Thursday, 30 June 2011

You've gotta hollow point smile,

Don't you just hate it when you wake to a silent house thinking your all alone, you look out the front to see taht all the cars are gone, but when you do pad downstairs you realise that John's mothers car was on the drive and that you aren't alone and that there will be no peaceful morning to ones self.

So yeah today was not all that fun, it is do house work day, this is the day where I wish I had a tumble dryer because then all I would have to do is sort it and fold it and then eventually iron it. But the cleaning of the bathroom and the hoovering was inevitable there won't be anything that will make that easier unless I was like Bill Gates rich had a huge house and butler.

I may have mentioned that I will probably never eat from greggs ever again, it made me feel really sick so I couldn't go in to work, it was so annoying, I would  get that really horrid feeling that I was about to be sick so I would go through the necessary motions of going to the bathroom ect but nothing would happen, this would conitue until about 5 or 6 O'clock. Luckily I got my appitite back by teatime, it was beef, it may have shrivelled slightly but it was tasty nontheless, there was also strawberry pavlova :P

Have you ever noticed that one a hot night when you open the window it makes no difference what so ever. Also when you remove all the covers and it gets too cold but all the covers is too hot, I think I might do what the americans do and sleep under a sheet.

I had fun upgrading my DnD character to level 5 with 8000gp to spend, I bought elven chain, a masterwork shield and three weapons and assorted clag and I still have money left over :P. We are upgrading our DnD characters as we have left out DM who had a mental breakdown that any female or child would be ashamed of and now our friend Karl will be DMing, oh how I will miss Lissiana's (me) and Isabela's (Karls) brief girly banter. I also kept getting asked alot why my hair was blue.....alchemical accident ofc....I didn't just pick a colour at random...I mean its not like Lissiana is basically Valvossa, thouhg through DnD Lissiana can be quite funny, I mean V would never shout "GIANT WEASEL" I mean there are better things to yell when there are monsters around and I could probably come up with a better insult for an idiot mage :P

My H key fell off, this is what I get for trying to get the stars out from under there. Now I just have to be careful or find a way of fixing it back on the way it was.

Tis a shame I can not go to Bristol this weekend, but I am working for money atleast, if it wasnt so expensive I would have said I would make it for the second mission. Though John might be going without me :(

Oh well Friday tomorrow. yay. Is it summerfest yet???

Monday, 27 June 2011

A total Fangover.

True blood is back so I was happy for about 2 hours ^_^. Its just unbelieve able what they've done, I loved it.

Anyway, the weekend went well even though the party nearly died thanks to a vampire and a merc with an enchanted venomed sword but luckily there was a vision and two of us got heald to heal the rest of the party. No one dies but two people lost limbs so that was ok.  Oh I wish I never took piriteze or whatever its called,  it was a drowsiness enducing hayfever tablet and all Saturday evening I was like a stone or when I was awake a irrate zombie.

My mind is utterly blank with what I did yesterday. Oh well :D.

And ofc it is a week day which means getting reminded that I am unemployed ect ect this is not a day off ect ect... *slams head against wall* sorry, back in the room. I painted another Uruk Hia (with a pike) and another Gondorian man but in red and black not green and black. There is a figure of Cara's here that I would like to re paint but I do not know if she wants it anymore so I will have to ask her to know.

I had to go up in to the attic earlier and half way up the ladder my legs turned to stone, I could not move as I am a scardy cat but I got up there eventually and I was ok once I got up there and getting down was easier. It as also hot as hell up there, we've just had a load of insilation put up there so I guess it works, esp after waking up at 3:30 AM dying from the heat, I also noticed that at that time its almost light out. I....crap. I went to eat and forgot what I was going to say, and "I" doesn't help, it was good pizza, chicken fajita.

Oh also good news that me and John will have the house to ourselves all next week. Excellent.

Tomorrow is going to be another day of finding things to paint and waiting for 4 O'clock to come around

I've kinda got a job at the Dean heritage centre at the weekend I will be covering the paid weekend girl and I will be getting paid too, I dont have to do an all day shift thank god.


Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday night

Well today was quite good I suppose, I painted an Uruk Hia to look like Vau and I Gondorian to look kinda like a Griffin Knight but I coudnt paint a griffin head on becuase of then white tree emblem . John repainted his giant, I think it was an improvment on the previously painted model. We had to go to the Jobcentre which was quick and painless, which was new.

At DnD our DM had a hissy fit in one of the most manly ways in the world, all we wanted to know is if our warlock could spiderclomb up the wall to this opening  20ft up in this cavern, and he didnt seem to get it, so he had a hissy fit and slowly rolled his pc chair in to the living room, amd said we would have to sort ourselves out or stop playing, so we left felling a little awkward and thinking wtf? So we all came back here to have a talk and a laugh, then we all started to play with Johns nerf guns, though I had to stop because I had to prepare for tomorrow, as all my holywater was empty, I had no scrolls, prayer cards and I hadn't done my alchemy. I also have to take my prayer book, my info books tomorrow as I am teaching a new priest a few things and my mage friend might be there, hopefully, if so much fun (y) The weather should be the opposite of Ethronian weather ;) but I am taking my new fur body wamer my jerkin and cloak just in case.

So yeah, I was making a spiringfest collage for my desktop but there are too many good pics that I can't fit them all on, but I will have a go whilst listening to mumford and sons and paramore and muse ect til a feel tired enough to go to bed.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Busy Day.

Well I have done alot today, I help John with his job up the road with clearing all the hedge and tree trimmings, in which I get paid £4 an hour by John, and also I didn't die from havefever because though tress would have had me raking my eyes out, also I had to herd sheep from the garden we were working in twice, and it was the same group of sheep, she when I chased them off the second time and the gate was closed they wondered down the road to sit in this garden, cheeky buggers. Also had to rangle the chickens that were in the garden.

We had a pathetic excuse for a power cut like half an hour ago, it lasted like 5 mins thank god, though Johns mother did get stuck in her electric relciner which he thought was hilarious.
I have also been re writing my IC monster book that Valvossa would have written. It is made up of a little description of her clan, the monsters that she has come across or has gathered information on, and information on ithron and the guilds and how useful they are, though at the moment I am stuck on a guild as thier description is a little iffy on the Wiki. So I will have a look around and ask people about it. 

Roll on saturday, me and John are going to Cannock for LRP, instead of going to a friends housepart in Taunton, but the matter of fact is that it is cheaper to travel to Cannock then it is to go back to taunton, also on the way to cannock there is no bridge to pay for. So I will see my new world of friends and kill things and see my college friends another time when I have the money, or when they have the money to come here, which means I have to find something to do with them here, unless we just walk around the woods which there is alot of.

Oh I think I saw charlie and bill on the local news tonight at it was the summer soltice today and they might have been at stonehenge watching a cloudy dawn.

Hmm what to do now...troll the internet, watch Angel, play DA, or go downstairs and watch TV.....

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Raaaaaaains...I mean Braaaaaains

Note: If there are spelling mistakes, I'm tired and my hands have been cold and wet all day.

So today was the day to Derby and the mission to Ethron (Ireland), our mission was to do some diplomancy with the Knight commander of Ithron, so that meant fighting a few waves of undead, 'talking' to the clans, the KCoI talking to the ones in the red tartan then things happening but we didn't really see because we were told to bugger off, so we stood in the rain, getting cold and wet, fighting the occasional wave of undead. The second mission was a muc harder muc more fun undead bash to see what the beacon was, ( I hear it has legs), that was fun to monster even though the rain did not let up so I got soaked. Not fun. My robes and my red scarf have dyed my skin so parts of me arms and ands that werent covered by gloves are a pinky reddy colour and my chin and chest are red so it looks like Ive been eating people. Om nomnomnom. Also in a fit of utter insanity I mentioned to one of my friends that its not really raining and that its sunny and warm and we all have tea, I had lost the will to live and they did kinda cal me crazy (meh) but hey would I rather  be in the real world or in crazy backwords land wit tea eh?  Oh and I made myself look like a twat by talking with sweets in my mouth....twaaat.

Saturday was much more fun anf frothy, I kinda wished I quested for troll strength there, we went to save this town from the konnish and demons, so we snuck in, and knocked(and killed ) almost everything we met on the way through, we were told that there was a holy relic that was in the city somewhere and taht a ritual including this relic might purge the land of this demon taint. We find this library where there were mostly books on porn....but there were books on inter racial relations, so I took one for one of my IC friends to look at as he has been "bothering" me about elves for a few months now, it doesnt bother me, its something to do, there were also books of art, and religion but oddly the magic section as empty, so after we found the relic of crowa (Aaaaaah) we went to the town square and did the ritual, and I prayed as that was my job along with some other people who would say a few things whilst fighting off the konnish and the possesed people. after a while of praying alot some of us got mighty strengths (1 floating hit) then we got troll strenghts (your hits are transferred to En hits per) then our weapons got blessed, then the TS and the blessed were re carged ten the praying worked, the shardan storm went away and the konnish fled, so we headed for the demon where mre konnish fled from us, we met some bequafisians and the it went black and we appeared somewhere the say before we had to go to Ethron

Friday was dull until DnD. I forgot my character sheet. There were bad rolls. And I dont think I will be eating curry sauce again.

Anyway.....did I tell you the rain sucks and I hope I see the mythical sunshing again soon....I guess i should go downstairs and watch family guy even though I want to watch Game of Thrones but John will have a go.....

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Amusing ones self.

I found that on my nine hour shift last night at St Pierre hotel cleaning plates and pots, there are several ways to amuse ones self.
I would be thinking about in character things, or thinking about what life would be like for Valvossa is she lived until 2030 and all the different scenarios that could have happened to enable her survival for so long.
I was thinking up dofferent convosations I would have with different characters as my character.

I was also thinking of a book I had read recently again called Love Bites by Lynsay Sands, its about a coroner Rachael who gets turned in to a vampire, because she got in the way of this axe weilding psycho who was going to cut off one of her corpses heads because this corpse was a vampire, so she gets an axe in the chest =, becomes a vampire, many comnfusing things happen and she eventually falls in love/ has alot of sex with Etienne the vampire, but during this book Etienne is trying to woo her by spouting long words at her as she just commented on the fact that intellegence turns her on. Bad things happen, they fight somethign happens to girl, boy rescues girl, they get married and will probably continue having alot of wonderful vampryic sex ect.
But the part which made me smile the most was the spouting of the long words, and imagining it in a real life context.
I was also thinking about different songs that could be sung in character, but I will never sing any becuase I can not sing and I don't even like speaking in public. I was also making up stories in my head like what if one of Valvossa sisters came to Ithron, which is hard to imagine as I don't have a sister so things stop at dead ends.

So yeah thinking about other things rather that what I was really doing on auto pilot really made those nine hours go fast, I am glad that its a temp thing and that I have to do it when they need me because I would not want to do that all the time, I do not think that my body will forgive me after a weeks worth of standing on  my feet for nine hours. Though I did sit down for my break to watch top gear that was about it.

The rest of my week should go well, I have Cara and Tom coming over today for thier weekly visit, Friday is DnD which I am becoming better at-ish. Saturday is BC which the missions are being retrospectivly as on the sunday I will be off to Ethron (Ireland) IC, to see what all the fuss is about, if the undead think its good then it must be a good place to visit. I think it will just be a giant undead bash and everyone apart from the royal family are all dead and I bet almost any zombie that I meet will explode because it will be water logged, I might see if I can get more cure diseases, or suck up to a alchemist or physician, Immunity to disease was such a good mix when I was Eva, but I am having fun with V, I have plot and involvment even if I am an elf, they are just jelous because I live forever and they dont, plus I'm good looking for an 120 year old, you cant say that when your human :P

Ohh ooh True blood is back in 18 days :D well 19 days for me as I will watch over the net :P