Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Its only wednesday?

I had a goodish weekend....apart from the car breaking and having to go to gloucester on a sunday (not fun). The cars back axel behind the wheel cracked so we had to wait for Johns dad to get back so we could weld it up where we could and and then weld a plate over the larger holes....all I did was remove some rust so the weld would fix properly. 

 Gloucester on a sunday is dull, it makes shopping difficult esp when the shop you want to go in is closed. But thankfully I got the presents I need to get. 

We finally have Dragon age 2! Its better than DAO, it have great graphics....and its addictive :D Though John is playing it now bc its his turn even though i payed for most of it. 

Its sunny, the flowers are out.....and I have to work :( Roll on the weekendd for LRP and maybe cleaning Johns car bc its turning brown instead of being green. 

91 days til Trueblood.....waiting sucks

Friday, 18 March 2011


My title is hello in Burmese by the way, Flikr told me so. 
Out of the studio window I am able to see the other big house across the road, the sky darkening and the lovely moon in all its fullness. I'm glad it is friday, I get to spend the day in Gloucester shopping and hopefully enjoying the good weather.

I had to come back upstairs just now because they are watching Crystal maze downstairs and its just cring-o-riffic I cannot believe how rubbish 90's game shows are. But evidently I will have to go back down stairs as Cara hasjust arrived to be socialable so I will go and be socialbe and probably play a board game of some kind with peoples...becuase thats what this family does. 

I dont know if you have but I have been listening/watching parts of Chris Moyles' longest show on BBC radio 1 and him and comedy dave were up for 53 hours....the bits I watched were hilarious...normally I cant stand Chris but fair doos to him and dave, they raised 2.4 mil. It was funny this morning during Fearnes show she said she would wear her new swimming costume on air if they got past 2 million and they did so she had to, I hve to admit it was a good one piece costume (with no back) and she did look nice. And Greg James got naked on air which there are videos of and its funny! 

Anyway I have to go even though I can hear that catchphrase has started :( 


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Some blog and some bouncing off of friends blogs.

So to start off, work is y'know same old same old. Roll on the weekend when I can go shopping for birthday presents and a new pair of work type shoes bc the last ones were falling apart but john killed them....

I watched some of Chris Moyles' longest show it was funny only because it was on the Scott Mills show and watching Producer Becky spit in Comedy Daves face in innuendo bingo (inyourendo) was hilarious, other than that I kinda can't stand Chris, Dave is ok...he kinda sounds like a friend from larp and I like Aled too bc he is funny and not a tit. 

Somehow drinking tea from Captain Jacks head just taste better....
As Bookface suggests I was a numpty earlier and touched the HOT iron whilst looking for the place where it was leaking from and I leant my fingertips on the iron and then swiftly left the iron stood up and went swearing to the bathroom to run my hand under water then after a few minutes I went back to paramore and the ironing. 

So bouncing time...

My dear taaaaallll friend Vicky was tlaking about her obsession for Glee, and I thought well I kinda have a obsession/addiction, It is not offence Gleeks just not my cuppa tea. But you can call me a Trubie, I have become addicted, all thanks to (John's aunty) Vicky, she bought me the entire (sofar) series of true blood books for xmas and I read them in like three weeks and I have watched every episode, I think I watched season one in like 12 hours straight. 
   But yeah this is where I link to Rachaels (you christian llama you) blog about antisocial behaviour and I think for most of January I would just read all day and I think i could get through a book in a day if I worked at it, but i had to read them again because I read too fast and missed bits.  

I am really looking forward to the summer and hot weather so I have a chance to wear my shorts...and it kinda sucks to be in work when it was such a lovely day and I was stuck stacking shrink wrapped pots or labelling them.

Saturday = Dragon Age 2!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

So. This is a blog.

Well where do I begin. Well to those who know me and may not know, I have a temp job through an agency (they were much more useful than the jobcentre) I work in a place called NAF (national animal feeds) with John in Monmouth (Wales) the pack animals feeds which are mostly for horses, though we do do dog suppliments and I have seen bottles with chickens and peasents on them too so I suppose we serve game and poultry. My job is to stick labels on countless numbers of pots and tubs, help shrink wrap them and stack them on to another pallet that get wrapped in this blue stuff and taken out to be shelved and eventually delivered to wherever it has to go. 
I personally think that horses do not need these many suppliments but i dont know for sure I am not a "horsey person". Though some of the names are funny, like NAFoff which is a fly spray and MAGIC which does something which I know nor even care what it does. 

This job like any other job is boring and repetitive and the people there are either chavs, old or old leches(pervs). Now that I have been working there for my forth week now I dont come home feeling dead as much anymore and surprisingly I like to work on my own there (Johns in another department). 

Other than that lifes ok I spose I mean I live more for the weekends where I work on my sleep and ironing...which reminds me. I'm still running round the woods with a foam sword like a loon :D.

(disclaimer there may be might not make sense and it might be in small font.....I'm tired so pfft)