Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Well its 2 days til the fun starts

To springfest that is not the royal wedding. I mean its lovely that the pair are getting married and all but does it really have to shoved down our throats like this.

Anyway yesterday me and John got our in charecter invite to springfest, so we sat in bed reading through this letter like we were six, spelling out nearly every word until it made sense. S-W-AH-M-P-S whats a swam-- oh swamp. Thats basically what it was so I was in fits of giggles. So its two days til Springfest and I have to do the prep for it. So that means making a list of everything we need and making sure its all there, empting the car, putting down the seats then filling it again. And  also making sure we know the way there because its our first time there, but google maps has that sorted.

I've finished  reading two vampire books I bought recently they're both very good, one is Sherrilyn Keyon's night pleasures, which is about a women who falls in love with a darkhunter (vamp) from Thrace (A part of greece) and they have lots of sex and he has to kill this Daimon (vamp on steriods) ect ect.
The second book  is Lindsay Sands' Love bites, where a women gets turned vamp when she saves a mans (vamps) life by getting an axe in the chest from a psycho and this women gets turned gets freaked out about it, falls in love with Eteinne (man vamp) and they have to stop this psycho called Pudge from killing them becuase of what they are ect
They all live happily ever after but there are good bits, but I don't know if I want to invest in the rest of the series from the writers.

So for now I will wait for Dead Reckoning by Charliane Harris to arrive from amazon and i might make a decision, I need something to occupy me til the end of may as that is when I get my present from john which is True blood season three.

I am going to get on with my list, and make scrolls and prayer cards ect. Thank the god of technology for a photocopier :D

Friday, 15 April 2011


I have just finished reading Sunshine by Robin McKinley, it is a Sci fi vampire novel about a girl called Rae "Sunshine" Seddon who gets  captured by vampires and creates an alliance with a vampire who is also captured and they go on to kill this other big vampire and become kind of friends. But in this book the vampire Constantine is not the generic beautiful vampire I dont remember the exact description but he is describes as having mushroom colored grey skin with black hair ( I think), tall and well built moves like a vampire doesnt really express emotion, apart from in one bit where they kill the big nasty He kind of remonds me of Fenris from DA2(pic below). Rae is just a baker in a coffee house that knows a bit of magic. And it ends on one of those endings where you expect the next book, but Mckinley doesnt write sequals because shes odd.

After reading this I went to youtube to just look for songs and I found a Mumford and Sons song called Awake my soul with just reminded me of the alliance/ friendship between Con and Rae. And parts of the song correspond like "Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all" reminds me of the battle when Con and Rae  are holding hands and fighting. "Lend me your eyes I can change what you see" Con gives Rae the ablility to see in the dark through healing her in a odd way. Also Mumford and sons I gave my all is a good song to go with this movie.

Now I have to find something else to read, or to do, I could go to Dragon age but John is on Sims Medievil. I might read the fourth TB book with will correspond to the upcoming fourth season. I would say I get to read the next one on my bday but it doesnt come out til May so I will have to wait, which is also when the 3rd season of true blood comes out which I have also asked for my birthday.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Weekend of sunshine.

So. Me and John are unemployed thats the fun of being a temp, though the downside is that on that same very evening (tues) we had bought the next lot of lunch stuff, so we have sanswhich filler we have to eat but I dont really want to eat mine.

So since tuesday me and John have done nothing, been to Gloucester to buy things like warhammer stuff and presents and looking for things that I want for my birthday. I also have complete Dragon Age 2 for the second time, I chose to be a warrior this time and I wanted to go down the Fenris (bad boy elf) romance but ended up with Anders (cut blonde mage with issues) again.

Today it was a larp day at Lickey (Y) and it was sunny which is a bonus though I think I will make robes that do not have fur on them because it gets hot. It was fun there was lots of froth, there was this one point where we were all falling down a tower becasue it was crumbling and we were all handed peices of paper by the mosters that had things that would happen to you and mine said "no effect (be grateful)" which was awesome, some other people got that too and some people got given spells which were bad, and sone people were stuck under rubble ect ect. So much funness, which is what you would expect when taking down a temple!

Anyway I am knackered, I enjoyed pub food and pub time, cheesy nachos and melt in the middle chocoalte pudding are yummy. And it was good to see peoples again, tis a shame I am not going to Derby tomorrow, John has things to do but atleast we get to go to Raglan castle after which will be good as I havent been there before and I will take pics.

Hmm to play DA2 for the third time???

Friday, 1 April 2011

Day off.

So peoples....its Friday and its mine and Johns day off because work doesn't need temps to do stock taking....thank god!

So I had a lovely 3 hour lie in today, tho I didn't leave the room til midday thats how lazy I am even though I did sort through my clothes because i keep loosing t shirts then finding them in the most obvious place.

I had the most wierdest and the most loviest dream yesterdat night, I dreamt that I was in True blood and that something happened to Eric Northman (played by Alexander "swedish god" Skarsgard) where 55 version of himself popped up all over Bon Temps (thats where TB is set) and they were all different sides to Eric....which is weird considering as he only has like four .....maybe five but I wont go in to it if your not in to True Blood.

In other news, there is one things I do not get about John. He doesn't like gigs, he tells me that he doesnt like crowds and live music and the screaming......

I don't get it probably because I fell in love with the atmosphere and the chaos of live music, where everyone is lost in the wave of your favourite band, reaching out as if you could touch them even if your in the back row. I remeber when I went to my first gig in 2007 to see Within Temptation with Jas, Sian and Jas' dad and the feeling was exhillirating.

Like 30STM say in thier video for Closer to the edge, maybe this is a cult and the bands are our gods. We practially listen to our favourite music religiously, we buy thier stuff, we go to thier concerts and basically worship them, we even get thier logos tattoed on our skin. It inspires us, it can make us feel alive, happy, sad, it might even give you a new outlook on life.

I suppose you could say that about movies or even books....or it could just be called obsession and we're all mad as hatters. Who knows?