Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Its almost that time again.

Its the 29th of November, which means its less than a month until Christmas.

Alot has happened since I last posted, I have gotten past the 10k mark on my NaNoWriMo, I know its not the 50k target but its a good start for a n00b, I have found that is was more difficult to write when John was around, probably becuase he might have read along and questioned my every word, and I also am greatful for some of the encouraging pushes that I got from friends. I probably wouldn't have gotten past 10k without it.

For all those Americans that read this, it was recently Thanksgiving. We obviously don't celebrate it over here, I also think that I could only stand one turkey a year to be honest. But if I was to get in the the spirit of things I know that I am thankful for somethings. Mostly my friends, both from college and FnH, there really isn'y an inbetween, I know i rarely talk to my college friends but it's good to see that they are not totally loosing the will to live at uni, I think the alcohol consumption makes up for things ;) I kid girls. I really do miss them and it really sucks that I won't beable to see them soon, I have no money to get down to Taunton on a weekday, and I would feel guilty if john paid for it as he pays for my rent and food when we go out. When I am around both sets of friends I can be me you know, I always feel lighter when I have been to LRP, and not becuase I'm not in armour.

I have been to LRP 8 times this month, 7 at FnH and 1 at new dawn.  Obvioulsy as I said in the last blog Valvossa died, but so far as Amelia I am having fun. Nile, who is playing my alchemists master have lent me a suit of chain, which should include legs, but I am far to feeble to wear Johns chain legs to I have 3AP HS leather, and leather on my arms, which I bought. So yeah barely been hurt really, I think I got the most injured at BC with all the Githasians in the dark, bastards beat off the armour, then one cut my throat (damn you John), at guilford we did nothing, we were supposed to go find someones dead uncles corpse, but it wasnt in the place were it was meant to be so we went on a wild corpse chase. We came across some suspected bandits, we went the wrong way but Dave J found a very nice looking mushroom, which he collected for no reason.When we got back on track we found a chest of alchemical ingredients. Then we came across a shifyty bloke, then a group of strangly clothed people just stood around in the woods. We then went home. Oh I also got poisened when examining a mushroom, what do you expect from an apprentice.
At lunch Dave J was giving away his wifes clothing so myself and another girl went through the bags and took what we wanted then a friend of ours said he would take home whatever we didnt want to give to his fiancee. 

The afternoon mission was more interesting, I got to play my ghost and seven more people died which included valvossa's good friends Crystol and Corven. So thats a grand total of 13 dead. Whoops. I had fun playing my ghost though I had a hard time keeping the mood up.

This weekend I get to go shopping and laos exchange my camera for one that works we hope. Shopping is second to none when it comes to just relaxing and having fun.

Friends are like stars,  you may not always see them but they are always there.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


So this will hopefully be quick, I have a NaNo to wirte but I just felt like I needed to write this.

I had a good weekend despite dying and also missing the chance to see Peat, who must have arrived at the guilford pub just as we left. Oh well sith happens as they say.

I have had a relativly quiet first few days if the week, mostly playing Dragon age 2 and writing NaNo like my life depends on it, but I am getting stuck, as I am getting to a turning point in my NaNo where my main character is slowly realising that her best friend is possible the right man for her as he is so very caring and her "knight in shining armour" he is like this becuase recently she has been through a break up and its been hard, her ex has just openly attacked her. But I dont want her to seem like a wall flower but she also feels like she wants her friend to show her how much he cares. So I am trying to make it interesting and not a cliche.
I am also trying to sort out my new FnH character, I am playing an alchemist so I have to sort out some nice looking kit.

I will miss Valvossa, and I hope her friends will miss her too.

I also have found out that someone else from my secondary school has spawned a child. It is getting a little ridiculous that people of my age are getting married and having children, its even more stupid then when they were having them in school. I mean you should wait a few years, get your heart broken and put back together a few times, live life before tying yourself down. I know I might sound like a hypocrite as I have been with my partner for over 3 years, but I like to look at things realistically, even if I little on the cynical side, I know that some people are meant for each other and they stay with that person for the rest of our lives, but I also know that some things are not meant to be and people break up, move on and find new love. I'm not gonna get all gushy and say me and John will be together forever, we might we might not, that is how life goes. I just want to make the right choice before tying myself to someone with the words of marriage or another human being, I have seen what it does to people. I mean its happened in my family. I also take a realist approach to this as in this relationship its goes work, house, marriage, kids on the ladder of life. Which is fine, at the rate I am going with finding no job in this forest, we will be on step one for a long time.

I said I would be quick and I dont wanna start ranting. So I will go back to my NaNo.Sorry if there are any missing V's they key doesnt work all the time.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Skinny Love

Golly its November already and its only several weeks until Christmas, but lets not think about all that right now.

This last week has been...interesting, I have started NaNoWirMo which for those who do not know is National Novel Writing Month where people write a story for a month and the target is 50k words. I had also been planning this for the weekend that has just passed. Johns mother made me 50 or so cakes for the banquet which I decrotared myself, only like 20-30 were eaten by other people so I have to eat them now :( I'm gonna be so sick of cake.

Thurday all I did was decorate cake, my fingers felt arthritic afterwards. Friday was a day of getting myself prepared and also getting the second bedroom ready for my friends Peat and Jamie who were crashing here on Saturday, so that consumed most of me day, then I stared at my NaNo and I think I only wrote like 200 words that day, I am using a different font colour everyday, but the other two days I was on fire, so far I had managed like 3000 words or so, I have now passed the 4000 mark. I am proud of myself I have to say.

Saturday was so much fun, I got to see all of my friends though most of them did dissapear off to the exec, our mission was great even if some of it was done a little ham fisted. The second mission looked awesome and I had fun monstering and I was also apparently the kit mule until more of the boys came back from being doomed templar men at arms. As it got darker my vision failed me, so I went to help Bill set up the portal, then I was the portal which was fun though no one got dragged through. I think this year banquet was the best for me, I had so much fun, mostly becuase I was the only girl on my table, I had Peat, Jamie, Nile and occasionally Aiden, Chris T and Ian. I think Tralda was looking down on me ;) I was kept very entertained, Jamie, Nile and Peat were mocking the Knight Commander, all in good spirit though. Chris T came oer at Fifth being strange and crazy. Oh and after getting a vision of ice trolls and getting really cold Sir Harry showed that he was a true noble and offered me his doublet which is strange coming from a Griffon, they should only really set fire to an elf if it was cold :P

Sunday began a little too early that I would have wanted it to, I set my alarm for 7, I probably aimed for 8 and missed. So I couldn't get back to sleep so I came down stairs to read, then I had to make tea for my guests. The missions at bristol were good, though the first one lasted forever, I had to play an Archon of Longstor so I had to lie on the ground and be dead/ dying until they healed me ect. I was there for ages and got very cold so I did little else after that, so once I had finished being an archon I hung out with people behind the portal. Peat got made up as a demon of some kind with a funny looking moustache, but he was not as funny as he looked, when he went to attack he would call a time freeze draw his sword slightly, tell people to fall over then just put his sword away and call a time in. Eep. Our mission was mostly in the dark, but it was fun, there was a moment where Peats character got feared away and I had to shout at him to come back which made me feel so guilty when he knelt at my feet asking what he could do to make it up to me. When we did get he baron to his Revernant brother, the baron died and was be headed, then Sir Harry battled with it and he won becuase he is made of awesome.

So this week will get trying to catch up with NaNo, and getting to LRP again but sadly with less of my friends :(