Sunday, 31 July 2011


So Friday, I turn down a few weekends of paid work at the DHC because I can't take the stress of handeling alot of people at the same time. I make mistakes which makes me feel bad and I get stressed. I'm just amazing right?

Anyway moving on, DnD was great again this week. We continued in this room of rooms and monsters in each of these rooms. In the next room after the half black dragon guy there was a Lamia and John killed it by smashing its head off ,he has a Heavy flail and he's just getting used to it (ie he's only just getting good rolls ;) ) In the next room was a nimrod thing that was friendly, Karls description was a angry looking old man and we all thought of our old DM :D great minds think alike. So we left him in the room. We also came up against a nasty magic fire trap, a Manticore, some floaty brains with poison tenticles then a Hydra. I got to use my Great Cleave :) I was a happy bunny. Oh and before that I got to use the blind spell that I have on my sheild so I blinded one of the six heads, then I got my kill on, and our druid created fire under the hydra's necks so it would set its stumps on fire. Oh also another thing, we would get so mauled in each room we would have to sleep in the corridor afterwards to just get our health and spells back. That was funny so I think we have been down there for like 4 days now and in that place altogether for about a week, and now that its hopefully clear it shouldn't take too much time to get back up and ask WTF. Oh yeah we also lost our dusk blade and we looted him becuase everytime we kill something the first thing we do when we kill something is we "SEARCH".

Yesterday I think it was just a day of doing nothing as usual.  But I saw  Captain America and I liked it, I wasn't what I was expecting at all really I thought it would be all guns and shooting and all american stuff but it was really quiet good a building the background for some of the other Avenger characters. I thought Hugo Weaving as Schmit or Red Skull was awesome, he just does that kind of character really well. I'm sure many of the ladies thought that Chris Evans played Captian America really well ;) tehe. The ending was expected but I didn't think it would happen that way.
With The Avengers I am really looking forward to it, I mean it has to be good it has Chris Hemsworth (Thor) Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) and Chris Evans, and for the boys Scarlett Johanssan in it so it must  be a good movie to have such great actors in it.

Today was one of the days where I worked at the DHC for money. All day. it was all right there were a few SNFU's but it was quiet enough that I could manage. I think towards the end I was just watching ducks and cashing up was easy it was all notes.

Tomorrow I will be going to Gloucester, it may be for a couple of hours but its not this house. Also tomorrow is the start of August which means the start of the countdown to summerfest :D
I will be Adventuring every week this month. Right up until Summerfest and I am really looking forward to the third week at BC.

26 days and counting.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Breakfast at the heartbreak hotel

I apologies for spelling mistakes. I swear that my heads full of cotton wool atm I feel like just eyes, hands and ears, I'm that tired. Or if I am jabbering

So this weeks been odd, it just has ok.
Oh I managed to hit my head on the frame of a car door, that hurt then I then hit it again on a desk. Clever.

DnD was interesting. We found a dragon/lizard man and a hag in seperate rooms in the walls of this underground place of wierdness in the town of wierd. So the Hag bummed John over. Then there were Dread somethings they were a bitch to hit. Then we decided to go down the stairs in the place of weirdness. and there were rooms and corridors. Its a bad idea to make the humans go infront but also a good idea as they set of spike traps that came to an average sized persons my 4ft 5 persons nipples probably if I got caught. So behind door number one, there was a glass golem thingy that went smash. Then in door number 2 there was a proper hard dragon man, who had shiny pebbles and a cool sword.

Daft punk is playing at ma house. ma house. Sorry its stuck in my head.

LRP was fun. I feel dead now though. It was a diplomancy mission and me and the other elf got boons ^_^ I have a leaf! but it was basically to make a middle ground between elves and drawves but we were betrayed by dark elves as they are sneaky and annoying. Also I have learnt to chase after a certain monster, I have trapped a nerve in my foot, and my bedroom is on the 2nd floor of the house.....-.-' That will be fun later and tomorrow. But other than that it was fun as I got t o do elfy things and be diplomatic where humans were the useless race :D  Oh and I got possessed but its all good and I didnt try and kill the party at all honest....:D


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Let the flames begin

So today was LRP at Lickey hills Nr Birmingham, I went on the mission of go back to crawstone and kill the big demon-y thing. And for this mission it was raining for a little bit as it had for the other missions, as Crawstone currently was underneath a rather large shardan storm. Convienient. So we went back with bits of a shrine to set one up, so we had to go back in to the library minus the books and get the relic of Crowa that we used the last time when we were all flangy and awesome :D but it had changed to a bigger and golden cup which was interesting, oh  well you dont really question the gods on trival things like "why have you changed the relic" Its used for the same thing. So we went to the town square where the last ritual took place, but the slab thing was in half thanks to a lightining stirke, but do not fear I consicrated the shrine anyway.
So once we reached the tower, this is where the party dissapeared last time thanks to the fae, but this time there was no wibbilyness, the tower was 6 stories high and only 15 metres across. Or so we thought. We entered a 50ft long room which had konnish coming out of the walls, then a myriad of different tunnels, then we came across more damn konn and a demonologist who when "poof" in purple smoke when I hit him lots with my weapon :P. I found another relic and was told to drink by my goddess, she gave me gills....thanks Crowa. Then everyone got gills as the way through was under water. Then there was this end of the tunnel and the water just went in every direction forever, then we fell/jumped in to the downcurrent where we fell for a whle and then fell up in to a cage. I fought John he was tainted and ugly looking so he had to die. I let the others out of the cage and then got jobbed by the other Konnish around but was healed and kille more.

When we finally got to the top of the tower by going down and under water and down then up. We found another demo I think. I didnt get a good look as when we killed him he fell off the tower and went splat. It was fun to imagine :P. The two mages jumped off the tower for some reason, there were some stairs btw boys. So the sane people went down the stairs and the mages had hurt thier legs so they walked very slowly back, with my and Kal watching them from a distance infront.

Twas fun I wish I quested now for troll strength.  Oh well.

I'm kinda glad that the other mission was less fighty because I was too tired to monster. Even though I don't wear armour, but I do think that I dealt the killing blow to all the three big things that had taint. I may be wring for the last one, i just remember pushing it off the edge and watching it go splat.

Must sleep now...

Friday, 15 July 2011

The end of an era.

So I've just come back from seeing HP7 part 2. I may write a little weirdly atm, I'm tired and teary eyed still, k bear with me.

I enjoyed it all the way through it was a great movie.

To see Snape provay more  than one emotion was spectacular, I mean I really felt for him, I cold see how much he loved Lilly right from the start and to see it all fall apart like he did. It was a shame that he died, Alan Rickman was definetly the man for this job, he played it brilliantly right from the start.

To see Harmione and Rons relationship actually go somewhere was a real FINALLY moment.

There were parts were the cinema roared with laughter and I'm sure if you've seen it you know which.

I did cry, like many others would have. I cried when Fred (I think) died I started to cry. When Belatrix died I shed a tear of happiness. And at the end, when it shows the characters children. I think I did becuase it marked an end of an era.

I mean we all grew up with the books, I havent read all of them but I still grew up in the world of Harry Potter, we all grew up with the films and have basically grown up with the HP clan in a way. And now its gone. But it will always be there as a great film, and a classic when its older and our children are watching it.

So the actors of Harry Potter have gone their seperate ways. I hope to see them make more sucsess elsewhere in the entertainment world.

I must go to bed, I have a demon to kill in the morning.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Amoung cogs, springs and screws.

So I left Fridays blog on a bit of a low note, so sick of my mood and my current surroundings so I went for a walk in the forest in an attempt to loose myself and get rid of the dark cloud above my head. So on my path down towards the old train restoration place (there are pics of it somewhere) I chose a different path than I normally take, I mean its not hard to get that lost, one ways its mostly downhill so you just have to go up hill to get back and there are electrical lines so if you find those just walk either way and you will probably find people ect. On my walk, I would come up with different convosations I might have with different people if I was IC, I mainly did it to distract myself from the world and how quiet it got at one point. So I was walking through this patch of pine forest, where everything is pratically in a straight line, near enough, and every now and then there are big tyre marks so there is bound to be a way out if you manage to get lost ( it would be very hard) So I got to one end of this patch and thought I would walk down hill from there, I couldn't so I decided to practically back on my self if not a few tree rows down back to the big main path, I got to the edge of the line of trees to be met with a load of thistles, I walked over most of them but I did get thwaked in the ass with one as it sprang back up again, the yelp I made was priceless, shame there was no one around to point and laugh. Anyway I continued in to another part of the 'older' part of the forest, which means its not in neat lines and made of pine. So I managed it down the hill to this wooden bridge, and by bridge I mean a few planks across a 'stream' I saw that it for a little thick and it was like 4ish so I thought I would slowly and I mean slowly make my way back up the hill and to home. I probably got back at like half 4 maybe so I was out about 2 hours ish, but by the time I got back the voices in my head made me feel better :D. If the distraction works it works no matter how mad.

DnD was fun, we somehow managed the wind elemental without dying, yay. Um what else was there, oh we looked down a well and I had to explain to the duskblade that the shaft of the well ended like 10-20ft before it got to the water below. This involved a diagram. There was a room of death, and I mean death, there were flames hundereds of arrows, eldritch blasts. Though in the end it was me going out in to this room doing the opposite of the riddle that was on this door (lead with your left foot instead of the right) and I end up falling over as for some odd reason I'm holding Johns tower shield, so I fall over on to the shield and being a tiny elf I can lie on it quite safely, so Johns paladin comes in, picks me up on the shield and carries me to the other end. Then I think it was a corridor of death. Then a room of death with a demon (in the shape of a tyranid) but Johns paladin dealt 70 something points of damage with both of his smite evils on it (we're all lvl 5 now btw) and then it was a room of treasure. I think i got some platinum and a silver sword.

Side note the H key has just flown off as it is not stuck on properly.Woo I did it and I think it is fixed properly so that I wont flick it with my finger as I get my pace in typing.

So back to the weekend, Saturday was pretty dull, I mean I would have been LRPing but it was pushed to the next weekend. I think I played some dragon age 2, the thing about playing a mage in DA2 is that the gameplay is smooth and fast and its really quite fun.

Today we went to John's grandparents wedding anniversary dinner in a hotel called the Lambsquay, its a small, hotel near Coleford. I wouldn't say that I would stay there my self, the rooms are a little too floral for my tastes. And the food is ok but I think at times it was a little bland, it didn't leave a good memory in my mind, the gravy was like brown water, there was no substance to the stuff. The dessert was nice I had a banoffee icecream cheesecake which I had to hack away at because it was so frozen, even if it was an icream cheesecake, it should have some resemblence to bloody cheesecake not just the shape, you should beable to cut it easily with a fork or a spoon, not hack at it like your trying to get through someones ribs. So you sort of eat there with a vauge "yes am eating the food even if its naff". Also it was took pink and out dated for my tastes. 

I would quite happily to eat at the crown, thier food is really good even if you dont get enough of it and have to paid a mortage to eat there.

Ah well back to not going on the laptop til 4 again, looks like I will be going for more walks. 

Friday, 8 July 2011

Leave out all the rest.

So it's Friday, Johns parents are home. Joy.

I woke up today feeling, numb, my chest feels like its made of lead. I just feel lifeless today, maybe I expended all my energy on being happy yesterday and now that I look back on it, I made an idiot of myself again. I mean it took me five minutes to say hello to one of my friends yesterday for gods sake, I guess I just feel inadequte talking to them, I mean most of the time I am near them I make a fool out of myself anyway.

I shouldn't be listening to sad songs but they justify my mood.

I had a wonderful dream this morning, I was my Crowan priestess, I was coming back from battle, and one of her friends greeted her with a smile and a hug. Then I got woken up by the alarm. I hate it when you're in a good dream and also when you can feel physical contact, then wake up from it.

Also who the hell is reading this from India and the US?! 

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Home alone, \o/

It would be nice to have some company when Johns at work but it is nice to have the peace and quiet, I can do things at my own pace, its wonderful.
So I have spent my days alone, singing (badly), playing games, watching morning TV like I used to. Tomorrow I will be cleaning most of this house as John lit the fire and the smoke went everywhere, I had to open every window in the house, so I will clean and light a few insence, Dragons Blood ftw.

Today was a little odd though it was fin to get out of the house. I found a bowl big enough and nice enough for LRP so that will be coming to SF with me, along with most of the house ;) Also one of the ladies that I work with at the charity shop fell over a few weeks ago and hurt her arm (she is quite old btw) and it has taken three weeks for people to realise that it is broken, so she will go for physio and heat  treatment or get it re broken and cast up. Sucks to be her.

I think I will be baking cupcakes for SF too, I was thinking of making a red velvet cake but that would take alot of cooking, and cupcakes are easier to transport. I might make them all different colours.

So yeah tomorrow will be cleaning and listening to music really loud, well as loud as the laptop will let me really.

"Happiness hit V like a train on the track" 

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunshine and Blue skies

So the weekend is over and the week by myself (with John) in this giant house begins, I mean I did it before and I have done it before back in taunton. But it can be a little unnerving when your in a large house all by yourself, esp last year when John was a farrier living in Swindon and I was alone for most of the week, I'm just glad I'm not in the middle of nowhere and there are people that I know close by. And also if anyone was dumb enough to break in I can defend myself :)
Also the other challange is cooking, I mean the freezers full of food but we dont really know how to cook the big food like the joints of meat, though the meat that is in this house feeds 4-6 so I dont think we will bother, but I mean I have to be imaginative and stuff. But atleast most of the food has instructions. Oh and the bestest part is that I do not hae to light or clean out the Rayburn, I would probably set the house on fire, which I do not want to do, though when I want to shower I will have to heat it as the shower we have to use at the moment uses the water that is heated by the rayburn as our shower is broken and I don't know if its fixed, Johns dad said we couldnt use it til tomorrow.

So today was day two of working a half day at the Dean Heritage Centre, which I am getting paid for as I (and others ) are covering for someone, and as the shop at the museum is being referb'ed it means the receptionists have to work out of a shed thing, but luckily the weather was good so I sat outside on the bench and whenever customers would come through the  gate I would get up and serve them. So I spent this morning working on my tan...I am slightly darker than my normal colour, but my legs are still whitish....*sigh*

Me and John went to see Transformers 3 which I think was the best of the three, I apart from the bits with  Sams parents, I mean that was not needed. Parents in every universe are just embaressing.

So if anyone has any cooking tips greatly appreciated ;)

Friday, 1 July 2011


So at the Jobcentre today I went to sign off as JOhn had worked for more than 16 hours this week and I am not entitiled to JSA by myself.  So I had to call the number at the jobcentre and I got to the wrong department twice, hung up on a number of times and then the office was engaged, and I know that thier office wasn't shut because thier office closes at six, I should know this as I heard their times about 10 times. And also they wouldn't give me any info on John wanting to start a business as he had rung ahead and cancelled it, which I did not know..grrr....So even asking them a few questions whilst I was there was  out of the order as there was no appiontment there. ect

Anyway the Jobcentre are a load of balls, and being in temp work means that whenever you do more than 16 hours work you have to sign off and when we dont have work for  a while we have to sign on again, and this cycle goes on and on. And the people there are all miserable snide gits.

Ok rant over I'm gonna shower and then get ready for DnD......This should be  fun......Great cleave anyone?