Monday, 5 March 2012

It's March....already

So its the first week in March, so it's inching towards my birthday in April....I'll be 20....god...

It's been a fun weekend. Well I say weekend I mean Sunday....I don't know what I did Saturday I think I blanked it like I do most days. OH! I started 750 words on You write a minimum of 750 words per day on anything, its unfiltered and stuff, but no one can read it which is great (I think).

Sunday at Bristol was fun, I got to play a national plot a circus tent of a dress. That was fun to play, though for something that is Vleyborian and doesnt like fighters the fighters were crowding me alot.
There was also an almost tpk....but thats all that will be said as I don't know the full extent of the events that happened but I am sure that in due time everything will sort itself out and most of the society will hear about it one way or the other.
My mission was fun, I finally got to adventure with my master which was fun, we spent most of the the mission either talking about the coming weekend or purging things.
Being an alchemist is so fun, you get so many role playing oppourtunities. And most of the guild are really great people. I also get to tell three master alchemists what to do at  the weekend becuase I have the plot for what we are doing on the BC banquet special. The refs made some pretty cool physreps. My character is having the time of her life, she has some really great friends. She gets rose flavoured alchemy and asked to dance, I don't dance well thats a lie, I danced at both proms but that was group dancing, no one noticed you, this will be proper boy/girl dancing where people will be dancing and other people might be watching....So I have managed to hopefully get others to dance with me so I don't draw attention to me awful skills when it comes to dance. Atleast the person I am dancing with can dance so bonus.
 I will also have to remembet that in a corset I cannot laugh that much/that hard as corsets don't allow you to breath. I am currently swooning over a corset  It's so pretty even though its not the shade or colour that I usually wear. But it is cheaper than the steel boned one I fell in love with which was like £60. So I might ask for this one and wear it to the banquet at springfest. I don't quiet know what is going on but yay Springfest. I get to see my friends and have fun all weekend and celebrate my birthday a second time possibly.....I will also have a drink for my big brother becuase he will be 29 on the 4th. It's a little odd that I can see him as 29 but the people I know that are of that age or just abouts, I keep thinking theyre like 25, which is great for them....Damn I have to join the 20's club....

I've just realised this 'red' nail polish named Amaretto is actually kinda pink, but hey no ones going to be looking at me nails on banquet day. Though the funny thing is they're chip restistant....yeah right... I also need to buy some cheap hairspray...not to spray on my hair but to spray on my's to make sure the tattoo I have IC stays there.

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