Monday, 23 April 2012

North isn't true, til it's leading me to you.

I'm 20 now. Nothing has really changed, I'm not longer a 'teen' and I have managed to survive 20 years of whatever life has thrown at me....only 60-80 more to go...piece o'cake.

I did however have the best weekend for my birthday, I went to Cannock on my birthday, most of my friends that go to BC on a regular basis were there. I got lots of hugs and happy birthdays. The missions were great, though there was alot of walking and rain. We had Hatti the beast slayer, who went in to a big hole and killed a massive foulspawn in a village of idiots, I really wish I had a subdue stick so I could have knocked them all out because they were getting on my nerves. One of my friends had retired her Grey Knight and has started to play a french maid, and as good as the costume is, it's not good to be in a thin french maids outfit in the pouring rain. I was happy, there was a Suddenly!  moment where Bill jumped out at us as a Werewolf. Scared the living daylights outta me.

Sunday was excellent, we made our way all the way to Guildford. Google maps gave us the wrong directions so we made our way there by instinct. Which is kind of the reason for the title. I know that the Dry the River song Demons may have a different meaning to it but to me if the directions are true you must trust your instinct to where you want to be. The mission I went out on was great, it was sunny and warm, I got very warm which is an indicator that my gambeson does a good job at keeping me warm. I did enjoy it during our mission, last time I was in Fernham I walked around for a bit and got confused, this time there was stuff to do and things to fight, I still don't like running in chain though. I did also have my friend Peat being a sunshade for Amelia, all I did was fan myself and I had a Reverence stood in front of me with a shield above his head. Which I thought was very sweet but Amelia doesn't like to have special treatment, as sweet as it was, I kinda returned the favour OOC by trying to keep him dry with my tiny umbrella as we both were sat under it. Most of the afternoon went on in the rain, it was ok, it wasn't cold really it was just wet. I got to play a few cool monsters, though one got butchered. I then got scalped by a Jamie arrow (he's shot me in the head three times) It's not his fault, I'm more scared of John than I am anyone else. We got to socialise in the pub, I like to socialise I can wind down and talk to my friends. Though I did have to wait nearly an hour for a cup of tea! I can understand that they were busy but all you have to do with tea is boil water, put it in a pot with a tea back and put milk in a jug and give me a cup and sugar to put it all in. Not that hard....I was a little more annoyed with it yesterday bc I was tired and I wanted a bit o f a caffeine kick so I didn't fall asleep in the car.

Over all a wonderful weekend. This coming week is The Avengers release in the Cinema. Then in two weeks it will be Springfest which is going to be truly amazing and I will have so much fun.

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