission, it stared ok with the bits of plot that the CC had put in for me coz of plot reasons, which I really enjoyed, getting partially kidnapped by demons and getting the scream is always a giggle. But the shit hit the fan. I made a counting mistake and technically died, one of the refs was less than kind about the point. So I got upset and wondered off. So IC there was a confusion about where I was then they found out I was dead and my body has been left out in the woods to rot for the time being. and OOC I have had a formal warning, which is fair enough I fucked up, but all the refs got together and voted against my charaters ressurection, which I think it totally unfair. Why punish a character for an out of character fuck up. I think its outrageous, which is why I have sent my appeal to Central.

The rest of this week has been me worrying about the appeal, worrying about my friends that live near the roiting, I've been a little worried about one of my friends as they have alot on thier plate atm and I can't seem to do much to help. Also been thinking about different characters that I have to come up with if I dont get my character back.
Me and John went to Bristol Zoo on Tuesday becuase it was his birthday. Two butterflies tried to escape on me in the butterfly place. It was a good day as it usually is at the zoo even if it was packed. I also took my camera in to be repaired, as it was having trouble with charging and it was making a clicking noise that it was not meant to.

I got the model I ordered from Games workshop on wednesday, and I painted it to kind of resemble Valvossa. I have also written a 2 page IC letter which should be with my will IC but it took a while to write and I made "parchment" paper specially and I have realised that I just don't like the letter at all and I hve made a few mistakes so I think I will write it again but I won't bother with the parchment effect, I think for the next letter I want to talk about certain things more.
I have found that I like some muse songs that I never thought I would like really, like Unintended, and some other songs that I would have normally skipped past when just listening it music on the laptop.
Oh and my corset came, John bought it for me. It's a shame that I might not get to wear it for its IC intended purpose. Oh well there will always be a time to wear it, though unless I get John to put me in to it i will have to wear a top undearneath it as its one where you have to loosen it get to in to it, its not too small or anything I just have be constructed in to it.

So tomorrow is a day of probably writing that letter, then going to taunton and getting drunk then going to lrp in BC probably nursing a hangover then sunday probably doing nothing, or back to worrying. Wonderful.

Is it summerfest yet?

Sunday, 31 July 2011


So Friday, I turn down a few weekends of paid work at the DHC because I can't take the stress of handeling alot of people at the same time. I make mistakes which makes me feel bad and I get stressed. I'm just amazing right?

Anyway moving on, DnD was great again this week. We continued in this room of rooms and monsters in each of these rooms. In the next room after the half black dragon guy there was a Lamia and John killed it by smashing its head off ,he has a Heavy flail and he's just getting used to it (ie he's only just getting good rolls ;) ) In the next room was a nimrod thing that was friendly, Karls description was a angry looking old man and we all thought of our old DM :D great minds think alike. So we left him in the room. We also came up against a nasty magic fire trap, a Manticore, some floaty brains with poison tenticles then a Hydra. I got to use my Great Cleave :) I was a happy bunny. Oh and before that I got to use the blind spell that I have on my sheild so I blinded one of the six heads, then I got my kill on, and our druid created fire under the hydra's necks so it would set its stumps on fire. Oh also another thing, we would get so mauled in each room we would have to sleep in the corridor afterwards to just get our health and spells back. That was funny so I think we have been down there for like 4 days now and in that place altogether for about a week, and now that its hopefully clear it shouldn't take too much time to get back up and ask WTF. Oh yeah we also lost our dusk blade and we looted him becuase everytime we kill something the first thing we do when we kill something is we "SEARCH".

Yesterday I think it was just a day of doing nothing as usual.  But I saw  Captain America and I liked it, I wasn't what I was expecting at all really I thought it would be all guns and shooting and all american stuff but it was really quiet good a building the background for some of the other Avenger characters. I thought Hugo Weaving as Schmit or Red Skull was awesome, he just does that kind of character really well. I'm sure many of the ladies thought that Chris Evans played Captian America really well ;) tehe. The ending was expected but I didn't think it would happen that way.
With The Avengers I am really looking forward to it, I mean it has to be good it has Chris Hemsworth (Thor) Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) and Chris Evans, and for the boys Scarlett Johanssan in it so it must  be a good movie to have such great actors in it.

Today was one of the days where I worked at the DHC for money. All day. it was all right there were a few SNFU's but it was quiet enough that I could manage. I think towards the end I was just watching ducks and cashing up was easy it was all notes.

Tomorrow I will be going to Gloucester, it may be for a couple of hours but its not this house. Also tomorrow is the start of August which means the start of the countdown to summerfest :D
I will be Adventuring every week this month. Right up until Summerfest and I am really looking forward to the third week at BC.

26 days and counting.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Breakfast at the heartbreak hotel

I apologies for spelling mistakes. I swear that my heads full of cotton wool atm I feel like just eyes, hands and ears, I'm that tired. Or if I am jabbering

So this weeks been odd, it just has ok.
Oh I managed to hit my head on the frame of a car door, that hurt then I then hit it again on a desk. Clever.

DnD was interesting. We found a dragon/lizard man and a hag in seperate rooms in the walls of this underground place of wierdness in the town of wierd. So the Hag bummed John over. Then there were Dread somethings they were a bitch to hit. Then we decided to go down the stairs in the place of weirdness. and there were rooms and corridors. Its a bad idea to make the humans go infront but also a good idea as they set of spike traps that came to an average sized persons my 4ft 5 persons nipples probably if I got caught. So behind door number one, there was a glass golem thingy that went smash. Then in door number 2 there was a proper hard dragon man, who had shiny pebbles and a cool sword.

Daft punk is playing at ma house. ma house. Sorry its stuck in my head.

LRP was fun. I feel dead now though. It was a diplomancy mission and me and the other elf got boons ^_^ I have a leaf! but it was basically to make a middle ground between elves and drawves but we were betrayed by dark elves as they are sneaky and annoying. Also I have learnt to chase after a certain monster, I have trapped a nerve in my foot, and my bedroom is on the 2nd floor of the house.....-.-' That will be fun later and tomorrow. But other than that it was fun as I got t o do elfy things and be diplomatic where humans were the useless race :D  Oh and I got possessed but its all good and I didnt try and kill the party at all honest....:D


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Let the flames begin

So today was LRP at Lickey hills Nr Birmingham, I went on the mission of go back to crawstone and kill the big demon-y thing. And for this mission it was raining for a little bit as it had for the other missions, as Crawstone currently was underneath a rather large shardan storm. Convienient. So we went back with bits of a shrine to set one up, so we had to go back in to the library minus the books and get the relic of Crowa that we used the last time when we were all flangy and awesome :D but it had changed to a bigger and golden cup which was interesting, oh  well you dont really question the gods on trival things like "why have you changed the relic" Its used for the same thing. So we went to the town square where the last ritual took place, but the slab thing was in half thanks to a lightining stirke, but do not fear I consicrated the shrine anyway.
So once we reached the tower, this is where the party dissapeared last time thanks to the fae, but this time there was no wibbilyness, the tower was 6 stories high and only 15 metres across. Or so we thought. We entered a 50ft long room which had konnish coming out of the walls, then a myriad of different tunnels, then we came across more damn konn and a demonologist who when "poof" in purple smoke when I hit him lots with my weapon :P. I found another relic and was told to drink by my goddess, she gave me gills....thanks Crowa. Then everyone got gills as the way through was under water. Then there was this end of the tunnel and the water just went in every direction forever, then we fell/jumped in to the downcurrent where we fell for a whle and then fell up in to a cage. I fought John he was tainted and ugly looking so he had to die. I let the others out of the cage and then got jobbed by the other Konnish around but was healed and kille more.

When we finally got to the top of the tower by going down and under water and down then up. We found another demo I think. I didnt get a good look as when we killed him he fell off the tower and went splat. It was fun to imagine :P. The two mages jumped off the tower for some reason, there were some stairs btw boys. So the sane people went down the stairs and the mages had hurt thier legs so they walked very slowly back, with my and Kal watching them from a distance infront.

Twas fun I wish I quested now for troll strength.  Oh well.

I'm kinda glad that the other mission was less fighty because I was too tired to monster. Even though I don't wear armour, but I do think that I dealt the killing blow to all the three big things that had taint. I may be wring for the last one, i just remember pushing it off the edge and watching it go splat.

Must sleep now...

Friday, 15 July 2011

The end of an era.

So I've just come back from seeing HP7 part 2. I may write a little weirdly atm, I'm tired and teary eyed still, k bear with me.

I enjoyed it all the way through it was a great movie.

To see Snape provay more  than one emotion was spectacular, I mean I really felt for him, I cold see how much he loved Lilly right from the start and to see it all fall apart like he did. It was a shame that he died, Alan Rickman was definetly the man for this job, he played it brilliantly right from the start.

To see Harmione and Rons relationship actually go somewhere was a real FINALLY moment.

There were parts were the cinema roared with laughter and I'm sure if you've seen it you know which.

I did cry, like many others would have. I cried when Fred (I think) died I started to cry. When Belatrix died I shed a tear of happiness. And at the end, when it shows the characters children. I think I did becuase it marked an end of an era.

I mean we all grew up with the books, I havent read all of them but I still grew up in the world of Harry Potter, we all grew up with the films and have basically grown up with the HP clan in a way. And now its gone. But it will always be there as a great film, and a classic when its older and our children are watching it.

So the actors of Harry Potter have gone their seperate ways. I hope to see them make more sucsess elsewhere in the entertainment world.

I must go to bed, I have a demon to kill in the morning.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Amoung cogs, springs and screws.

So I left Fridays blog on a bit of a low note, so sick of my mood and my current surroundings so I went for a walk in the forest in an attempt to loose myself and get rid of the dark cloud above my head. So on my path down towards the old train restoration place (there are pics of it somewhere) I chose a different path than I normally take, I mean its not hard to get that lost, one ways its mostly downhill so you just have to go up hill to get back and there are electrical lines so if you find those just walk either way and you will probably find people ect. On my walk, I would come up with different convosations I might have with different people if I was IC, I mainly did it to distract myself from the world and how quiet it got at one point. So I was walking through this patch of pine forest, where everything is pratically in a straight line, near enough, and every now and then there are big tyre marks so there is bound to be a way out if you manage to get lost ( it would be very hard) So I got to one end of this patch and thought I would walk down hill from there, I couldn't so I decided to practically back on my self if not a few tree rows down back to the big main path, I got to the edge of the line of trees to be met with a load of thistles, I walked over most of them but I did get thwaked in the ass with one as it sprang back up again, the yelp I made was priceless, shame there was no one around to point and laugh. Anyway I continued in to another part of the 'older' part of the forest, which means its not in neat lines and made of pine. So I managed it down the hill to this wooden bridge, and by bridge I mean a few planks across a 'stream' I saw that it for a little thick and it was like 4ish so I thought I would slowly and I mean slowly make my way back up the hill and to home. I probably got back at like half 4 maybe so I was out about 2 hours ish, but by the time I got back the voices in my head made me feel better :D. If the distraction works it works no matter how mad.

DnD was fun, we somehow managed the wind elemental without dying, yay. Um what else was there, oh we looked down a well and I had to explain to the duskblade that the shaft of the well ended like 10-20ft before it got to the water below. This involved a diagram. There was a room of death, and I mean death, there were flames hundereds of arrows, eldritch blasts. Though in the end it was me going out in to this room doing the opposite of the riddle that was on this door (lead with your left foot instead of the right) and I end up falling over as for some odd reason I'm holding Johns tower shield, so I fall over on to the shield and being a tiny elf I can lie on it quite safely, so Johns paladin comes in, picks me up on the shield and carries me to the other end. Then I think it was a corridor of death. Then a room of death with a demon (in the shape of a tyranid) but Johns paladin dealt 70 something points of damage with both of his smite evils on it (we're all lvl 5 now btw) and then it was a room of treasure. I think i got some platinum and a silver sword.

Side note the H key has just flown off as it is not stuck on properly.Woo I did it and I think it is fixed properly so that I wont flick it with my finger as I get my pace in typing.

So back to the weekend, Saturday was pretty dull, I mean I would have been LRPing but it was pushed to the next weekend. I think I played some dragon age 2, the thing about playing a mage in DA2 is that the gameplay is smooth and fast and its really quite fun.

Today we went to John's grandparents wedding anniversary dinner in a hotel called the Lambsquay, its a small, hotel near Coleford. I wouldn't say that I would stay there my self, the rooms are a little too floral for my tastes. And the food is ok but I think at times it was a little bland, it didn't leave a good memory in my mind, the gravy was like brown water, there was no substance to the stuff. The dessert was nice I had a banoffee icecream cheesecake which I had to hack away at because it was so frozen, even if it was an icream cheesecake, it should have some resemblence to bloody cheesecake not just the shape, you should beable to cut it easily with a fork or a spoon, not hack at it like your trying to get through someones ribs. So you sort of eat there with a vauge "yes am eating the food even if its naff". Also it was took pink and out dated for my tastes. 

I would quite happily to eat at the crown, thier food is really good even if you dont get enough of it and have to paid a mortage to eat there.

Ah well back to not going on the laptop til 4 again, looks like I will be going for more walks. 

Friday, 8 July 2011

Leave out all the rest.

So it's Friday, Johns parents are home. Joy.

I woke up today feeling, numb, my chest feels like its made of lead. I just feel lifeless today, maybe I expended all my energy on being happy yesterday and now that I look back on it, I made an idiot of myself again. I mean it took me five minutes to say hello to one of my friends yesterday for gods sake, I guess I just feel inadequte talking to them, I mean most of the time I am near them I make a fool out of myself anyway.

I shouldn't be listening to sad songs but they justify my mood.

I had a wonderful dream this morning, I was my Crowan priestess, I was coming back from battle, and one of her friends greeted her with a smile and a hug. Then I got woken up by the alarm. I hate it when you're in a good dream and also when you can feel physical contact, then wake up from it.

Also who the hell is reading this from India and the US?! 

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Home alone, \o/

It would be nice to have some company when Johns at work but it is nice to have the peace and quiet, I can do things at my own pace, its wonderful.
So I have spent my days alone, singing (badly), playing games, watching morning TV like I used to. Tomorrow I will be cleaning most of this house as John lit the fire and the smoke went everywhere, I had to open every window in the house, so I will clean and light a few insence, Dragons Blood ftw.

Today was a little odd though it was fin to get out of the house. I found a bowl big enough and nice enough for LRP so that will be coming to SF with me, along with most of the house ;) Also one of the ladies that I work with at the charity shop fell over a few weeks ago and hurt her arm (she is quite old btw) and it has taken three weeks for people to realise that it is broken, so she will go for physio and heat  treatment or get it re broken and cast up. Sucks to be her.

I think I will be baking cupcakes for SF too, I was thinking of making a red velvet cake but that would take alot of cooking, and cupcakes are easier to transport. I might make them all different colours.

So yeah tomorrow will be cleaning and listening to music really loud, well as loud as the laptop will let me really.

"Happiness hit V like a train on the track" 

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunshine and Blue skies

So the weekend is over and the week by myself (with John) in this giant house begins, I mean I did it before and I have done it before back in taunton. But it can be a little unnerving when your in a large house all by yourself, esp last year when John was a farrier living in Swindon and I was alone for most of the week, I'm just glad I'm not in the middle of nowhere and there are people that I know close by. And also if anyone was dumb enough to break in I can defend myself :)
Also the other challange is cooking, I mean the freezers full of food but we dont really know how to cook the big food like the joints of meat, though the meat that is in this house feeds 4-6 so I dont think we will bother, but I mean I have to be imaginative and stuff. But atleast most of the food has instructions. Oh and the bestest part is that I do not hae to light or clean out the Rayburn, I would probably set the house on fire, which I do not want to do, though when I want to shower I will have to heat it as the shower we have to use at the moment uses the water that is heated by the rayburn as our shower is broken and I don't know if its fixed, Johns dad said we couldnt use it til tomorrow.

So today was day two of working a half day at the Dean Heritage Centre, which I am getting paid for as I (and others ) are covering for someone, and as the shop at the museum is being referb'ed it means the receptionists have to work out of a shed thing, but luckily the weather was good so I sat outside on the bench and whenever customers would come through the  gate I would get up and serve them. So I spent this morning working on my tan...I am slightly darker than my normal colour, but my legs are still whitish....*sigh*

Me and John went to see Transformers 3 which I think was the best of the three, I apart from the bits with  Sams parents, I mean that was not needed. Parents in every universe are just embaressing.

So if anyone has any cooking tips greatly appreciated ;)

Friday, 1 July 2011


So at the Jobcentre today I went to sign off as JOhn had worked for more than 16 hours this week and I am not entitiled to JSA by myself.  So I had to call the number at the jobcentre and I got to the wrong department twice, hung up on a number of times and then the office was engaged, and I know that thier office wasn't shut because thier office closes at six, I should know this as I heard their times about 10 times. And also they wouldn't give me any info on John wanting to start a business as he had rung ahead and cancelled it, which I did not know..grrr....So even asking them a few questions whilst I was there was  out of the order as there was no appiontment there. ect

Anyway the Jobcentre are a load of balls, and being in temp work means that whenever you do more than 16 hours work you have to sign off and when we dont have work for  a while we have to sign on again, and this cycle goes on and on. And the people there are all miserable snide gits.

Ok rant over I'm gonna shower and then get ready for DnD......This should be  fun......Great cleave anyone?

Thursday, 30 June 2011

You've gotta hollow point smile,

Don't you just hate it when you wake to a silent house thinking your all alone, you look out the front to see taht all the cars are gone, but when you do pad downstairs you realise that John's mothers car was on the drive and that you aren't alone and that there will be no peaceful morning to ones self.

So yeah today was not all that fun, it is do house work day, this is the day where I wish I had a tumble dryer because then all I would have to do is sort it and fold it and then eventually iron it. But the cleaning of the bathroom and the hoovering was inevitable there won't be anything that will make that easier unless I was like Bill Gates rich had a huge house and butler.

I may have mentioned that I will probably never eat from greggs ever again, it made me feel really sick so I couldn't go in to work, it was so annoying, I would  get that really horrid feeling that I was about to be sick so I would go through the necessary motions of going to the bathroom ect but nothing would happen, this would conitue until about 5 or 6 O'clock. Luckily I got my appitite back by teatime, it was beef, it may have shrivelled slightly but it was tasty nontheless, there was also strawberry pavlova :P

Have you ever noticed that one a hot night when you open the window it makes no difference what so ever. Also when you remove all the covers and it gets too cold but all the covers is too hot, I think I might do what the americans do and sleep under a sheet.

I had fun upgrading my DnD character to level 5 with 8000gp to spend, I bought elven chain, a masterwork shield and three weapons and assorted clag and I still have money left over :P. We are upgrading our DnD characters as we have left out DM who had a mental breakdown that any female or child would be ashamed of and now our friend Karl will be DMing, oh how I will miss Lissiana's (me) and Isabela's (Karls) brief girly banter. I also kept getting asked alot why my hair was blue.....alchemical accident ofc....I didn't just pick a colour at random...I mean its not like Lissiana is basically Valvossa, thouhg through DnD Lissiana can be quite funny, I mean V would never shout "GIANT WEASEL" I mean there are better things to yell when there are monsters around and I could probably come up with a better insult for an idiot mage :P

My H key fell off, this is what I get for trying to get the stars out from under there. Now I just have to be careful or find a way of fixing it back on the way it was.

Tis a shame I can not go to Bristol this weekend, but I am working for money atleast, if it wasnt so expensive I would have said I would make it for the second mission. Though John might be going without me :(

Oh well Friday tomorrow. yay. Is it summerfest yet???

Monday, 27 June 2011

A total Fangover.

True blood is back so I was happy for about 2 hours ^_^. Its just unbelieve able what they've done, I loved it.

Anyway, the weekend went well even though the party nearly died thanks to a vampire and a merc with an enchanted venomed sword but luckily there was a vision and two of us got heald to heal the rest of the party. No one dies but two people lost limbs so that was ok.  Oh I wish I never took piriteze or whatever its called,  it was a drowsiness enducing hayfever tablet and all Saturday evening I was like a stone or when I was awake a irrate zombie.

My mind is utterly blank with what I did yesterday. Oh well :D.

And ofc it is a week day which means getting reminded that I am unemployed ect ect this is not a day off ect ect... *slams head against wall* sorry, back in the room. I painted another Uruk Hia (with a pike) and another Gondorian man but in red and black not green and black. There is a figure of Cara's here that I would like to re paint but I do not know if she wants it anymore so I will have to ask her to know.

I had to go up in to the attic earlier and half way up the ladder my legs turned to stone, I could not move as I am a scardy cat but I got up there eventually and I was ok once I got up there and getting down was easier. It as also hot as hell up there, we've just had a load of insilation put up there so I guess it works, esp after waking up at 3:30 AM dying from the heat, I also noticed that at that time its almost light out. I....crap. I went to eat and forgot what I was going to say, and "I" doesn't help, it was good pizza, chicken fajita.

Oh also good news that me and John will have the house to ourselves all next week. Excellent.

Tomorrow is going to be another day of finding things to paint and waiting for 4 O'clock to come around

I've kinda got a job at the Dean heritage centre at the weekend I will be covering the paid weekend girl and I will be getting paid too, I dont have to do an all day shift thank god.


Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday night

Well today was quite good I suppose, I painted an Uruk Hia to look like Vau and I Gondorian to look kinda like a Griffin Knight but I coudnt paint a griffin head on becuase of then white tree emblem . John repainted his giant, I think it was an improvment on the previously painted model. We had to go to the Jobcentre which was quick and painless, which was new.

At DnD our DM had a hissy fit in one of the most manly ways in the world, all we wanted to know is if our warlock could spiderclomb up the wall to this opening  20ft up in this cavern, and he didnt seem to get it, so he had a hissy fit and slowly rolled his pc chair in to the living room, amd said we would have to sort ourselves out or stop playing, so we left felling a little awkward and thinking wtf? So we all came back here to have a talk and a laugh, then we all started to play with Johns nerf guns, though I had to stop because I had to prepare for tomorrow, as all my holywater was empty, I had no scrolls, prayer cards and I hadn't done my alchemy. I also have to take my prayer book, my info books tomorrow as I am teaching a new priest a few things and my mage friend might be there, hopefully, if so much fun (y) The weather should be the opposite of Ethronian weather ;) but I am taking my new fur body wamer my jerkin and cloak just in case.

So yeah, I was making a spiringfest collage for my desktop but there are too many good pics that I can't fit them all on, but I will have a go whilst listening to mumford and sons and paramore and muse ect til a feel tired enough to go to bed.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Busy Day.

Well I have done alot today, I help John with his job up the road with clearing all the hedge and tree trimmings, in which I get paid £4 an hour by John, and also I didn't die from havefever because though tress would have had me raking my eyes out, also I had to herd sheep from the garden we were working in twice, and it was the same group of sheep, she when I chased them off the second time and the gate was closed they wondered down the road to sit in this garden, cheeky buggers. Also had to rangle the chickens that were in the garden.

We had a pathetic excuse for a power cut like half an hour ago, it lasted like 5 mins thank god, though Johns mother did get stuck in her electric relciner which he thought was hilarious.
I have also been re writing my IC monster book that Valvossa would have written. It is made up of a little description of her clan, the monsters that she has come across or has gathered information on, and information on ithron and the guilds and how useful they are, though at the moment I am stuck on a guild as thier description is a little iffy on the Wiki. So I will have a look around and ask people about it. 

Roll on saturday, me and John are going to Cannock for LRP, instead of going to a friends housepart in Taunton, but the matter of fact is that it is cheaper to travel to Cannock then it is to go back to taunton, also on the way to cannock there is no bridge to pay for. So I will see my new world of friends and kill things and see my college friends another time when I have the money, or when they have the money to come here, which means I have to find something to do with them here, unless we just walk around the woods which there is alot of.

Oh I think I saw charlie and bill on the local news tonight at it was the summer soltice today and they might have been at stonehenge watching a cloudy dawn.

Hmm what to do now...troll the internet, watch Angel, play DA, or go downstairs and watch TV.....

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Raaaaaaains...I mean Braaaaaains

Note: If there are spelling mistakes, I'm tired and my hands have been cold and wet all day.

So today was the day to Derby and the mission to Ethron (Ireland), our mission was to do some diplomancy with the Knight commander of Ithron, so that meant fighting a few waves of undead, 'talking' to the clans, the KCoI talking to the ones in the red tartan then things happening but we didn't really see because we were told to bugger off, so we stood in the rain, getting cold and wet, fighting the occasional wave of undead. The second mission was a muc harder muc more fun undead bash to see what the beacon was, ( I hear it has legs), that was fun to monster even though the rain did not let up so I got soaked. Not fun. My robes and my red scarf have dyed my skin so parts of me arms and ands that werent covered by gloves are a pinky reddy colour and my chin and chest are red so it looks like Ive been eating people. Om nomnomnom. Also in a fit of utter insanity I mentioned to one of my friends that its not really raining and that its sunny and warm and we all have tea, I had lost the will to live and they did kinda cal me crazy (meh) but hey would I rather  be in the real world or in crazy backwords land wit tea eh?  Oh and I made myself look like a twat by talking with sweets in my mouth....twaaat.

Saturday was much more fun anf frothy, I kinda wished I quested for troll strength there, we went to save this town from the konnish and demons, so we snuck in, and knocked(and killed ) almost everything we met on the way through, we were told that there was a holy relic that was in the city somewhere and taht a ritual including this relic might purge the land of this demon taint. We find this library where there were mostly books on porn....but there were books on inter racial relations, so I took one for one of my IC friends to look at as he has been "bothering" me about elves for a few months now, it doesnt bother me, its something to do, there were also books of art, and religion but oddly the magic section as empty, so after we found the relic of crowa (Aaaaaah) we went to the town square and did the ritual, and I prayed as that was my job along with some other people who would say a few things whilst fighting off the konnish and the possesed people. after a while of praying alot some of us got mighty strengths (1 floating hit) then we got troll strenghts (your hits are transferred to En hits per) then our weapons got blessed, then the TS and the blessed were re carged ten the praying worked, the shardan storm went away and the konnish fled, so we headed for the demon where mre konnish fled from us, we met some bequafisians and the it went black and we appeared somewhere the say before we had to go to Ethron

Friday was dull until DnD. I forgot my character sheet. There were bad rolls. And I dont think I will be eating curry sauce again.

Anyway.....did I tell you the rain sucks and I hope I see the mythical sunshing again soon....I guess i should go downstairs and watch family guy even though I want to watch Game of Thrones but John will have a go.....

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Amusing ones self.

I found that on my nine hour shift last night at St Pierre hotel cleaning plates and pots, there are several ways to amuse ones self.
I would be thinking about in character things, or thinking about what life would be like for Valvossa is she lived until 2030 and all the different scenarios that could have happened to enable her survival for so long.
I was thinking up dofferent convosations I would have with different characters as my character.

I was also thinking of a book I had read recently again called Love Bites by Lynsay Sands, its about a coroner Rachael who gets turned in to a vampire, because she got in the way of this axe weilding psycho who was going to cut off one of her corpses heads because this corpse was a vampire, so she gets an axe in the chest =, becomes a vampire, many comnfusing things happen and she eventually falls in love/ has alot of sex with Etienne the vampire, but during this book Etienne is trying to woo her by spouting long words at her as she just commented on the fact that intellegence turns her on. Bad things happen, they fight somethign happens to girl, boy rescues girl, they get married and will probably continue having alot of wonderful vampryic sex ect.
But the part which made me smile the most was the spouting of the long words, and imagining it in a real life context.
I was also thinking about different songs that could be sung in character, but I will never sing any becuase I can not sing and I don't even like speaking in public. I was also making up stories in my head like what if one of Valvossa sisters came to Ithron, which is hard to imagine as I don't have a sister so things stop at dead ends.

So yeah thinking about other things rather that what I was really doing on auto pilot really made those nine hours go fast, I am glad that its a temp thing and that I have to do it when they need me because I would not want to do that all the time, I do not think that my body will forgive me after a weeks worth of standing on  my feet for nine hours. Though I did sit down for my break to watch top gear that was about it.

The rest of my week should go well, I have Cara and Tom coming over today for thier weekly visit, Friday is DnD which I am becoming better at-ish. Saturday is BC which the missions are being retrospectivly as on the sunday I will be off to Ethron (Ireland) IC, to see what all the fuss is about, if the undead think its good then it must be a good place to visit. I think it will just be a giant undead bash and everyone apart from the royal family are all dead and I bet almost any zombie that I meet will explode because it will be water logged, I might see if I can get more cure diseases, or suck up to a alchemist or physician, Immunity to disease was such a good mix when I was Eva, but I am having fun with V, I have plot and involvment even if I am an elf, they are just jelous because I live forever and they dont, plus I'm good looking for an 120 year old, you cant say that when your human :P

Ohh ooh True blood is back in 18 days :D well 19 days for me as I will watch over the net :P 

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The end of the world.

So what I found out today is that it's the end of the world according to Harold Camping from the US. He calculated from the bible that a world wide earthquake would kill us all and that only 2% of the world will go to heaven and the rest of us will go to an other place. And that it would happen at 6pm, I do not know which timezone he meant but I am guessing he meant his own which is in California. This is a funny quote if found on the Independents website.

"Recent events, such as earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Haiti, are harbingers of impending doom, he says, as are changing social values. "All the stealing, and the lying, and the wickedness and the sexual perversion that is going on in society is telling us something," he says. "So too is the gay pride movement. It was sent by God as a sign of the end." 

I mean you can't be serious. I'm not having a go at christians but some american christians can take faith too far, they believe anything, this guy supposedly predicted the end of the world back in 1994 and 17 years later we're still here. If there was a God I think he has left us to do our own thing becuase people have done worse things than be gay or lie or steal and the world didn't end when millions of people were killed for being Jewish.
But this is besides the point, this is just a group of zealots that are too close minded about things and are being laughed at by the rest of the world, I'm sure some people of faith are laughing.

But my theory is that we have our own perception of the world and that when we die our own little world ends.

So we are all still here, no earthquake, no burning sky, no mass hysteria and sadly no raptors. So we can all relax have a cuppa and wait for the 2012 one to come along.

Also Dr Who wasn't all that fantastic, I was rather dissapointed, and don't you think that Amy might be pregnant with a timelord baby, somehow.

Ta and good evenin'

Monday, 16 May 2011

Thoughts of the day.

Well today is like any other day, I'm unemployed, I have no money and I have nothing to do as John is at work and all my friends are a million miles in every direction and well IM is only good for a few minutes.

So i installed Dragon Age: Awakening on my side of the big pc becuase I wanted some of the extra stuff that gets transfered in to DA2, but I couldnt use my character that was a warrior and married alistair, though I think it might have something to do with me playing Witch Hunt with her as I think its after/during DA2. So i played it as new character for a bit and got bored.

So after that I did the ironing else I would get nagged it. Then watched some Dr Who on some blog site.

John made popcorn earlier and his mother said to empty it in to a plastic container to microwave it ( I dont know why doing it in the bag works just fine) I came down stairs to the smell of sweet but burnt popcorn, I just thought john had over cokked it until I saw that plastic pot. Clearly popcorn and microwaves generate alot of heat resulting in well its on facebook so that all got thrown out. Then John tried again with the bag in a glass bowl bc the bag gets caught on the sides, that barely came out popped so we put the unpopped kernals in a bowl and put them back in, they came out a bit too nuked. Take 2 was better than one but I think I shall either do it myself or stick with pre popped pop corn in the future.

Now listening to The Rasmus, they were once my favourite band and I bought all their albums and everything, Now 6 years on I just listen to them as much as any  other bnad that has fallen in to my life. TR  hold alot of meaning in thier songs esp in Dead Letters, always good for a gloomy day. A song that will always have my heart but always hold a different meaning is In the Shadows, its the song that made me go Goth.

Oh how I would love to just jump through a mirror in to a different life.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Summer summer where for art thou summer.

Well its a dissmal saturday evening, I have to say that I am so glad that I didn't LRP this weekend and that I am glad that Springfest was last weekend when we had sunshine (and cold). So I have spent all day in a sleepy haze half wishing that I was shopping and half wishing that I was back at Springfest. Until this evening when Doctor Who was on then I dragged myself downstairs to eat, Special fried rice and pizza goes well esp when you find yourself hungry all the damn time, but I found out that it can be sated by having a drink(not alcohol) so I really have to keep reminding myself to have a drink more than twice a day.

Dr Who was great as always, it was rather energising (sp), John says that Matt Smith sounds kinda like Jamie Mac from Lrp. Then I watched So you think you can dance, some dances were good, I think some just went by with out me noticing.

I think I may either be getting stronger or I am getting better at tickling John because I can take him down easier than I used to, and by " take down" I mean make him laugh enough that I can escape from him trying to tickle me ect. I dont wanna break the boy :P.

I wrote a document on the Drun which are the elven clan of which my LRP character comes from. It took me a while as I had to keep checking things with John as it was originally his, and I also got him to do a map too which is cool. As I was writing this stuuf I was thinking  it was a little harsh ect, but that was the point, I just think I am too soft (sometimes) . Which is both good and bad I guess, never give me a monster that has to be a bitch, I'll fall on my face. Oh well I'm only human, we have our weaknesses.

Instead of leaving you with a pic of what the weather looks like outside I will show you this ouc of a pretty flower I found on the net.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


So today is like any other day, I'm unempolyed and slowly going out of my mind. John  got called up by Merlins so he could drive washing from Chepstow to Swidon for a few hours, utterly pointless IMO but its money I guess.
I would have gone for a walk around the forest taking pictures but I would have gotten lost or eaten by sheep or something. So I will do that tomorrow but I think I will do it regardless of John as I am going stir-fry crazy.

I have been oddly hungry lately, though I keep telling myslef not to binge, I want to keep my slender figure forever dammit. Even if I am craving ribs and veg.
My birthday pressies from Jas and Kat came yesterday which made me happy, Jas did her usual thing of putting cinfetti in the card so i carefully opened it over a not pad, though when moving it back in the envolpe two little stars escaped and are now underneath the keys on the laptop. I got awesome plasters that have different colored skeles on them (such a child) and a mug and a bookmark with the panguin of death on it....which reminds me of someone 0=] tehe.

The new Charliaine Harris book landed on my doorstep today which was good, I have somethign to amuse myself with for a day or two.

I want to go back to LRP, or atleast hang out with my friends more, oh well until summerfest.

Monday, 2 May 2011


Well it is the day after Springfest, I along with most of the people who went to springfest are very very knackered. For three days we'd be fighting for most of the day, whether it was monstering or playing we'd go from one to another, then festivities in the night (ie getting drunk) and during the day it would be hot then gradually get  colder and colder which meant sleeping when it was freezing and I had to will myself to get up in the night.

So at springfest we were out to help this backwater village and stop some evil dwarves (bastards*)  and it involved going in to mountains which is never fun because mountains in Ithron just fall to pieces, rubbish I tell ya. We also had the king there and I think it was the first time I saw Greg go down when he wasn't a monster ;)

And also after a banquet that was amazing I think I spent most of it with wine, cake and in giggles and of course with friends. Even though i got dizzy drunk I can remember it all :D apart from the plot ofc but I wouldn't have remembered that even sobre (ta fragg)

So I had enormous amounts of fun, I think Valvossa did some couragous things that will not be mentioned again. And race council meetings for the win.

*FnHers will now what I mean.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Well its 2 days til the fun starts

To springfest that is not the royal wedding. I mean its lovely that the pair are getting married and all but does it really have to shoved down our throats like this.

Anyway yesterday me and John got our in charecter invite to springfest, so we sat in bed reading through this letter like we were six, spelling out nearly every word until it made sense. S-W-AH-M-P-S whats a swam-- oh swamp. Thats basically what it was so I was in fits of giggles. So its two days til Springfest and I have to do the prep for it. So that means making a list of everything we need and making sure its all there, empting the car, putting down the seats then filling it again. And  also making sure we know the way there because its our first time there, but google maps has that sorted.

I've finished  reading two vampire books I bought recently they're both very good, one is Sherrilyn Keyon's night pleasures, which is about a women who falls in love with a darkhunter (vamp) from Thrace (A part of greece) and they have lots of sex and he has to kill this Daimon (vamp on steriods) ect ect.
The second book  is Lindsay Sands' Love bites, where a women gets turned vamp when she saves a mans (vamps) life by getting an axe in the chest from a psycho and this women gets turned gets freaked out about it, falls in love with Eteinne (man vamp) and they have to stop this psycho called Pudge from killing them becuase of what they are ect
They all live happily ever after but there are good bits, but I don't know if I want to invest in the rest of the series from the writers.

So for now I will wait for Dead Reckoning by Charliane Harris to arrive from amazon and i might make a decision, I need something to occupy me til the end of may as that is when I get my present from john which is True blood season three.

I am going to get on with my list, and make scrolls and prayer cards ect. Thank the god of technology for a photocopier :D

Friday, 15 April 2011


I have just finished reading Sunshine by Robin McKinley, it is a Sci fi vampire novel about a girl called Rae "Sunshine" Seddon who gets  captured by vampires and creates an alliance with a vampire who is also captured and they go on to kill this other big vampire and become kind of friends. But in this book the vampire Constantine is not the generic beautiful vampire I dont remember the exact description but he is describes as having mushroom colored grey skin with black hair ( I think), tall and well built moves like a vampire doesnt really express emotion, apart from in one bit where they kill the big nasty He kind of remonds me of Fenris from DA2(pic below). Rae is just a baker in a coffee house that knows a bit of magic. And it ends on one of those endings where you expect the next book, but Mckinley doesnt write sequals because shes odd.

After reading this I went to youtube to just look for songs and I found a Mumford and Sons song called Awake my soul with just reminded me of the alliance/ friendship between Con and Rae. And parts of the song correspond like "Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all" reminds me of the battle when Con and Rae  are holding hands and fighting. "Lend me your eyes I can change what you see" Con gives Rae the ablility to see in the dark through healing her in a odd way. Also Mumford and sons I gave my all is a good song to go with this movie.

Now I have to find something else to read, or to do, I could go to Dragon age but John is on Sims Medievil. I might read the fourth TB book with will correspond to the upcoming fourth season. I would say I get to read the next one on my bday but it doesnt come out til May so I will have to wait, which is also when the 3rd season of true blood comes out which I have also asked for my birthday.