Tuesday, 31 January 2012

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Monday, 30 January 2012


I am hoping this isnt as long as the last blog. I went of on a long tangent.

I haven't really done alot. I've LRPed alomost every weekend this month again but for only one day I think there was one weekend where we played both days.

I have become oddly addicted to Panic at the Discos Hurrincane. I don't know why I am, I think its the vibe it gives, it happy and upbeat. And the chours has a certain sound and beat that I just want to dance to, and I don't really dance, I think I have willingly dance three times, and that was prom, college prom and a summerfest, which all include big groups, so I didn't really have to care about what I looking like.

I've also been getting some strange ideas for LRP encounters/adventures/ general themes from music videos. It's like the  video for 30 Seconds to Mars' Hurricane ( the uncensored verison) is about dreams (i think) as there are many different dream like sequences in the video, and I could relate parts of the video to situations that adventures could go through. 

Warning: This  has images of sex and violence, if for some reason you have an aversion to either don't watch it. 

I will explain more about my ideas in a different blog where I am gooing to cram my ideas for writing ect. It's mostly about the recieving the keys if you were wondering.

It trid so pathetically to snow this morning, I almost felt pity for the weather.

The BC Llaminisu missions were excellent. I had fun taking pictures of the first mission with the Einherjar and the Ice Giants. On our mission I felt the fear, Andy Cam and Steve Kimber are deadly monsters though luckily we only lost one person and he was a filler character, so no great loss there :p. The two alchemists got paid the most. Johns character got flogged which was funny. Him and Knight Commander almost had a pissing contest :p .

Well I am going to start the hurricane/adventure idea.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The days have colours assigned to them now. Blue Monday.

IThis blog will not really have any real theme or a solid topic like most of my blogs. (and yet you keep reading thanks) So I will mash at the keys in sequence and hope something coherent and in englsh comes out at the other end.

So its still January, its been kinda dull, nothing much has really changed except I have been on a couple of walks, one of which consisted of John being with me as I wanted to explore the more rocky area of the woods where the old mines are and I wanted him there so I wouldn't fall in a hole and die. That and I dont know why but that section of the woods is called spooky woods and I can kinda see why, I was waiting around for like half an hour by myself for John and I was getting a little weirded out. It wasnt that it was deadly quiet or anything. It was probably because I was at this one cave we went in to once and it totally freaked me out. Perhaps I was hoping the 'big cat of the forest' was going to come and eat me, that would have been interesting. What are you supposed to do when a big cat starts to look at you like you are lunch? Do you walk away slowly, without turning your back ofc, or do you make yourself look big . I guess cimbing a tree or playing dead won't work as most cats can climb and they would probably think I was an easy meal and eat my anyway. and there is no point in me runnning as I can barely outrun the average human, then my asthma would kick in and make me wanna die, then Im sure either an ankle or a knee would twang so that would stop me running. Anyway less talk about giant unfeesable cats in this forest, where the most exciting thing that can hurt you is a giant pig. It's never good when lunch wants to kill you.
In other news yes my life is dull. The only joy I have really is LRP. and john. Other than that I might as well be in a coma. Yes yes I know happy happy cheery times, everything is all sunshine and happiness and having no job is great because it means I have all this spare time to do all the things I want to do. I swear if I wasn't poked and proded every now and then for a verbal response I could run on auto pilot and no one would know. I was IMing a friend of mine and he was playing around being an artifial intelligence that would respond as he would. Now if only I could get a realy AI that looked like me and acted like me then I could make that thing live here whilst I wonder the world free as a bird.

Ok so to not be bitter for two minutes whilst I talk about my weekend. So Saturday was great depsite the cold and it being three vs four. Our mission was to try and make up a trade post with this hospital on the surface but they drugged us and took us to this crazy doctor who was trying to vivisect our 'tank'. The crazy doctor was dead but being kept alive by a hose. so me and the other medic untied ourselves as killed the others in the room. And the other medic was impressed OOC that I knew what the C2 and C3 vertebae were. I watch alot of bones. We then had to try and escape. We came across this creature that was tied up, the boys wanted to let it go and hope it went in the other direction. I went to talked to a crazy person to try and get directions out of here, they really only listened to me becuase I was wearing the crazy doctors lab coat. they boys had killed another psychiatric patient and tried to feed its arm to the creature, then let the creature go after it had its second arm. The thing is it didn't go the other way it came towards us. So we had to run like buggery. It felt kinda doctor whoish as we were running down a corridor away from impending doom. I probaly wasnt as amazing as I thought I was but I had fun. Our disguise was quickly uncovered as I clearly wasnt the surgeon general as I am a small women whereas the doctor was a 6ft something man. There was a bit of a difference. So after we killed a few people and propped the door open to the chloroform filled room open we ran away.
Sunday was FnH at Bath, which is technically is in Bristol. That was fun, we had two sort of walk in the park missions where we killed things along the way but the afternoons mission was alot harder, but its only fair seeing as they had the least armour on that party. But they did have the most power I think. Our mission was a little confusing and one player killed himself as he was going crazy and kept calling people morag and tobias. Crazy bastard.

I don't think I said this in the last blog, but hey whose checking. But i have entered in to a writing competiion where I have to write a short story of 2000 words on identity. I have written it I'm just going to wait til nearer feb to send it in, I am also waiting on a friend to get back to me with feedback, but I have no idea if he even got the document as we had trouble with the format. I am probably just fretting, he is a busy person and unlike me he has a life. His piece was really good, it really sparked my imagination, it had good imagry and a good story line. Also very thought evoking. I'm sure mine looks ordinary, cliche and dull comapred to his and the others in the competion.

Oh damn I lost my train of thought, thats what I get for going to eat, a lost train and a burnt tongue, it always happens when we have mince I always scald my tongue.
They were asking on the news whats the best way to get in to astronomy and star gazing, my answer was look up when your next outside. Unless you live in a big town or city so you cant see the stars past all that light.

I absolutley loved this weeks episode of Sherlock. Benedict is by far the best sherlock I have seen. He is the only sherlock that has made me cry, smile, swoon then want to jump in to the screen and slap him all in one minute, he just plays it so well and he is so intense, it's hard to watch as all the strong emotion plays across his face. The others that have played him haven't quite got to this level. I mean Brett was the classic sherlock, he was methodical and presice, but he just told the story as it was in my mind there really wasnt that much behind it. Now Robert Downey Jr plays it ery well we see the side of sherlock that would really point him out as mad. Those films have both comedy and action, then mixed in with a bit of emotion with Adler. Then there is the suspence and he does come back in the greatest way. But this sherlock is entirely different, the work is all he has, I think he comes across a little Aspergery, I dont know why but writters nowadays like to have thier geniouses lack a certain comprehension of human emotion. For example, Sherlock, Dr Temperance Brennan and Dr Sheldon Cooper are amoung my favourite and it is so amazing to see them handle emotions that are completely new to them.

I'm sure there are alot of spelling and grammar mistakes in this but hey I did say I was just mashing at keys to see what came out.

So what is there to look forward to. Well optimistically, there is lrp. the banquet on mark 10th and new dawn in on my birthday. In reality there are days of sitting around in self loathing slowing going mad. The mornings at the charity shop. I really wanted to do to this  fnh banquet in Portsmouth but its too far away and John isnt really bothered about it.

I had another strange dream that on of my friends was avoiding me, and clearly making effort to blank me in many ways they could, right infront of me. That and the other dreams I mentioned my mind is really bored lately.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Dreams and the year to come.

So yeah,  Happy New Year, this year is the year of the Dragon apparently. It is also the year the world is supposed to end, only if you believe that. There is a site that does talk about the top ten ways the world will end and they are laughable.

The stuff on that site might not even be true but it is still funny, I like the one about the cloud of negative energy. So a cloud of Emo's will hit the Earth, hasn't that already happened? Though I think the breed of Emo has died out somewhat and evolved in to the breed of Scene which is basically emo but more colourful, with bigger hair, bows, Hello Kitty and happy pills.

To get back to the topic at hand about Dreams. I have been having some weird ones lately, I don't know if its because my sleeping patterns have been screwed up or if my mind is just finding new ways to keep my occupied or maybe my mind is trying to tell me something. The ones that are really sticking in my mind are, a few nights ago I had a lrp dream, it was the ususal Lrp dream I could see other players doing thier thing, all I can thenremember is running down a street. Then for some unknown reason Dr Who shows up (Matt Smith ofc who else) and for another unknown reason I hugged him (well it was MS why wouldn't I) but it had the odd sensation of feeling familar, and I don't really like it when I can feel in my dreams, I don't like not knowing how I can feel in dreams, maybe its my brain recreating the memory of a hug I have encountered before, and as Matt Smith is considerably taller than I am my brain chucked in a memory of me hugging someone taller than me so that it felt natural. Now last nights was one of the oddest since I ran down the stairs from my room screaming i'm so glad no one was around to see that one, they would have gotten a shock. But anyway from this dream I can remember, playing Monopoly with several of my real friends, some lrp characters and Fenris from Dragon Age 2 were there. I then remember kissing Fenris then pushing him away, using my powers of psychology (I mean titbits of knowledge) I can probably deduce I was substituting the image of Fenris for someone I liked and by kissing them, it showing that I liked then but then pushing them away meaning I obviously wanted to push them away. I am baffled. Another surpising turn that my dream took was someone stole all my clothes and I was running around my old college campus looking for them.  I looked up the meaning of being without clothing in a dream and I got "To dream that you suddenly discover your nudity and are trying to cover up signifies your vulnerability to a situation." I think this time around my brain is trying to tell me something and I have no clue about it. I do seem to like it better my my brain just tries to amuse me with odd dreams. 

I watched BBC's Sherlock lastnight becuase there was simply nothing else to do and I really didn't want to go to bed at that time, and as there was nothing else to watch or anything that I wanted to read I thought I might give it a try, I have watched the older version and found it ok, I have seen both movies featuring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law and I loved both of them so I thought why not? So a got in to it at like ten minutes in and I found that it is really good. Not only does Benedict Cumberbatch look good in a sheet but Lara Pulver (Ms Adler) was amazing, the only thing I have seen her in was True Blood as Claudine, and I have to say that the BBC are one up with HBO as BBC got her naked whereas HBO who are renound for getting people naked didn't get the fairy princess naked in her brief stint before her character was drained by the lovely Eric Northman. But part way through the episode the laptop dies on me it just cuts out, so I notice that it is really hot so I let it cool off and make it little feet from tea light holder thingys so that it would keep it off the table, and so far so good it is working and thanks to the help of BBC iplayer I got to watch the rest of the episode. 

Well I am going to leave the internet for a little while to play god on Sims 2. I just hope that I haven't installed all these discs for nothing. That would really annoy me.