Monday, 29 August 2011

Summerfest 2011

So it is the day after Summerfest 2011. I apologies for spelling errors, I am very tired and my hands don't really want to co operate with my brain. I mean I had to type 2011 like three times because I put 2001.

So Thursday, myself and John pack the tiny car and make our way to summerfest. A funny thing that we saw on our way past Sheffield was as we were passing this police car and another car on the hard shoulder of the M1 everyone who passed them went at like half the speed limit, so my first thought was "How harsh are the police in the north that we have to travel at half the speed limit" .The rest of the day was pleasant, as per usual, people helped assemble the compound and thier tents ect, then when night fell we all had fun catching up, sitting around the fire singing songs, though I think people kind of gave up and went in to thier own little groups to talk. I spent most of the evening wondering aimlessly from place to place, problably becuase I was restless and excited about the impending fun. I think the longest that I sat down was at the fire pit when I was gradually moving further up the pit, firstly because of the heat then I got mobbed by people I didn't know so I moved up a step then the CC came and sat down to have a chat which was nice then I went back to wondering aimlessly until I had to go to bed.

Friday was interesting once everything got going, once all the props were in place, which was this stone alter and three tall stone pillars, with jibberish written on them. Then things kicked off and with Krygonites and fighting and rain, and just as we were finishing the first fight someone slipped and fell, they fucked thier knee so  they had to be taken to hospital via ambulance which managed to makes its way through the compound. The King turned up as he does. And we had the High king of Ethrons funeral, where most of the crowans had to protect a princess, and then we burned the kings body which was fun. Other things did happen between the guy getting injured and burning a High King but I don't really remember it.

I think Saturday and Sunday were my favourite days. I really liked the mission we went out on, it was  most of the Crowan church, some mercs a mage and some other people, and we went out to get one of these items of kingship which I have never heard of before by the way and I have no idea what they do. But we ended up in this Barrow and we all know what lives in barrows.. a barrow wight, and at this time it was killing us quite happily with its group of undead, and we also don't really know how to get rid of said creature, it got up quickly if you weren't constantly hitting it with an enchant, and if you touched it it would make your arms freeze . So we let it walk slowly behind us as we advanced back to camp, and when we got in to view of camo this enchanter comes out with this automita and that thing carries it back and it carries it to this alley way that was made up and it anything touched the walls they died and were laid to rest, so the automita threw this undead in to the wall and it was destroyed and this skull with a crown fused to its head came flying back at us.  Then later on some Axirians (Romans) came along saying they wanted the stones to be destroyed and  that there was to be no high king of Ethron and that there would be a govener of Axir, so it might have kicked off but there were like 15 of them and two battle mages and Axirians can be pretty butt hard so I don't think it would have been very good if they kicked off. Then later on in the evening the CC came in as one of his NPC's who was a crazy looking bard. When I first saw him swagger in to the camp I could not stop laughing, so I thought I would spend the evening talking to him, and he was a very funny bard I think both me and my character needed a good laugh, and now when Valvossa looks to the sky she will hear the bard tell her that "North is that way" *points north* and probably giggle, and Valvossa kind of needs a good giggle at the moment with the whole dying incident and loosing two friends to a death and an excomming.

Sunday was battle day, it as a really awesome one at that, I felt the fear out on the field, especially when the mass strike downs went off, though that might have just been becuase of the flash bangs going off so close to me.And the vampires that killed me turned up but I was on the floor when they were being dealt with, it was also kinda cool being on the battle as a supplicant as I had the same consistancy of a mage, but luckily I am liked enough for people to notice the girl in the large red robes when she's on the floor. We also lost one of the other llaminisians before the battle which was sad, alot of people were upset by it but the person playing her was happy enough the to wrapped in cloth and bound when we attended her funeral, but obviously at her wake we did not burn the actual player. After the battle there was an unnerving moment when we thought that the Axirians were going to come back and destroy the stones, so most of the Crowan church and alot of other people gathered around the stones to protect them, I got handed a shield as I did not have mine with me, this shield was very nice but very heavy so I gave my sword to my friend who was playing his new character who only had a dagger, but after like 5 mins we gottold to stand down but be vigilant. I think for most of that night i spent it in the crowan shrine talking about churchly things, then as it got later they all started talking about how they could tell I was an elf by looking at my knees, telling bad tree puns and tell me I was two weeks old.  I think at the end of the night it was myself, Peat, Jebbo, Cookie, the pathfinder and Gary all around the bar talking and also at this point its about 2AM and I'm cold and before this Peat lent me his gambason, which is very heavy by the way but very warm and I was very greatful.

So yeah I had the best time at the fest and I wish it was still going becuase being home is so boring and lonely.
I look forward to next year, Peat did a wonderful job as CC, and I hope his plot is just as epic as this years, he can now relax for a while.

I am going to bed now, this has taken forever to write becuase of various things.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Yesterday you threw away tomorrow.

So this weekend has flown by at an alarming rate.

On Thursday I got my character ressurected, so that made me super happy. So the first thing that she did IC was bathe, lots and wash all her belonging lots  to get the smell of death off of it, then she wrote one of her friends a letter to say "Hey come over and tell me about your battle" but they had excommed themselves and the letter I got was heartbreaking. But Valvossa's is still a happy elf she got to go to her home land just a day after coming back to life, and then she gets to go back to Ethron and kill shed loads of undead.

Friday was fairly uneventful, DnD got cancelled at the last minute because two players didn't want to play.
I think I discovered that Facebook is turning in to Myspace, they have this page rage thing where you get your own backgrounds ect. Now there are ads everywhere which is really annoying, especially when they are the ones that have noise, then you have to find the damn thing and shut it up.

On saturday it was the Leicester New Dawn play test, it is a Nerf gun system and I got roped in to playing, so I played a medic, and i think they would have needed one becuase alot of them got screwed, which I think is the point, as one of the rules say that you can expect to die. It was fun even if I got a little in over my head when it came to remembering the stuff for a medic. I think the other team had a harder time but they all had fun, becuase I mean what's releasing a plauge? I mean it's not like you'll get shot for doing it ;) No you just get ripped to peices SAW style. We finished really late and didn't get home til late.

Sunday was a good day apart from one or two snafu's. Two of the cars got broken in to, from one of them all that was stolen was £3 in change and a rice cake sandwhich, they didn't take the other food just the sandwhich, what kind of idiot breaks in to a car and steals a sandwhich, luckily one of the guys from bristol came along to get a chainsaw from another player and scared them off, but by then they had taken some other things aswell, so I dislike him just a little less now. But other than that is was a really good day, as I said my character got to go back to Llaminisu to look for some evidence and I am excited about what is going to happen at summerfest with what we have found, it will suck that my IC best friend won't be there but oh well, can have everything. The other mission got to meet a dragon, which I would have liked to meet, I might have had a good story to tell it. Again we didn't finish til like 8 and somehow didn't all get to the pub til 9 which is odd as the pub is five minutes away. So we got home super late after food and socialising.

So within the next three days I have to orginise and pack the corsa for summerfest, but first it has to get fixed because the electronics are dying on it.

3 days :)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

8 days until Summerfest.

I have been waiting for this all year, and I am really loving this years plot. The speculation of where all these damned undead were heading. Then I became a seeker, which was kinda cool, I do wonder what will happen when we are all in the same place, as we are demon magnets, as proved when demons knew what was in my head and tried to kidnap me, fun times. So we'll be a smaller version of the undead beacon. Yay.... but it will be alot of fun. But before then I have to make a list, then get the contents of that list in to Johns corsa, and ensuring that I have a footwell this time.

The party on Friday was....memorable, figurativly speaking, I think with a mix of the bottle of wine and not eating much i got a tad inebriated, and I may have passed and stuff very shortly afterwards, it amazes me what a blacked out mind can do, I mean I managed to make up stairs and to the bathroom with no struggle, but then things got a little bad, and from what John tells me I called alot of people assholes, only people that deserved it, apart from when I called John one. I also vaugely remember asking for random Dragon Age characters, I asked for Anders, Fenris and Merril, I mean I know why I would want Anders at the time, he is a mage and a healer, so he would make me feel better. I know why I would want Fenris but I don't think I would have wanted him when I was drunk ;) heh heh heh, but I really have no idea why I would want Merril, though I think it might be becuase my friend Cattay was near and she's welsh and Merrill is welsh (she's Gwen from Torchwood.) and I was also apparently calling my pajama bottoms Merrill....I am a crazy person when I am drunk and I laughed alot when i heard it all. So most of saturday I spent most of it on a cloak trying to get a little rest.

Good news to those who haven't heard. My appeal went through and I can get my ressurection, very happy about it. and being at summerfest as a supplicant will be interesting so I think I will be protecting the squishies and maybe doing alot of praying. It will  be good to see my friends both in character and out of character.

8 days...

"I want my Merrill" - Me friday night. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011


So, this week has been a little strange for me. Sorry if it gets rantish.

Friday went well, Dnd was fun, I think I may have been in the minuses for a couple of rounds but I think everyone was in that game at some point. We have been led in to this labarynth of rooms and corridors, and I don't get a map so I have only partly mapped it so finding our way back or out will be interesting, but I think we established that a big circular room we went in all the doors leading from it just went back to that room after a while so we went in to this secret room where there was a pink swirly thing. And i forget the rest as it got late and my mind went to mush.

Saturday was great, I finally got to get out of the house for a day, I got to go to Gloucester, glourious not this house, village, area Gloucester. John bought a Nerf gun and some warhammer stuff. I spent most of the day day dreaming, I was thinking about what it would be like to wonder the streets of Brissel in FnH, to see the cathedral of Vleybor and the other six churches dotted around the city. What it would be like to walk through Brissels market square.

And then there was Sunday. It started out ok, apart from the rain. The first mission went by ok, it was a stand and hold this point mission, which I wouldnt have minded going on but bc of plot reasons I had to go on the other mission, and looking at it now, the ref of the first mission could have handeled it, I mean it was a couple of encounters that were completly random. But the second mission, it stared ok with the bits of plot that the CC had put in for me coz of plot reasons, which I really enjoyed, getting partially kidnapped by demons and getting the scream is always a giggle. But the shit hit the fan. I made a counting mistake and technically died, one of the refs was less than kind about the point. So I got upset and wondered off. So IC there was a confusion about where I was then they found out I was dead and my body has been left out in the woods to rot for the time being. and OOC I have had a formal warning, which is fair enough I fucked up, but all the refs got together and voted against my charaters ressurection, which I think it totally unfair. Why punish a character for an out of character fuck up. I think its outrageous, which is why I have sent my appeal to Central.

The rest of this week has been me worrying about the appeal, worrying about my friends that live near the roiting, I've been a little worried about one of my friends as they have alot on thier plate atm and I can't seem to do much to help. Also been thinking about different characters that I have to come up with if I dont get my character back.
Me and John went to Bristol Zoo on Tuesday becuase it was his birthday. Two butterflies tried to escape on me in the butterfly place. It was a good day as it usually is at the zoo even if it was packed. I also took my camera in to be repaired, as it was having trouble with charging and it was making a clicking noise that it was not meant to.

I got the model I ordered from Games workshop on wednesday, and I painted it to kind of resemble Valvossa. I have also written a 2 page IC letter which should be with my will IC but it took a while to write and I made "parchment" paper specially and I have realised that I just don't like the letter at all and I hve made a few mistakes so I think I will write it again but I won't bother with the parchment effect, I think for the next letter I want to talk about certain things more.
I have found that I like some muse songs that I never thought I would like really, like Unintended, and some other songs that I would have normally skipped past when just listening it music on the laptop.
Oh and my corset came, John bought it for me. It's a shame that I might not get to wear it for its IC intended purpose. Oh well there will always be a time to wear it, though unless I get John to put me in to it i will have to wear a top undearneath it as its one where you have to loosen it get to in to it, its not too small or anything I just have be constructed in to it.

So tomorrow is a day of probably writing that letter, then going to taunton and getting drunk then going to lrp in BC probably nursing a hangover then sunday probably doing nothing, or back to worrying. Wonderful.

Is it summerfest yet?