Thursday, 23 February 2012

Almost 1000

Just need seven more views!

So where to start, well today's been slow as usual. It's housework day to I have done the dull but needs must. I have also been painting a dark elf sorceress, I should also be getting a Gladriel model aswell to paint, that should be fun. I bought a book on Saturday, P.C Cast's Goddess of Legend. I have finished it already...It was only  300 pages but it was really good. It is about a women who gates taken from the modern world by the lady of the lake and taken to Camelot to make the king happy and save Merlin. I may have to invest in the rest of the series if they grab my attention like this one did.

This weekend is going to be fun, as I have BC, then I shall be going  to a friends to celebrate thier birthday, then Derby.

 Only two and a bit weeks til the Banquet. I don't know why I am worried about my outfit, yes I may be wearing a short skirt but no one will see anything as the under skirt has shorts. I will try and not do what I did last time and surround myself with men. I might spend some time with the people I have been hanging out with in character in Netherthong, my character seems to be good at that. 

This is a short one this time. My mind is not buzzing like it usually when I write these.

I have things to do and to ponder.

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