Tuesday, 7 February 2012


This week seems to be going fastish, though for the past couple of days I havent crawled out of bed until nearly noon, but to be fair I have been waking up at like 10 and reading. So that means I have finished The Magicians Apprentice. It was a good read and I reccomend it to anyone who likes fantasy books. I have stared on the small book of the same series, The Magicians Guild. From what I can tell so far is that its set a couple of hundered years after the first book, though I am not that far in to see how much the world has changed. I hope there is mention of the two main characters from the Magicians Apprentice.

If the rest of this week wishes to pass by quickly then please do I really want it to be the weekend. I get to go to kit fair two days in a row. Saturday I'm going in with Tom, so my plan is to stay at the kit fair until maybe noon then shoot off in to the city and wonder around Cabot for a bit get what I need from Cabot then wonder some more. Then go back to Kit fair. I want to go on my own becuase I am not that fussed about this weekends Lrp, and my character has no need to go to the blacklands and I have 30 something crowns so why do I need money atm. I also want to wonder around without the worry of John getting bored on my back, so I can relax. I also hope to see a few of my friends. I will be scouting out my potential birthday present, Yes I know my birthdays not until April but this is a good way to get a present as John doesnt really know what to get me (like many men) So on sunday I will go to Bristol again with John so he can buy it, I probably wont see it until april. But I dont mind I get tolook forward to a day of LRP on my birthday.

Then on the 16th I'll be back in Bristol to see my mother and two brothers (or just one) as its my youngest brothers birthday the day after so my mother is taking him to @Bristol, so I will tag along.

I have posted my short story competion piece on my other blog. So please go look if you are intersted. I havent figured out how to put a link up on the side of the page, you can still get to it through my profile.



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