Tuesday, 15 November 2011


So this will hopefully be quick, I have a NaNo to wirte but I just felt like I needed to write this.

I had a good weekend despite dying and also missing the chance to see Peat, who must have arrived at the guilford pub just as we left. Oh well sith happens as they say.

I have had a relativly quiet first few days if the week, mostly playing Dragon age 2 and writing NaNo like my life depends on it, but I am getting stuck, as I am getting to a turning point in my NaNo where my main character is slowly realising that her best friend is possible the right man for her as he is so very caring and her "knight in shining armour" he is like this becuase recently she has been through a break up and its been hard, her ex has just openly attacked her. But I dont want her to seem like a wall flower but she also feels like she wants her friend to show her how much he cares. So I am trying to make it interesting and not a cliche.
I am also trying to sort out my new FnH character, I am playing an alchemist so I have to sort out some nice looking kit.

I will miss Valvossa, and I hope her friends will miss her too.

I also have found out that someone else from my secondary school has spawned a child. It is getting a little ridiculous that people of my age are getting married and having children, its even more stupid then when they were having them in school. I mean you should wait a few years, get your heart broken and put back together a few times, live life before tying yourself down. I know I might sound like a hypocrite as I have been with my partner for over 3 years, but I like to look at things realistically, even if I little on the cynical side, I know that some people are meant for each other and they stay with that person for the rest of our lives, but I also know that some things are not meant to be and people break up, move on and find new love. I'm not gonna get all gushy and say me and John will be together forever, we might we might not, that is how life goes. I just want to make the right choice before tying myself to someone with the words of marriage or another human being, I have seen what it does to people. I mean its happened in my family. I also take a realist approach to this as in this relationship its goes work, house, marriage, kids on the ladder of life. Which is fine, at the rate I am going with finding no job in this forest, we will be on step one for a long time.

I said I would be quick and I dont wanna start ranting. So I will go back to my NaNo.Sorry if there are any missing V's they key doesnt work all the time.

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