Tuesday, 6 December 2011

What is wrong with the world?

*Disclaimer: This will get ranty.

Lets see. The worlds economy is going to sh*t. People are striking. We are occupying our  cities. We are killing each other. We are doing pointless disgusting things like microwaving kittens for no bloody reason. We are 11 year old fathers. I look at the world and think, really, you can not be serious. I wonder how some people can be so stupid and guilable.

Its like all the Black Friday stories I have heard about, I almost didn't beliece my friend Peat when he told me about this women who pepper sprayed a crowd of people to get to a gmaes console that was about to sell out, but then I read it along with other BF stories on Oddee and I just couldn't beliee, this women said that it was in self defence, you madam are a liar. Some of the other ones that I read were just astonishing, like the man who had a heart attack in a shopping centre and people were just stepping over him, someone eventually noticed and called '911' but he died later that day. Several of the stories consisted of armed robberies in 'parking lots' stealing other peoples shopping.

Another story that made me dislike the human race a little more was the Justin Beiber fathering some child, it was obviously a cry for attention from some young American mother, but America believed it for a while. It's also like the guy who predticted the world would come to an end in May (there is even a post about him), the US believed that too, the world was skeptical and then it didn't happen, but according to my friend Jace he then tried to do it again back in October telling everyone he had made a mistake, well its December now so that makes him twice as wrong, so see you again in another 6 months for another end of the world old man?

Then there is the 11 year old father, this is another one of the UK's screw ups, clearly we are going about sex education the wrong way, I mean it worked fine for me and my friends when we were in school, I didn't want to catch some disease or have child, I still don't I am just responsible. I look back at the people from secondary school and some of them have 1 or more children. Some are even married, which I also think is a little mad to be honest, you really need to live life before tying yourself to one person, you'll regret it and I have seen it, one of my friends got married just as they left colllege and now they are no longer with thier wife, for reasons unknown to me but I am sure it was a good reason.

I have recently read an article on the Independent where someone/ some people broke in to someones home and put a kitten in the microwave, killing it, they took nothing, they just did this mindless act of cruelty. If I had it my way I would arrest those in question then put them in a microwave.

I think something needs to be done about the world. I know I have said this a million times but I do believe that my LRP characters life is better than mine, Amelia is having a great time, bussiness i s booming as far as a journeyman alchemist is concerned. I also really enjoyed Valvossa's life though right now she's feeling a little transparent. Ooh bad joke.

I know I have probably only talked and made no sense or made a point but I do this regularly, and with most things I regret it as soon as its said.

Ah what is life if you don't regret large chucnks of it along the way.

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