Friday, 31 August 2012


I would write a long and complicated blog about Summerfest but I feel I do not have the mental strength to write about it. Yes I could describe to you what I did day by day but most of the people that read this were there.

  • There was rain 
  • There was mud (about a metric f*ck tonne some would say) 
  • There was froth
  • There was fighting 
  • There was tea...without this there would be more fighting
  • There were assassinations and attempted assassination. 
  • There were alot of bad guys:
    • The great white liche. He wasn't so bad, I mean he could kill you with one look and make you in to an undead, but it was fun to walk in to the smoke and see him perched up  on the king's throne. I didn't do anything to him, it was all the knights that 'got up in his grill' that got the DIE DIE DIE call. He is now in the tree of life. 
    • Cormac, he was a high king of Ethron I believe, now a green mummy something. Destroyed I presume. 
    • Fae prince, I didn't see much of him or knew why he was even there. Presumed destroyed. 
    • The smiley faced time travelling demon (Or Wibbley wobbely timey wimey demon) from what I can tell he had the bridge thingy with the gate of souls, which  was destroyed and he got his ass handed to him. 
    • The Konnish, they came in droves, they died lots. Yay. 
    • Firey demon thing, and grey faced demon that could only be killed by two handed enchants. These where they only things on the battlefield that I willingly ran away from, 1 because I am mostly covered in metal so I don't like things made from fire and 2 I didn't have a two handed weapon so I ran around like a heap of useless. 
  • The Voices of the Dragon, there were 8 of us. 7 of Ithron, 1 of Ethron. My part of the voice was amazing, don't piss Amelia off or she'll kill you all in a beserker rage, luckily in the two days of being bound to a dragon no one pissed me off to the point of skinning them in the middle of the compound and making them in to shoes. I also had power, but if I used it all I would awaken the dragon and everything went to shit...yippee. 
  • So we have a Supreme Dragon. She is now queen. The wedding was really cool, I mean it beats a Christian wedding hands down. 
  • An Archon of Vleybor. 
  • I didn't get to play with "Special effect 1". I wouldn't have known what to do with it anyway. 
  • Getting so fed up with the rain and the mud and wet shoes I was close to tears. Yippee. 
  • Drinking an entire bottle of Port. Probably made a tit of myself. 
  • Not doing what my body guard said. 
  • Oh yeah. Tree of life. Planted in a place that have never seen blood shed.....yeah.
  • Oh and the world's most annoying herald, it was like the damn Sun newspaper. ;)
I had a great time. To be honest there were times when I was bored out of my skull but thats just me, I don't talk to people so I am left wondering around doing nothing getting boreder and boreder wanting something human to kill.

I want to say thank you to Peat, none of this awesome  would have been possible without that mind of yours. Thank you to all the refs that ran missions and the site refs. Thank you to the people who made all the awesome props, GWL looked so freaky and so did the tree afterwards. I didn't get to talk to many but the NPC's were awesome. Thank you to the people that I got to meet and talk to, though sorry to Mike who was my characters body guard for a couple of days. I don't like to stay in one place if I don't have to, I sit around and do nothing most of the time, I liked having a little freedom. Thank you to Gary who gave me and others a back rub, and for getting me something sugary when I was shaking before the battle.

Thank was longer than I expected. Oh well.

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