Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Its almost that time again.

Its the 29th of November, which means its less than a month until Christmas.

Alot has happened since I last posted, I have gotten past the 10k mark on my NaNoWriMo, I know its not the 50k target but its a good start for a n00b, I have found that is was more difficult to write when John was around, probably becuase he might have read along and questioned my every word, and I also am greatful for some of the encouraging pushes that I got from friends. I probably wouldn't have gotten past 10k without it.

For all those Americans that read this, it was recently Thanksgiving. We obviously don't celebrate it over here, I also think that I could only stand one turkey a year to be honest. But if I was to get in the the spirit of things I know that I am thankful for somethings. Mostly my friends, both from college and FnH, there really isn'y an inbetween, I know i rarely talk to my college friends but it's good to see that they are not totally loosing the will to live at uni, I think the alcohol consumption makes up for things ;) I kid girls. I really do miss them and it really sucks that I won't beable to see them soon, I have no money to get down to Taunton on a weekday, and I would feel guilty if john paid for it as he pays for my rent and food when we go out. When I am around both sets of friends I can be me you know, I always feel lighter when I have been to LRP, and not becuase I'm not in armour.

I have been to LRP 8 times this month, 7 at FnH and 1 at new dawn.  Obvioulsy as I said in the last blog Valvossa died, but so far as Amelia I am having fun. Nile, who is playing my alchemists master have lent me a suit of chain, which should include legs, but I am far to feeble to wear Johns chain legs to I have 3AP HS leather, and leather on my arms, which I bought. So yeah barely been hurt really, I think I got the most injured at BC with all the Githasians in the dark, bastards beat off the armour, then one cut my throat (damn you John), at guilford we did nothing, we were supposed to go find someones dead uncles corpse, but it wasnt in the place were it was meant to be so we went on a wild corpse chase. We came across some suspected bandits, we went the wrong way but Dave J found a very nice looking mushroom, which he collected for no reason.When we got back on track we found a chest of alchemical ingredients. Then we came across a shifyty bloke, then a group of strangly clothed people just stood around in the woods. We then went home. Oh I also got poisened when examining a mushroom, what do you expect from an apprentice.
At lunch Dave J was giving away his wifes clothing so myself and another girl went through the bags and took what we wanted then a friend of ours said he would take home whatever we didnt want to give to his fiancee. 

The afternoon mission was more interesting, I got to play my ghost and seven more people died which included valvossa's good friends Crystol and Corven. So thats a grand total of 13 dead. Whoops. I had fun playing my ghost though I had a hard time keeping the mood up.

This weekend I get to go shopping and laos exchange my camera for one that works we hope. Shopping is second to none when it comes to just relaxing and having fun.

Friends are like stars,  you may not always see them but they are always there.

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