Friday, 31 August 2012


I would write a long and complicated blog about Summerfest but I feel I do not have the mental strength to write about it. Yes I could describe to you what I did day by day but most of the people that read this were there.

  • There was rain 
  • There was mud (about a metric f*ck tonne some would say) 
  • There was froth
  • There was fighting 
  • There was tea...without this there would be more fighting
  • There were assassinations and attempted assassination. 
  • There were alot of bad guys:
    • The great white liche. He wasn't so bad, I mean he could kill you with one look and make you in to an undead, but it was fun to walk in to the smoke and see him perched up  on the king's throne. I didn't do anything to him, it was all the knights that 'got up in his grill' that got the DIE DIE DIE call. He is now in the tree of life. 
    • Cormac, he was a high king of Ethron I believe, now a green mummy something. Destroyed I presume. 
    • Fae prince, I didn't see much of him or knew why he was even there. Presumed destroyed. 
    • The smiley faced time travelling demon (Or Wibbley wobbely timey wimey demon) from what I can tell he had the bridge thingy with the gate of souls, which  was destroyed and he got his ass handed to him. 
    • The Konnish, they came in droves, they died lots. Yay. 
    • Firey demon thing, and grey faced demon that could only be killed by two handed enchants. These where they only things on the battlefield that I willingly ran away from, 1 because I am mostly covered in metal so I don't like things made from fire and 2 I didn't have a two handed weapon so I ran around like a heap of useless. 
  • The Voices of the Dragon, there were 8 of us. 7 of Ithron, 1 of Ethron. My part of the voice was amazing, don't piss Amelia off or she'll kill you all in a beserker rage, luckily in the two days of being bound to a dragon no one pissed me off to the point of skinning them in the middle of the compound and making them in to shoes. I also had power, but if I used it all I would awaken the dragon and everything went to shit...yippee. 
  • So we have a Supreme Dragon. She is now queen. The wedding was really cool, I mean it beats a Christian wedding hands down. 
  • An Archon of Vleybor. 
  • I didn't get to play with "Special effect 1". I wouldn't have known what to do with it anyway. 
  • Getting so fed up with the rain and the mud and wet shoes I was close to tears. Yippee. 
  • Drinking an entire bottle of Port. Probably made a tit of myself. 
  • Not doing what my body guard said. 
  • Oh yeah. Tree of life. Planted in a place that have never seen blood shed.....yeah.
  • Oh and the world's most annoying herald, it was like the damn Sun newspaper. ;)
I had a great time. To be honest there were times when I was bored out of my skull but thats just me, I don't talk to people so I am left wondering around doing nothing getting boreder and boreder wanting something human to kill.

I want to say thank you to Peat, none of this awesome  would have been possible without that mind of yours. Thank you to all the refs that ran missions and the site refs. Thank you to the people who made all the awesome props, GWL looked so freaky and so did the tree afterwards. I didn't get to talk to many but the NPC's were awesome. Thank you to the people that I got to meet and talk to, though sorry to Mike who was my characters body guard for a couple of days. I don't like to stay in one place if I don't have to, I sit around and do nothing most of the time, I liked having a little freedom. Thank you to Gary who gave me and others a back rub, and for getting me something sugary when I was shaking before the battle.

Thank was longer than I expected. Oh well.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

It almost that time of year again.

So it's just over 2 and a bit weeks until Summerfest. I'm so excited about this year. There's going to be a wedding. An Ambassadorial Masquerade, which just screams trap, most people will be wearing a mask, everyone will be getting checked for Pi. Then I'm sure the rest of summerfest will be a blur. There is so much going one that I can't really list it all. On the Thursday they are testing out the sound system by playing music, which will be awesome. I usually find myself wondering aimlessly around the camp on Thursday night so this will be an awesome change. It's also my friends last leg of being CC, the past two years have been interesting and awesome, although there have been a few bits that have left me a little puzzled. But I guess it's like working through a novel; you don't really know what's going on until the puzzle has all its pieces.

It's also two days til John's birthday. We are hoping to go to Oakwood Park in Pembrokeshire. I've never boon there, I've also never been that far in to Wales. The furthest I have been is the Mumbles and Caswell bay, which by the way has an awful lot of dead jellyfish for one to step on when one is barefoot.  I also apparently write neater in sand with a stick than I do with paper and a pen. If you love ice cream I suggest you go to the Mumbles they have the best ice cream shop there called Verdi's. They have apple crumble flavoured ice cream!!! What's not to love. Unless you're lactose intolerant.

I've watched bits and bobs of the Olympics. I couldn't watch it all day, it just get dull with all the commentary. I guess the best part of actually being there is you don't have the presenters talking over everything. I bet being in London must be a fun place to be, the atmosphere must be electric. For me one of the most entertaining elements of the Olympics is people's reactions on Facebook and Twitter. For the most part it's a collection of "Go GB" "Go team GB" "Wooo Well done GB" etc but I then you have someone like Tom Hiddleston on twitter who is tweeting like every ten minutes telling the universe how uncontrollably excited he is about everything. It's like watching a puppy.  I don't see myself as someone who watches sports or follows them, but when I was watching the mens clay pigeon shooting (or whatever they call it.) I was getting really excited whenever the guy representing GB stepped up and cheering when he shot both and going "Awww no" when he missed and the other way around when the others took their shots. I'm feeling a little bit of British pride now that we are 3rd overall with 22 gold. I think that the USA and China are gaining so much is they work so much harder than we do, they also probably have larger teams, I don't really know I didn't watch the opening ceremony.

The Hollow Crown was part of the cultural Olympiad. First in line was Richard II, the king being played by young British actor Ben Whishaw, I was unsure about this play at first as it moved at a slightly slow pace. But Ben's acting was captivating. He held this slightly wry look throughout the movie. Whenever he looked sad or wept it was so adorably sad I just wanted to hug him. When Henry IV is presented by the body of his cousin Richard, the man that he just deposed. You can see the guilt in his eyes, he also looks at the guy that brought the body in like "What the fuck did you just do?" which I think haunts him until the day he died. I did love it that when Richard was speaking he was sometimes giving others the look of "I could kill you with one word". Ben will be appearing in the new instalment of James Bond as Q.

Henry IV part 1 and part 2. Which stars Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston, Julie Walters and David Dawson. This saw the struggle between Henry IV and his eldest son Prince Hal. Prince Hal is a drunk and a miscreant. He spends most of his time in The Boars Head in Eastcheap. In the company of Falstaff and Poins. Falstaff serves as a surrogate father to Hal, Falstaff does not  judge the young prince. When Hal and Falstaff impersonate the Kin, Falstaff who is playing Hal begs him not to banish Falstaff but to banish everyone else. Poins is a Hal's right hand man, he drinks with him, probably chases girls with him and goes about creating mischief with him, they watch Falstaff and his two men rob some scholars. They in turn ambush Falstaff. The king is not happy with his son, he tells Hal that he should get his arse in gear and gives him a cracking slap across the face, he would rather be the father to Harry Hotspur, who turns out to be a traitor and they go to battle. Where Hal kills Hotspur and Henry IV falls ill. I think this is a turning point for Hal.

Henry IV part 2. In this part Hal makes some changes for the better. He father gets sicker by the day.One of my favourite scenes is one that is important to Hal in getting his arse in gear. Him and Poins are in a bathing house, Hal feels like a hypocrite for being as he is and also feeling sad for his father. Poins agrees that he would look like a hypocrite. They then go to spy on Falstaff who is bad mouthing Hal and Poins.  You can see the disappointment in Hal and Poins' face when they fall through the ceiling. Then when Hal believes that his father is dead he takes the crown and tries it on in the throne room. The sight of seeing the prince on the throne with his fathers crown and crying is just heartbreaking. The look on his face when his sick and very alive father storms is priceless. In the end they forgive each other and everything looks ok, and then sadly the king dies in the princes arms, which is again heartbreaking. When King Henry V is at his corination he is met with Falstaff one last time and he banishes him, leaving his past behind him to be a king. That wasn't all that sad as I couldn't stand Falstaff, I don't know what happens to Poins though I feel a little sad that they had to stop being friends.

Henry V. We are met with the face of a dead king. But then we are taken back and the king is alive and well. He goes to war with France to reclaim what is his. I guess it didn't help that the French Ambassador bought Henry a box of tennis balls. When they siege Harfleur there is the famous speech of "Once more unto the breach dear friends..." Once inside Harfleur he tells the townspeople that if they did not surrender he would not be merciful. Basically letting his men kill their men, rape their women and spit their children upon pikes, which I think scares Henry just a bit, I don;t think it is an immediate effect; I think it kicks in after the battle of Agincourt.
When all is won, he is alone with his soon to be wife. When wooing her he practically says that she should love him even if he has facial scarring. This is true in the plays as Henry gets a arrow to the face in Henry IV part one. But here he has no scars, so it is a little pointless that someone such as Tom should say such a thing when he is so damn good looking. He also says "England is thine, Ireland is thine, France is thine and Henry  Plantagenet is thine." Which is one of my favourite lines.

Even though throughout the series there were bits and bobs that I didn't like or found boring I loved it all. I really felt something for each king in each different way, whether it be the greif of being deposed, or the weight of a war and having an ungrateful son or even being the ungrateful son and having to learn how to be king when you've been putting it off.

Monday, 11 June 2012

June: The month of sunshine, warmth and long long days.

It's been a while since I posted anything, I had to go back and look at the last few posts to see what I actually wrote, it was about tea and Springfest, so atleast I know I won't say the same thing twice.

I guess not much has happened over the past few weeks really, I've  mostly been sat here existing throughout the week then LRPing on the weekends. Which I have done a lot of over the past couple of weeks. I've gone from double larping and traveling to Guildford so that I could larp on a Sunday, enjoy the hot hot weather and see my friends of course. Then over the Jubilee weekend it was the usual Bristol on Sunday and BC on the bank holidays, which was fun and utterly exhausting.I will be glad to never see another damn fae or demon again, or a shard for that matter. But at the same time I'm having huge amounts of fun. It's really the chain that's ruining it for me, when it gets too heavy I am just fed up with everything. I'm also having some fun with the froth, it's a little national plot based, all I am really doing is having tea and cake with dragon kin to get info out of them, but that's just my curious, knowledge loving nature, I mean hey I did eat an apple that made me go blind because I wanted to see if it would effect me....thats all.

Over the past week I have seen quite a few movies that have recently come out. First up was Ridley Scott's Prometheus, this is the non prequel prequel to the Alien series. If you are a big Alien fan you could probably pick holes in it left right and centre. But Scott did say this is not prequel, he wanted it to be a stand alone movie, I also think that Weaver has rights to the Alien movies so that might also be a factor to it too. I am not a big Alien movie fan but I didn't hate the movie, I mean if it I did not like it I would have left that screen wondered upstairs and watched Men in Black 3. But even I knew there were some holes. Plot holes aside it is a good movie and you do get the feeling that they are not meant to be there and they probably shouldn't poke and prod a dead giant alien thingy. Micheal Fassbender makes a really good cyborg, it's really quite creepy, then you do get hints throughout the film that he's up to no good, like all robots basically, they're all bad in their own way because for whatever reason we make them like us but we leave out the important parts like emotions etc. Personally I'd only give it a 4/10. If a giant ship is rolling towards you, do not run straight in it's path, run sideways. (Yes I know it was done that way for drama)  but GAH.

The next movie that we saw was Snow white and the Huntsman. It had some really well known actors in it, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth take the lead in this adaption of the fairytale. We also have Charlize Theron as the evil queen, who also appears in Prometheus as Vickers. This movie went down better than expected, Kristen acted much better than she has in the that Travis called Twilight. She pulled off the snow white thing very well, she had a hint of the old snow white in her as the good natured animal loving all round good person, but it seems she can also hold her own in a fight, I guess you can't stay completely nice when you have been locked up by your bitch of a stepmother who also wants to kill you. As in the classic Snow white there are seven dwarves, though this time they don't have silly names, they have proper dwarvish sounding names, the dwarves were played by some really well known actors. There is also the poisoned apple which makes Snow White go to sleep until someone kisses her. She then rallies up her allies against the Queen and goes in to battle against her, she gets to wear this really awesome looking armour. It all ends as it's supposed to end and SW becomes the rightful Queen. Overall I like it, it did not disappoint.

Finally we went to see Men in Black 3,  it's been ten years since we last saw J and K, I was a little apprehensive about this movie, I didn't think it would be that great but I was wrong, it's a MIB movie all over, there's great comedy, action. It surprised me to see Jemaine Clement as the bad guy Boris the Animal, I only really know Clement from the Flight of the Conchords. I don't really have much else to say about this movie really, if you liked the last two movies you'll probably like this one too.

Also in the TV world, Game of Thrones season two is over (boo). It was amazing and fantastic, I think I might give the books a go. It might tide me over until next year. I think if you haven't seen it yet you should see it. But thankfully True Blood season 5 aired yesterday, so I watched it this morning and it was awesome. The first episode it really one of those, get to know everyone's new paths kinda thing. There are a few surprises in this episode. I think Sookie is going to have alot to deal with over this season and I don't think she'll have much to back her up, especially with what happened last season and this episode.

In the world of books, I have been listening to The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner. It's read by Tom Hiddleston, he does it really well, there are so many voices that he has to create, he does it with ease and you can always tell the difference between the characters, he gives them their own personality. It's a children's book that's set in the time of the French Revolution. It follows a gypsy and a Marquee's daughter. I haven't got very far in to the story, but it's a good story and it's giving me plot ideas. 

At the end of June (I think) the Shakespeare Unlocked season continues with Richard II, Henry IV parts one and two and Henry V.

There us much LRP in the weeks to come. It's Summerfest in like 2 months which I am super excited about.

Well that was long.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tea and Philosophy.

#1. Happiness Tea :  1: Put the kettle on to boil. 2: Warm your favourite teapot. 3: Add one tablespoon of tea for each person. 4: Pour in boiling water, allow to brew for 10 minutes, while you do one or more of the following: Lie on the sofa like a great big slug. Hug somebody. Dancce like you danced when you were five years old. Rest. Take off your shoes and wiggle your toes. Sing like Pavarotti. Shake it like Elvis. Help yourself to a huge slice of chocolate cake. Call a friend. Listen. Remember the last time you laughed out loud. Tickle somebody. Sit where you can feel the sun on your face. Smile. Be still. Be present. Just be. 5: Stir and pour. Drink

#2 Friendship Tea: 1: Put the kettle on to biol. 2: warm your favourite teapot. 3: Add two tablespoons, one for you and one for me. 4: Pour in boiling water, and while it brews, we'll talk: We'll talk about everything. We'll talk about nothing. Whatever you want to say, I'll listen. Show me your secrets, your troubles, your joys, your profound thoughts and your silliest imaginations. Tell me a piece of juicy gossip. Or your theories on how to make the world a better place. Share a new recipe or an old memory. A brilliant idea or a stupid one. Anything. I'll be said if you are sad, I'll be happy if you are happy. 5: Stir and pour. 6: Drink

#3 Inspiration tea: 1: Put the kettle on to boil. 2: Warm your favourite teapot. 3: Add one tablespoon of tea for each person. 4: Add in the boiling water, allow to brew for ten minutes, and remember: If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Just pretend you don't know how hard it is. Hold your ideas up to the light. Make a date to do something you're scared of doing. Admire wildflowers. Sit under the stars or on the edge of the ocean. Spend time with someone who believes in you. Or with someone you believe in. Make a list of everything you would do if you were guaranteed success. Pause. Take a deep breath. Plant a seed. It will grow. 5: Stir and pour. 6: Drink

#4 Sleepy Tea: 1: Put the kettle on boil. 2: Warm up your favourite teapot. 3: Add in one tablespoon of tea for one good night's sleep. 4: Pour in boiling water and allow it to rest for ten minutes, while you: Turn off the TV. Put your work and worries away in a draw. They'll keep until morning. Wander outside and breathe in the night air. Bow to the moon. Stretch. Fold down the bed. Place and chocolate on your pillow. Better yet, two chocolates. Pull a face in the mirror. Relax. Watch your frown lines disappear. Make peace with the day. It's almost over. Let it go. Snuggle in to your pyjamas. Yawn. If you have any sheep, count them. Yawn again. 5: Stir  and pour. 6: Drink.

This is something that I found in the charity shop I volunteer in. It was a 4 tier tea caddy that once held said teas. I've looked on the website and they make more teas for other things. The blends sound a little odd but I've only really gone as far as drinking Assam and regular tea.

You can find these teas and more at

Enjoy tea lovers. I might just try one. Or just follow the advice with normal tea.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Post Springfest aches

So it is that time of year again, I have survived Springfest for another year. Though of course as a different character.

I had the best time, despite getting shot in to face thanks to John. Though thankfully I didn't get a black eye from it just a sore face and red mark.

 The object of this years were to enjoy the Midval games and stop Callum McRory's forces of clansmen and Formori, which are Fae covered in woad.
There weren't that many games infact I think the only games that didn't turn in to a complete clusterf*ck were the archery and the caber tossing.  There was supposed to be a race but that went to hell and we ended up in the frost forge and three of us were ice cubes. One of the guild also went missing as soon as we were first attacked but we got them back quite fast as we had several scouts on our party. We then were snatched in to Fae and fucked with and on a wild goose chase then were taken on another goose chase but this time we found the person we were looking for. So yeah as the human icicles came back we were warmed up. I think I made my character suffer more from it as I was in chain and the others were in leather so the metal would have made me even more cold, which was true, whilst we were waiting for the party I froze in and out of character. I don't really remember much of Friday, I think that was the night were something happened with the Traldan shrine and the 'Little White Bitch' appeared, which I stayed well away from. That and it was out in the dark and I suck in the dark.

One of my favourite moments from Friday was walking in to the bunk room I was staying in to find a sleeping Jamie on the floor. One of my friends was outside so I asked her what I should do as I have never really encountered an asleep larper before. We gently poked him awake and I convinced him to just have a quick power nap on my bed as it was the only non bunk bed and so far it had seemed like a good place for the others to sit or put their things when I wasn't occupying said space.

My other favourite moment was getting my birthday present from Peat, it was a voice recording of Pete from Dry the River saying Happy Birthday. It was probably the coolest present ever, so thank you again Peat it was a wonderful gift.

Saturday is a bit of a blur, all I can really remember is getting bored so I went to join in camp attacks, after a few waves I then just remember getting shot in the eye by none other than my trusty boyfriend...almost gave me a black eye but not quiet, so I didn't go out on my monster slot. Myself and the Keeper played a bit of Errant Buckaroo with a sleeping errant and I managed to get a spoon in the errants' hand whereas the Keeper wasn't as lucky and he woke up. Spermed is a verb now... After much laughter Sir Harry and the late Sir Rupert had a quick duel for the hell of it, but the a random monster came out of o where and knifed Harry in the back, where he was quickly taken down. After questioning said monster we all wondered where the Huntsmaster was (he was the monster) so my character insinuated that he was off bathing in lavender oil.
I did go out on the evening one and I didn't wuss out when it got dark because I could just about see.
I wish I could have seen the party's face as death knight versions of The King, Sir Jon Oak, Sir Jaime, Sir Harry and I think Sir Stewart appeared.  Aren't alternative futures fun? ;)
Oh and the king arrived so I went around like a headless chicken looking for Sir Harry only to find he was 'elsewhere' as Olly was NPCing something else (gutted) then some other stuff happened, and I think I almost fell asleep on a table. 

Sunday was battle day. I was on the party that got to kill at frak tonne of clansmen (I didn't kill a frak tonne, I killed some) I remember trying to help hold one side and we were all just getting mullered so we all opted to go out in to the open instead of hold three different points. I really had alot of fun playing with the Einherjar's stab safe spears. I managed to impress the guild protector.  I laughed at the main bad guy get beaten to a bloody pulp by one of the South Escan boys. I didn't go out monstering because my shoulders were killing me so I helped out with setting up the banquet hall, then I bimbled out to the battle field to witness carnage. There were a few moments where I was like "Oh Shit please don't die" but four people didn't listen. Oddly enough the people I told not to die didn't which was a funny bonus.

The banquet was more than amazing. There was stretchy forky, Nile and Olly has a gravy drinking contest and Olly won. There was something concerning a knight, a maid and a fengatian......but that shall just remain as that.

I remember falling asleep as the sun was coming up and my next memory was putting on some music them waking up to a John looming over my bed.

So Springfest 2012 has to be my second favourite fest I've ever been to. But it was definitely the most  fun Amelia  has had for a long time.

Sorry that was soo long. There were just so many good things about it.

Thanks to those who made it happen. My bunk mates, it wasn't so bad sleeping in the same room with seven other people, I've slept near worse ;) and to everyone for just being there.

Monday, 23 April 2012

North isn't true, til it's leading me to you.

I'm 20 now. Nothing has really changed, I'm not longer a 'teen' and I have managed to survive 20 years of whatever life has thrown at me....only 60-80 more to go...piece o'cake.

I did however have the best weekend for my birthday, I went to Cannock on my birthday, most of my friends that go to BC on a regular basis were there. I got lots of hugs and happy birthdays. The missions were great, though there was alot of walking and rain. We had Hatti the beast slayer, who went in to a big hole and killed a massive foulspawn in a village of idiots, I really wish I had a subdue stick so I could have knocked them all out because they were getting on my nerves. One of my friends had retired her Grey Knight and has started to play a french maid, and as good as the costume is, it's not good to be in a thin french maids outfit in the pouring rain. I was happy, there was a Suddenly!  moment where Bill jumped out at us as a Werewolf. Scared the living daylights outta me.

Sunday was excellent, we made our way all the way to Guildford. Google maps gave us the wrong directions so we made our way there by instinct. Which is kind of the reason for the title. I know that the Dry the River song Demons may have a different meaning to it but to me if the directions are true you must trust your instinct to where you want to be. The mission I went out on was great, it was sunny and warm, I got very warm which is an indicator that my gambeson does a good job at keeping me warm. I did enjoy it during our mission, last time I was in Fernham I walked around for a bit and got confused, this time there was stuff to do and things to fight, I still don't like running in chain though. I did also have my friend Peat being a sunshade for Amelia, all I did was fan myself and I had a Reverence stood in front of me with a shield above his head. Which I thought was very sweet but Amelia doesn't like to have special treatment, as sweet as it was, I kinda returned the favour OOC by trying to keep him dry with my tiny umbrella as we both were sat under it. Most of the afternoon went on in the rain, it was ok, it wasn't cold really it was just wet. I got to play a few cool monsters, though one got butchered. I then got scalped by a Jamie arrow (he's shot me in the head three times) It's not his fault, I'm more scared of John than I am anyone else. We got to socialise in the pub, I like to socialise I can wind down and talk to my friends. Though I did have to wait nearly an hour for a cup of tea! I can understand that they were busy but all you have to do with tea is boil water, put it in a pot with a tea back and put milk in a jug and give me a cup and sugar to put it all in. Not that hard....I was a little more annoyed with it yesterday bc I was tired and I wanted a bit o f a caffeine kick so I didn't fall asleep in the car.

Over all a wonderful weekend. This coming week is The Avengers release in the Cinema. Then in two weeks it will be Springfest which is going to be truly amazing and I will have so much fun.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Books and haircuts.

It's two day's until my 20th birthday. I haven't been this excited about a birthday for years, I think it's more the getting to see my friends and have massive amounts of fun at Larp than actually turning 20, being 20 is not all that exciting, I'm no longer a 'teenager'. And amazingly my 21st is on a weekend too. I will probably do something special or maybe have a party I don't know it's early days yet.

I have been talking to many people about books lately, and today one of my friends was looking for 'romance' novels. So I thought through my small collection of books and some can come under the romantic genre but not entirely.  Alot of my books would come under teen romance, and I guess there is alot of raunch in my books, and most of them are about vampire, but saying that 11 of them the True Blood series which I got like 3 years ago so my love of vampire books have stemmed from there, two other books - Love bites (Lynsay Sands) and Night Pleasures (Sherrilyn Kerri are teen romance novels and contain sex. There is another one called Sunshine (Robin McKinley) which is a vampire book but it only hints at romantic feelings between the human and vampire as the vampires are not portrayed at the romantic, beautiful creatures. The only other 'Romance' novel I own is Goddess of Love (P C Cast) this is one that's set in the time of King Arthur, it's romantic and there is alot of sexual tension in there as well. Nights in Villjumar (Mark Charan Newton) and The Magicians Apprentice (Trudi Canavan) have elements of romance in them but they are more about the fantasy and the magic that they are about. I have recently gotten back in to crime novels, I previously read Dark Origins (Anthony E Zuiker) which was an interesting and interactive book, you had to log in a website at certain times to get videos, it gave you a better feeling about the book and I think it was dome really well. The last one I read was The Night Stalker (Chris Carter) which is a gripping crime thriller. It got me thinking...and also cringing, it is definitely one I would recommended and I would like to read the others in the series when I have the time and the money.  The one I am trying to read at the moment is Fear Itself (Jonathan Nasaw) It's good so far it's not just grabbing at me as much as Night Stalker did. Which I feel is disappointing if I can be that easily distracted from a book.

I got my hair properly cut for the first time in a long time, it feels kinda odd, I've had what 4 inches off maybe. It used to reach my hips and now I think when it's down it reaches about the middle of my back. I know that when it's up in plait it reaches to just above where my bra strap is. It's defiantly going to be easier to wash, brush and style.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Laser tag/curry, Newdawn, crazy dreams and more.

So this weekend has been full of running around and other fun things, though Friday was a bit of a fuck up becuase things went wrong, I did help John fix a fence for a few hours Friday evening which was nice, my legs really hurt from the crouching and my wrists caned after alot of screwing and unscrewing. They have forgiven me so far atleast so thats a plus, it is not nice having to type when your wrists want to give up and die.

Saturday we went back to the place with the fence as John works for the lady there on occasion. This time around we were starting to build sides to this gazebo she has in her garden, after we got all the wood and measured it all up ect we started on the frame for the 3ft high fence that was going to go around the sides of this gazebo, so we started with the side that was going to be there all the time instead of one side that needs to be able to be taken away and one that needs a gate. So we build these two half frames, I mainly did alot of holding as when I was sawing a few fence panels in half I kinda almost fucked them up so I stopped doing that and let John handle the saw. When fixing the frames to the gazebo itself we found that it wasnt built square so we made a few adjustments and it was fine then. It then took us an hour or so to fix the panels on to the frame. By this time I has spent most of the afternoon on my knees so whenever I had to get up or kneel again my knees were like NOOO. So when we finished we made a mad dash home, I emptied the car of FnH stuff and put all the New Dawn stuff in there, I then changed in to leggings and shorts because the backs of my knees were on fire from my jeans rubbing against them all the time, I then printed out the directions to Battlestorm HQ, whilst John is showering and changing. We are then late to BSHQ because the directions were crap. We had to go in to a horrible looking pub to ask for directions, I went in becuase they would probably be nicer to me than they would be to John, which was correct. We finally got there, we were put on a team with Dave C, Bill, Charlie and Bill's sis Ellie. During one of the games we were defending our base and I was the only one left so I scouted one side and got closest to the other base to see how many were there, I think only Nikki and Leah were left, I went back, waited for a while then scouted the other side where about halfway down the one side I found a Ross so I moved backwards, I think I caught my arm on the scenery and hightailed it back to base where I waited again for about five minutes before the mission ended in a draw.  The free for alls were the most fun, and I think on the last team death match I may have pinned Charlie and John down with friendly fire, though oddly my pack didn't tell me I was friendly firing. In the briefing room Phil noticed I was bleeding, I had scraped my elbow I didn't notice at all. THe curry at the curry house was amazing, we were in an executive lounge so it was practically a living room with a large table. I feel kinda guilty for not eating all my Korma and my Naan bread, it was so filling and the shish kebabs were also kinda huge. We then went to Bill and Charlies to crash and didn't get to sleep until about 3 after watching rapey dolphins.....and monkey rape frog....don't ask.

Sunday, at New Dawn where a good 90% of us were tired or aching most of us had tigh pain from BSHQ. Were for the first mission we played slime fish and I got to play with flour, then scalpers. Our mission was to recon an area where they had previously been. Bills charater stepped/kicked away a grenade, so myself and Leah's medic had to heal it up as best we could. We then fought a few things and blew a few people up the gun that Dan was using didn't work, but when the zombies came he managed to kill two of them atleast.  We got to the place we needed to go and decided to go home. It was a fun day all round.

My freakishly odd dream, I obviously can't remember it all now but I can remember snippits. I was getting my hair cut. Then I had Peat gauging where my fringe was going to be by drilling in to my skull, anf screwing it up when he got to the left side where he went through my skull, which I think I complianed about becasue it really hurt ect. So yeah I'm not letting him near me with a drill anytime soon :P. I think this might have been related to when I was drilling batons and I was going all the way thru when I wasn't supposed to. Though I don't where my skull, a fringe and Peat come in to this but hey. I do also remember having a dream that involved strangling Jim Moriarty.

It's my birthday in five days. On my birthday I will be travelling to Cannock to LRP, so hopefully my character won't die on my birthday, then on Sunday we will be going to Guilford where again I do hope I don't die. So I can see this being another weekend where I am going to be knacked afterwards.

Monday, 2 April 2012

You took me to the Lion's Den.

I can never really understand that line after ^ that one. Becuase in all the videos of Dry the River Lion's Den it's usually screamed incoherently. Watching a violinist trying to 'rock out' is just so sweet and so funny at the same time because you can't really do that with a violin, a cello maybe.

Other than having DtR practically on repeat ( I don't even have thier album yet), it's been a really good weekend.  Saturday was Einherday, which a special day for the Einherjar where they went  back to Llaminisu to find thier village. It was an all day event so we monstered/played all day. So they headed towards the mountains, which has an ice giant under it, and the ice giant rolled over in its sleep becuase of someting that gave it bad dreams. This caused the paths to break and the village to go from one side of the mountain to the other, so Gunnar convinced the Einherjar people that they were dead and in hell. For the Einherjar the could not just walk to the normal paths becuase there weren't any. So they had to travel through the saga's to get to thier people. so that invovled alot of big nasties. Some of them were really wierd and as they were travelling through time there were a few points in which they couldnt interfere becuase it would either fuck time up and they wouldn't get back to the now or no one was actually around to see it so nothing could be interacted with or they couldnt kill certain things until the actual hero showed up. Then they met weird twisted versions of adventurers. So there was a Knight commander, Sir Marcus, Emilia, Llewis Marw (who no one recognised) vau, Rac, (whatever marcus was playing) and a Valvossa. So the evil ones of us died, people were really happy to get the chance to fight the KC and Vau. I didn't get a chance to fight becasue I mage cheated! Jace entangled me in my robes and then killed me. So they waited for me to die, when I was finally dead (for the thrid time!) so Fith did a flangy ritual where he connected out skiens...(pathways) then I was laid to rest by the Swan. So yeah that's me and alot of people happy. When they made it to the village they made thier people believe themselves to be alive. Which of course they did. Then they were met with Gunnar and all the major NPC's they had met earlier. So they got to have a hardish fight. And they all lived happily ever after whilst getting drunk in the meadhall. Getting drunk was fun, everyone likes drunk me :)

Sunday was also awesome, I must have slept so much I didn't notice the hangover but alot of people made fun of the fact I was hungover but I was happy about it. I got to see people from Guilford that I haven't seen in a while. And just becuase Stinky Pete has been on TV doesn't mean he can be mean to a hungover tired me. Olly was also mean to me but he's allowed as he's the LO and in charge. Atleast on monstering I got to have a nap. And I wore Johns super heavy chain as I was the big bad girl who got mobbed, I might ave moved more if I wasnt so heavy, and I would have been more of a bitch if I wasnt tired and dehydrated. I think I am geeting more used to my chain, I had to run three times and it didn't totally kill me in the end, thank you adreniline.

So I am still knackered today. So I have sold alchemy, and sold out in like 2 hours. Clearly I have good prices for my potions.

My mothers coming up tomorrow, I have to think of things to do. Should be fun.

Yes I know this was another long one. But if I blogged to much I would have nothing to say.

So great weekend and I great start to April.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Oh god oh god it's almost April.

I know that it shouldn't astonish me when the months move faster than most old people. I think April/ beginning of May is going to be really busy, for me atleast. I mean nothing is really gonna happen during the week days, I mean my life isnt that interesting.

Before I talk about that showery month that is April, I wanna say I miss the laptop, on friday it broke, when it was plugged in it wouldn't charge, it wouldnt register that it was plugged in, this all happened after JOhns friend Karl turned it upside down to look at the model and when i went to plug it back in it wouldnt work so ofc I blame him, even though it could have happened any time, but he/his dad is fixing it, but apparently it takes 4 hours to get to the bit that needs fixing. So I'll probably, hopefully get it back tomorrow/ really late this evening.
On another note I hate it when the clocks go back/forward it screws with the whole sleep thing becuase last nigth I went to bed at the ususal time of 11 and my brain was like "WTF its only 10 why are you trying to sleep your not sleepy. "

I guess I am going to count the 31st of MArch as the beginning of all this. It's a LRP day with BC branch wheere a group of players called the Einherjar are going to go to their home land and I think they are gonna go find thier people who they thought were dead. I don't know much else about this day as I am going to be monstering it all day. So that will be fun and tiring as hell. Then the day after is Bristol which will also be a good day, it will also be the 1st of April which might mean there might be a little silliness but most of the refs at Bristol are sorta serious and they can sometimes go out to kill everyone and everything thing in exsistance, I'm kidding their all lovely (sidebar: I want the laptop back I hate this keyboard), I hope its warm but not too warm as I will bake and die if I have to wear my padding as it's made from fur, on saturday I got to wear a gorget gambason which keeps the chain off the shoulders, it was heavenly and it didnt bake me to death so Thank you Hamish twas useful. I am hoping that my gambason isnt as warm as my fur else I will be a cooked turkey, but a comfortable cooked turkey. I'd ask Peat how warm is gets in his but his is much much thicker than mine, and he doesnt need to wear his to protect himself from heavy chain as he doesn't wear chain....I think he would just crumple :P I'm hopefully kidding...I don't have an easy time with it but it's worth the pain, oh how I love butchers chain.

The next week....Is a BC weekend, and we will be economising this trip, so it means having very little food as we will have to feed the car, and I am not going to Taunton as it would be far to expensive, I think we would be able to pay for the fuel down there and back and that would be it, so no eating or drinking and thats no fun so I am going for the more money easy option as it's an hours drive compared to an almost 2 hour drive.  On the sunday we probably won't be doing anything, as we will be saving as the first week of April is when Johns boss isnt working so John misses out on £300. It would be nice to go to Guilford but there might be a slight chance of deadness, which is bad. Oh I also have a In Character wedding to orginise, not mine, it's Dame Emilia's wedding to Kal, they're going to get married at Springfest so I have loads a time....:S I'm sure it will be fine. Though I think Amelia's getting sick of all this love thats around. (God metal mantle peices to the back of the skulls really hurt)

The next weekend is a little fuzzy, becuase for there is a 0.01% that I might be going to a concert in London. The other 99.9% is that we will be New DAwning and that Bath.(we just found a big bee in the bathroom and now I feel all weird as I do when I find bugs I hate, I just get scratchy.)

The weekend after that is my 20th Birthday so I will be going to BC in Cannock so I will be with my friends, again I wanna go to Guilford afterwards but thats a long way to drive. So that will be a great weekend.

The weekend after that is a mystery on the LRP front. But I will be  going to see the Avengers! so yee...

Then after that it's Springfest!! Where there will be epicness and fun and wine and I get to see all my friends and maybe celebrate my birthday in a "*hug* happy bithday" Kinda way with friends that I wouldnt have seen on the birthday weekend. So yeah lots and lots of fun and froth to be had and I will be so sad when its all over.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The weekend, Dry the River and everything else in between.

So as I wanted its Friday, they day before the weekend and the day before the BC special and banquet, which I am really excited about but like 10% of me is nervous becuase there is this beg ritual and it could go wrong and I have a componant which is the last in existance and if we mess it up there is no second try. (Ahh train of thought just came flying off the tracks) Where was I. Oh  yeah and I think the other mission is basically getting two weystones back in thier rightful place and the CC will be running something in there to occupy the Demonologists in the party....y'know tea with the emporer and all that jazz :D. And I am nervous about the banquet becuase even though my skirt is short I will be wearing shorts and its not like i will be showing off massive amounts of breast, even if I could I probably wouldn't. My character has also been asked to dance and I stupidly said yes (I think I talked about this in the last blog) but I am basically as graceful and co ordinated as a roller skating giraffe....But I should be slightly drunk so I wont be as embarressed, not until I remember it all the day after. (Y) So yeah I get to see my friends and have lots of fun and good food and good RPing fun. Also just as a side note the CC needs to stop Eli said on facespace....Man up Carrington! :) And we mean this in the nicest way possible sweety.

Next topic is about a small(now big) London based folk/rock band called Dry the River which through twitter and my suseptability to watch the things my friends post I watched Chambers and Valves and I thought it was amazing.(and now we rejoin you on Sunday*) There is a skeleton in the video that is played by the lead Peter, and he kinda looks like the Peat I know when he was painted up as a zommer....I guess thier only similarities are they looks kinda the same when really pale and they're both really skinny and tall, oh and attractive as I found out when I saw then without thier C&V make up on, they're all attractive young men....Scott has an impressive beard... I have also started listening to all thier other songs and I really want thier album so I will ask for it for my birthday. Alot of thier videos are acoustic/live sets so atleast I know they'll sound good live if I ever go to another concert ever again.

So yes the weekend....(Saturday) It was great I really loved saturday, the mission was amazing even though I have hurt myself, it was the chainmail and a heavy leather back pack and wearing that until like half three in the so owie. So I wussed out of monstering and took pictures. I just loved seeing all my friends, most of the country bar the actual branch were there before the BC lot which was good. When it was time for 'lunch' I had a good chat with Peat about Dry the River as I made him a cuppa outta my thermas, which by the way, Peat if it tasted like socky tea I apologies, it was the thermas not the tea, but you were very polite in drinking it all so thanks. mine however tasted like sock as I was drinking from the thermas cup but by the time it was 3:30 I didnt care really. He also managed to pause our chat to go off with Olly and Jamie to talk about nasty evil things that could see but didn't hear as the more tired I get the more deaf I get apparently, as proved in the banquet when I couldn't hear much of anything, though when it was Peat he's just naturally quiet and the others I was sat with (Olly, Nile, Tom and Charlie) becuase the room was loud...mostly bc of derians underwear which was an eye sore and a half. Oh I will have to think of some puns to throw around the table if I get to sit with the guys again... By the end of the banquet I was in fits of laughter, there was this fertility idol that I think was a prop that Peat used in his little side dish mission and its just the most ugly thing and we hid it in a wall of paper but then he would pick it yp and make it do stupid things and I almost cried laughing, Olly and Jebbo were not making it any better. Then we had to leave so that sucked. But I did get lots of hugs and that made me feel better about the impending suck becuase it was alot of awesome. Not to offend my life but I don't think that level of awesome will be achieved again until Springfest which isnt until May :( Booo.

So this was long so I will love you and leaf you all as the different branches of the preverbial family tree that you are. Yes I know I'm awful with puns.

*I started writing on friday and got interupted by DnD so I have complied random thoughrt strings and made a pretty line....

Oh another thing, yes I did wear silly shoes and my feet did hurt.. but it's the back that hurts today so the silly but really really nice shoes win! However I will be wearing sensible shoes to Springfest.
 I was going to say something else but the giant squid of fneh has walked off with brain. 

Monday, 5 March 2012

It's March....already

So its the first week in March, so it's inching towards my birthday in April....I'll be 20....god...

It's been a fun weekend. Well I say weekend I mean Sunday....I don't know what I did Saturday I think I blanked it like I do most days. OH! I started 750 words on You write a minimum of 750 words per day on anything, its unfiltered and stuff, but no one can read it which is great (I think).

Sunday at Bristol was fun, I got to play a national plot a circus tent of a dress. That was fun to play, though for something that is Vleyborian and doesnt like fighters the fighters were crowding me alot.
There was also an almost tpk....but thats all that will be said as I don't know the full extent of the events that happened but I am sure that in due time everything will sort itself out and most of the society will hear about it one way or the other.
My mission was fun, I finally got to adventure with my master which was fun, we spent most of the the mission either talking about the coming weekend or purging things.
Being an alchemist is so fun, you get so many role playing oppourtunities. And most of the guild are really great people. I also get to tell three master alchemists what to do at  the weekend becuase I have the plot for what we are doing on the BC banquet special. The refs made some pretty cool physreps. My character is having the time of her life, she has some really great friends. She gets rose flavoured alchemy and asked to dance, I don't dance well thats a lie, I danced at both proms but that was group dancing, no one noticed you, this will be proper boy/girl dancing where people will be dancing and other people might be watching....So I have managed to hopefully get others to dance with me so I don't draw attention to me awful skills when it comes to dance. Atleast the person I am dancing with can dance so bonus.
 I will also have to remembet that in a corset I cannot laugh that much/that hard as corsets don't allow you to breath. I am currently swooning over a corset  It's so pretty even though its not the shade or colour that I usually wear. But it is cheaper than the steel boned one I fell in love with which was like £60. So I might ask for this one and wear it to the banquet at springfest. I don't quiet know what is going on but yay Springfest. I get to see my friends and have fun all weekend and celebrate my birthday a second time possibly.....I will also have a drink for my big brother becuase he will be 29 on the 4th. It's a little odd that I can see him as 29 but the people I know that are of that age or just abouts, I keep thinking theyre like 25, which is great for them....Damn I have to join the 20's club....

I've just realised this 'red' nail polish named Amaretto is actually kinda pink, but hey no ones going to be looking at me nails on banquet day. Though the funny thing is they're chip restistant....yeah right... I also need to buy some cheap hairspray...not to spray on my hair but to spray on my's to make sure the tattoo I have IC stays there.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Almost 1000

Just need seven more views!

So where to start, well today's been slow as usual. It's housework day to I have done the dull but needs must. I have also been painting a dark elf sorceress, I should also be getting a Gladriel model aswell to paint, that should be fun. I bought a book on Saturday, P.C Cast's Goddess of Legend. I have finished it already...It was only  300 pages but it was really good. It is about a women who gates taken from the modern world by the lady of the lake and taken to Camelot to make the king happy and save Merlin. I may have to invest in the rest of the series if they grab my attention like this one did.

This weekend is going to be fun, as I have BC, then I shall be going  to a friends to celebrate thier birthday, then Derby.

 Only two and a bit weeks til the Banquet. I don't know why I am worried about my outfit, yes I may be wearing a short skirt but no one will see anything as the under skirt has shorts. I will try and not do what I did last time and surround myself with men. I might spend some time with the people I have been hanging out with in character in Netherthong, my character seems to be good at that. 

This is a short one this time. My mind is not buzzing like it usually when I write these.

I have things to do and to ponder.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Kit fair.

So this weekend has been eventful.
On saturday I went to Kit Fair in Bristol with Tom (Cara's Boyfriend) so I went to Tom and Cara's house with John so he could take Cara to BC and Tom take me to kit fair. So I sat around their house for a while, so I watched TV, Charmed it a lot cheesier than I remember it. There was also tea and a bacon sandwhich.
So Kit fair was amazing. At first I just looked around a bit saying hello to the random other FnHers that were there. NewDawn2175LRP were there, they had cake, the icing was basically green sugary butter but they tasted so good. (I am thinking of joining ;) ) I also got a hug from Dave in his crazy doctor outfit....I thought I killed him...and y'know caved in his chest (well Marcus did that) and took out his tube thingy that was making the dead man walk around)  New dawn as I have said on many occasions is great. Not everyone likes futuristic LRP, I didn't think I would but I really like it now, I get to do some really cool stuff as a Medic, the sciency classes are awesome if you are not a big fan of combat. Though I am thinking of spending a few req points on a shot gun, they come in handy. It's fun and I urge lots of people to try it atleast once, if the missions don't kill you the interregations might :P

I then ran off in to the city for a bit. Where I found alot of dissapointment in the way of clothing. The only thing I bought were a pair of suede gloves, a large cup of tea fom starbucks and a cinnomen swirl from SB's. Apparently the fashion for this year are leggings that looks like christmas jumpers. Peach, other pastel colours. There was this blue blazer with orange lapels and patches on the elbows that looked like it had been vomited from the 70's. Please leave the past where it is please! Make something original. The only good thing about cabot (apart from the food) is the giant ferris wheel that is in one of the city sqares in cabot. It's taller than cabot itself (almost).
Back at kit fair, I saw a few of my friends was glad to see them. The combonation of caffiene and friends makes me a happy Poppy. Though I was a little dissapointed to not see a couple of friends. I bought some shinies from this American selling some very nice rings, broaches and necklaces. After like 10 minutes of ummming and ahhing, I bought a ring with a blue gemstone, a broach with a white gem and a scarf broach that you stick the scarf through with six different colours. The seller gave me a coin with a boar on one side and a ship and a comet on the other side. After wondering around for a couple more hours we went home, watched the rest of Repo! and some of V for Vendetta.  ordered some very nice chinese when John and Cara got home. I tried to eat it with chopsticks but rice and chopsticks don't really mix.

Sunday was just as good, I went there with John. We saw the friends that had not been there on the saturday (bc theey were being lame at BC) I bought a shirt from HAL (got £5 off) it'v very nice. And a gambesom that fits me! from Primal forge I am very happy, now I won't see niether til April, but I have asked that I can wear the shirt to the banquet in march.

I am going to have a quiet week until iget to Thursday when I will be going back in to Bristol to meet with my mother, my two younger brothers and my unce for a trip to @bristol.

I am going to stop writing as this is getting long and I want to watch some have I got news for you and eat a pizza.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


This week seems to be going fastish, though for the past couple of days I havent crawled out of bed until nearly noon, but to be fair I have been waking up at like 10 and reading. So that means I have finished The Magicians Apprentice. It was a good read and I reccomend it to anyone who likes fantasy books. I have stared on the small book of the same series, The Magicians Guild. From what I can tell so far is that its set a couple of hundered years after the first book, though I am not that far in to see how much the world has changed. I hope there is mention of the two main characters from the Magicians Apprentice.

If the rest of this week wishes to pass by quickly then please do I really want it to be the weekend. I get to go to kit fair two days in a row. Saturday I'm going in with Tom, so my plan is to stay at the kit fair until maybe noon then shoot off in to the city and wonder around Cabot for a bit get what I need from Cabot then wonder some more. Then go back to Kit fair. I want to go on my own becuase I am not that fussed about this weekends Lrp, and my character has no need to go to the blacklands and I have 30 something crowns so why do I need money atm. I also want to wonder around without the worry of John getting bored on my back, so I can relax. I also hope to see a few of my friends. I will be scouting out my potential birthday present, Yes I know my birthdays not until April but this is a good way to get a present as John doesnt really know what to get me (like many men) So on sunday I will go to Bristol again with John so he can buy it, I probably wont see it until april. But I dont mind I get tolook forward to a day of LRP on my birthday.

Then on the 16th I'll be back in Bristol to see my mother and two brothers (or just one) as its my youngest brothers birthday the day after so my mother is taking him to @Bristol, so I will tag along.

I have posted my short story competion piece on my other blog. So please go look if you are intersted. I havent figured out how to put a link up on the side of the page, you can still get to it through my profile.


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My other blog.

Search for Eternity.  Just go to my Blogs profile page and you'll find it.

This blog will be for my random spoutings of thoughts and opinions. And the other one will be for more creative spoutings and ideas.


Monday, 30 January 2012


I am hoping this isnt as long as the last blog. I went of on a long tangent.

I haven't really done alot. I've LRPed alomost every weekend this month again but for only one day I think there was one weekend where we played both days.

I have become oddly addicted to Panic at the Discos Hurrincane. I don't know why I am, I think its the vibe it gives, it happy and upbeat. And the chours has a certain sound and beat that I just want to dance to, and I don't really dance, I think I have willingly dance three times, and that was prom, college prom and a summerfest, which all include big groups, so I didn't really have to care about what I looking like.

I've also been getting some strange ideas for LRP encounters/adventures/ general themes from music videos. It's like the  video for 30 Seconds to Mars' Hurricane ( the uncensored verison) is about dreams (i think) as there are many different dream like sequences in the video, and I could relate parts of the video to situations that adventures could go through. 

Warning: This  has images of sex and violence, if for some reason you have an aversion to either don't watch it.

I will explain more about my ideas in a different blog where I am gooing to cram my ideas for writing ect. It's mostly about the recieving the keys if you were wondering.

It trid so pathetically to snow this morning, I almost felt pity for the weather.

The BC Llaminisu missions were excellent. I had fun taking pictures of the first mission with the Einherjar and the Ice Giants. On our mission I felt the fear, Andy Cam and Steve Kimber are deadly monsters though luckily we only lost one person and he was a filler character, so no great loss there :p. The two alchemists got paid the most. Johns character got flogged which was funny. Him and Knight Commander almost had a pissing contest :p .

Well I am going to start the hurricane/adventure idea.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The days have colours assigned to them now. Blue Monday.

IThis blog will not really have any real theme or a solid topic like most of my blogs. (and yet you keep reading thanks) So I will mash at the keys in sequence and hope something coherent and in englsh comes out at the other end.

So its still January, its been kinda dull, nothing much has really changed except I have been on a couple of walks, one of which consisted of John being with me as I wanted to explore the more rocky area of the woods where the old mines are and I wanted him there so I wouldn't fall in a hole and die. That and I dont know why but that section of the woods is called spooky woods and I can kinda see why, I was waiting around for like half an hour by myself for John and I was getting a little weirded out. It wasnt that it was deadly quiet or anything. It was probably because I was at this one cave we went in to once and it totally freaked me out. Perhaps I was hoping the 'big cat of the forest' was going to come and eat me, that would have been interesting. What are you supposed to do when a big cat starts to look at you like you are lunch? Do you walk away slowly, without turning your back ofc, or do you make yourself look big . I guess cimbing a tree or playing dead won't work as most cats can climb and they would probably think I was an easy meal and eat my anyway. and there is no point in me runnning as I can barely outrun the average human, then my asthma would kick in and make me wanna die, then Im sure either an ankle or a knee would twang so that would stop me running. Anyway less talk about giant unfeesable cats in this forest, where the most exciting thing that can hurt you is a giant pig. It's never good when lunch wants to kill you.
In other news yes my life is dull. The only joy I have really is LRP. and john. Other than that I might as well be in a coma. Yes yes I know happy happy cheery times, everything is all sunshine and happiness and having no job is great because it means I have all this spare time to do all the things I want to do. I swear if I wasn't poked and proded every now and then for a verbal response I could run on auto pilot and no one would know. I was IMing a friend of mine and he was playing around being an artifial intelligence that would respond as he would. Now if only I could get a realy AI that looked like me and acted like me then I could make that thing live here whilst I wonder the world free as a bird.

Ok so to not be bitter for two minutes whilst I talk about my weekend. So Saturday was great depsite the cold and it being three vs four. Our mission was to try and make up a trade post with this hospital on the surface but they drugged us and took us to this crazy doctor who was trying to vivisect our 'tank'. The crazy doctor was dead but being kept alive by a hose. so me and the other medic untied ourselves as killed the others in the room. And the other medic was impressed OOC that I knew what the C2 and C3 vertebae were. I watch alot of bones. We then had to try and escape. We came across this creature that was tied up, the boys wanted to let it go and hope it went in the other direction. I went to talked to a crazy person to try and get directions out of here, they really only listened to me becuase I was wearing the crazy doctors lab coat. they boys had killed another psychiatric patient and tried to feed its arm to the creature, then let the creature go after it had its second arm. The thing is it didn't go the other way it came towards us. So we had to run like buggery. It felt kinda doctor whoish as we were running down a corridor away from impending doom. I probaly wasnt as amazing as I thought I was but I had fun. Our disguise was quickly uncovered as I clearly wasnt the surgeon general as I am a small women whereas the doctor was a 6ft something man. There was a bit of a difference. So after we killed a few people and propped the door open to the chloroform filled room open we ran away.
Sunday was FnH at Bath, which is technically is in Bristol. That was fun, we had two sort of walk in the park missions where we killed things along the way but the afternoons mission was alot harder, but its only fair seeing as they had the least armour on that party. But they did have the most power I think. Our mission was a little confusing and one player killed himself as he was going crazy and kept calling people morag and tobias. Crazy bastard.

I don't think I said this in the last blog, but hey whose checking. But i have entered in to a writing competiion where I have to write a short story of 2000 words on identity. I have written it I'm just going to wait til nearer feb to send it in, I am also waiting on a friend to get back to me with feedback, but I have no idea if he even got the document as we had trouble with the format. I am probably just fretting, he is a busy person and unlike me he has a life. His piece was really good, it really sparked my imagination, it had good imagry and a good story line. Also very thought evoking. I'm sure mine looks ordinary, cliche and dull comapred to his and the others in the competion.

Oh damn I lost my train of thought, thats what I get for going to eat, a lost train and a burnt tongue, it always happens when we have mince I always scald my tongue.
They were asking on the news whats the best way to get in to astronomy and star gazing, my answer was look up when your next outside. Unless you live in a big town or city so you cant see the stars past all that light.

I absolutley loved this weeks episode of Sherlock. Benedict is by far the best sherlock I have seen. He is the only sherlock that has made me cry, smile, swoon then want to jump in to the screen and slap him all in one minute, he just plays it so well and he is so intense, it's hard to watch as all the strong emotion plays across his face. The others that have played him haven't quite got to this level. I mean Brett was the classic sherlock, he was methodical and presice, but he just told the story as it was in my mind there really wasnt that much behind it. Now Robert Downey Jr plays it ery well we see the side of sherlock that would really point him out as mad. Those films have both comedy and action, then mixed in with a bit of emotion with Adler. Then there is the suspence and he does come back in the greatest way. But this sherlock is entirely different, the work is all he has, I think he comes across a little Aspergery, I dont know why but writters nowadays like to have thier geniouses lack a certain comprehension of human emotion. For example, Sherlock, Dr Temperance Brennan and Dr Sheldon Cooper are amoung my favourite and it is so amazing to see them handle emotions that are completely new to them.

I'm sure there are alot of spelling and grammar mistakes in this but hey I did say I was just mashing at keys to see what came out.

So what is there to look forward to. Well optimistically, there is lrp. the banquet on mark 10th and new dawn in on my birthday. In reality there are days of sitting around in self loathing slowing going mad. The mornings at the charity shop. I really wanted to do to this  fnh banquet in Portsmouth but its too far away and John isnt really bothered about it.

I had another strange dream that on of my friends was avoiding me, and clearly making effort to blank me in many ways they could, right infront of me. That and the other dreams I mentioned my mind is really bored lately.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Dreams and the year to come.

So yeah,  Happy New Year, this year is the year of the Dragon apparently. It is also the year the world is supposed to end, only if you believe that. There is a site that does talk about the top ten ways the world will end and they are laughable.

The stuff on that site might not even be true but it is still funny, I like the one about the cloud of negative energy. So a cloud of Emo's will hit the Earth, hasn't that already happened? Though I think the breed of Emo has died out somewhat and evolved in to the breed of Scene which is basically emo but more colourful, with bigger hair, bows, Hello Kitty and happy pills.

To get back to the topic at hand about Dreams. I have been having some weird ones lately, I don't know if its because my sleeping patterns have been screwed up or if my mind is just finding new ways to keep my occupied or maybe my mind is trying to tell me something. The ones that are really sticking in my mind are, a few nights ago I had a lrp dream, it was the ususal Lrp dream I could see other players doing thier thing, all I can thenremember is running down a street. Then for some unknown reason Dr Who shows up (Matt Smith ofc who else) and for another unknown reason I hugged him (well it was MS why wouldn't I) but it had the odd sensation of feeling familar, and I don't really like it when I can feel in my dreams, I don't like not knowing how I can feel in dreams, maybe its my brain recreating the memory of a hug I have encountered before, and as Matt Smith is considerably taller than I am my brain chucked in a memory of me hugging someone taller than me so that it felt natural. Now last nights was one of the oddest since I ran down the stairs from my room screaming i'm so glad no one was around to see that one, they would have gotten a shock. But anyway from this dream I can remember, playing Monopoly with several of my real friends, some lrp characters and Fenris from Dragon Age 2 were there. I then remember kissing Fenris then pushing him away, using my powers of psychology (I mean titbits of knowledge) I can probably deduce I was substituting the image of Fenris for someone I liked and by kissing them, it showing that I liked then but then pushing them away meaning I obviously wanted to push them away. I am baffled. Another surpising turn that my dream took was someone stole all my clothes and I was running around my old college campus looking for them.  I looked up the meaning of being without clothing in a dream and I got "To dream that you suddenly discover your nudity and are trying to cover up signifies your vulnerability to a situation." I think this time around my brain is trying to tell me something and I have no clue about it. I do seem to like it better my my brain just tries to amuse me with odd dreams. 

I watched BBC's Sherlock lastnight becuase there was simply nothing else to do and I really didn't want to go to bed at that time, and as there was nothing else to watch or anything that I wanted to read I thought I might give it a try, I have watched the older version and found it ok, I have seen both movies featuring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law and I loved both of them so I thought why not? So a got in to it at like ten minutes in and I found that it is really good. Not only does Benedict Cumberbatch look good in a sheet but Lara Pulver (Ms Adler) was amazing, the only thing I have seen her in was True Blood as Claudine, and I have to say that the BBC are one up with HBO as BBC got her naked whereas HBO who are renound for getting people naked didn't get the fairy princess naked in her brief stint before her character was drained by the lovely Eric Northman. But part way through the episode the laptop dies on me it just cuts out, so I notice that it is really hot so I let it cool off and make it little feet from tea light holder thingys so that it would keep it off the table, and so far so good it is working and thanks to the help of BBC iplayer I got to watch the rest of the episode. 

Well I am going to leave the internet for a little while to play god on Sims 2. I just hope that I haven't installed all these discs for nothing. That would really annoy me.