Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Post Springfest aches

So it is that time of year again, I have survived Springfest for another year. Though of course as a different character.

I had the best time, despite getting shot in to face thanks to John. Though thankfully I didn't get a black eye from it just a sore face and red mark.

 The object of this years were to enjoy the Midval games and stop Callum McRory's forces of clansmen and Formori, which are Fae covered in woad.
There weren't that many games infact I think the only games that didn't turn in to a complete clusterf*ck were the archery and the caber tossing.  There was supposed to be a race but that went to hell and we ended up in the frost forge and three of us were ice cubes. One of the guild also went missing as soon as we were first attacked but we got them back quite fast as we had several scouts on our party. We then were snatched in to Fae and fucked with and on a wild goose chase then were taken on another goose chase but this time we found the person we were looking for. So yeah as the human icicles came back we were warmed up. I think I made my character suffer more from it as I was in chain and the others were in leather so the metal would have made me even more cold, which was true, whilst we were waiting for the party I froze in and out of character. I don't really remember much of Friday, I think that was the night were something happened with the Traldan shrine and the 'Little White Bitch' appeared, which I stayed well away from. That and it was out in the dark and I suck in the dark.

One of my favourite moments from Friday was walking in to the bunk room I was staying in to find a sleeping Jamie on the floor. One of my friends was outside so I asked her what I should do as I have never really encountered an asleep larper before. We gently poked him awake and I convinced him to just have a quick power nap on my bed as it was the only non bunk bed and so far it had seemed like a good place for the others to sit or put their things when I wasn't occupying said space.

My other favourite moment was getting my birthday present from Peat, it was a voice recording of Pete from Dry the River saying Happy Birthday. It was probably the coolest present ever, so thank you again Peat it was a wonderful gift.

Saturday is a bit of a blur, all I can really remember is getting bored so I went to join in camp attacks, after a few waves I then just remember getting shot in the eye by none other than my trusty boyfriend...almost gave me a black eye but not quiet, so I didn't go out on my monster slot. Myself and the Keeper played a bit of Errant Buckaroo with a sleeping errant and I managed to get a spoon in the errants' hand whereas the Keeper wasn't as lucky and he woke up. Spermed is a verb now... After much laughter Sir Harry and the late Sir Rupert had a quick duel for the hell of it, but the a random monster came out of o where and knifed Harry in the back, where he was quickly taken down. After questioning said monster we all wondered where the Huntsmaster was (he was the monster) so my character insinuated that he was off bathing in lavender oil.
I did go out on the evening one and I didn't wuss out when it got dark because I could just about see.
I wish I could have seen the party's face as death knight versions of The King, Sir Jon Oak, Sir Jaime, Sir Harry and I think Sir Stewart appeared.  Aren't alternative futures fun? ;)
Oh and the king arrived so I went around like a headless chicken looking for Sir Harry only to find he was 'elsewhere' as Olly was NPCing something else (gutted) then some other stuff happened, and I think I almost fell asleep on a table. 

Sunday was battle day. I was on the party that got to kill at frak tonne of clansmen (I didn't kill a frak tonne, I killed some) I remember trying to help hold one side and we were all just getting mullered so we all opted to go out in to the open instead of hold three different points. I really had alot of fun playing with the Einherjar's stab safe spears. I managed to impress the guild protector.  I laughed at the main bad guy get beaten to a bloody pulp by one of the South Escan boys. I didn't go out monstering because my shoulders were killing me so I helped out with setting up the banquet hall, then I bimbled out to the battle field to witness carnage. There were a few moments where I was like "Oh Shit please don't die" but four people didn't listen. Oddly enough the people I told not to die didn't which was a funny bonus.

The banquet was more than amazing. There was stretchy forky, Nile and Olly has a gravy drinking contest and Olly won. There was something concerning a knight, a maid and a fengatian......but that shall just remain as that.

I remember falling asleep as the sun was coming up and my next memory was putting on some music them waking up to a John looming over my bed.

So Springfest 2012 has to be my second favourite fest I've ever been to. But it was definitely the most  fun Amelia  has had for a long time.

Sorry that was soo long. There were just so many good things about it.

Thanks to those who made it happen. My bunk mates, it wasn't so bad sleeping in the same room with seven other people, I've slept near worse ;) and to everyone for just being there.

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