Monday, 30 January 2012


I am hoping this isnt as long as the last blog. I went of on a long tangent.

I haven't really done alot. I've LRPed alomost every weekend this month again but for only one day I think there was one weekend where we played both days.

I have become oddly addicted to Panic at the Discos Hurrincane. I don't know why I am, I think its the vibe it gives, it happy and upbeat. And the chours has a certain sound and beat that I just want to dance to, and I don't really dance, I think I have willingly dance three times, and that was prom, college prom and a summerfest, which all include big groups, so I didn't really have to care about what I looking like.

I've also been getting some strange ideas for LRP encounters/adventures/ general themes from music videos. It's like the  video for 30 Seconds to Mars' Hurricane ( the uncensored verison) is about dreams (i think) as there are many different dream like sequences in the video, and I could relate parts of the video to situations that adventures could go through. 

Warning: This  has images of sex and violence, if for some reason you have an aversion to either don't watch it.

I will explain more about my ideas in a different blog where I am gooing to cram my ideas for writing ect. It's mostly about the recieving the keys if you were wondering.

It trid so pathetically to snow this morning, I almost felt pity for the weather.

The BC Llaminisu missions were excellent. I had fun taking pictures of the first mission with the Einherjar and the Ice Giants. On our mission I felt the fear, Andy Cam and Steve Kimber are deadly monsters though luckily we only lost one person and he was a filler character, so no great loss there :p. The two alchemists got paid the most. Johns character got flogged which was funny. Him and Knight Commander almost had a pissing contest :p .

Well I am going to start the hurricane/adventure idea.

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