Sunday, 11 March 2012

The weekend, Dry the River and everything else in between.

So as I wanted its Friday, they day before the weekend and the day before the BC special and banquet, which I am really excited about but like 10% of me is nervous becuase there is this beg ritual and it could go wrong and I have a componant which is the last in existance and if we mess it up there is no second try. (Ahh train of thought just came flying off the tracks) Where was I. Oh  yeah and I think the other mission is basically getting two weystones back in thier rightful place and the CC will be running something in there to occupy the Demonologists in the party....y'know tea with the emporer and all that jazz :D. And I am nervous about the banquet becuase even though my skirt is short I will be wearing shorts and its not like i will be showing off massive amounts of breast, even if I could I probably wouldn't. My character has also been asked to dance and I stupidly said yes (I think I talked about this in the last blog) but I am basically as graceful and co ordinated as a roller skating giraffe....But I should be slightly drunk so I wont be as embarressed, not until I remember it all the day after. (Y) So yeah I get to see my friends and have lots of fun and good food and good RPing fun. Also just as a side note the CC needs to stop Eli said on facespace....Man up Carrington! :) And we mean this in the nicest way possible sweety.

Next topic is about a small(now big) London based folk/rock band called Dry the River which through twitter and my suseptability to watch the things my friends post I watched Chambers and Valves and I thought it was amazing.(and now we rejoin you on Sunday*) There is a skeleton in the video that is played by the lead Peter, and he kinda looks like the Peat I know when he was painted up as a zommer....I guess thier only similarities are they looks kinda the same when really pale and they're both really skinny and tall, oh and attractive as I found out when I saw then without thier C&V make up on, they're all attractive young men....Scott has an impressive beard... I have also started listening to all thier other songs and I really want thier album so I will ask for it for my birthday. Alot of thier videos are acoustic/live sets so atleast I know they'll sound good live if I ever go to another concert ever again.

So yes the weekend....(Saturday) It was great I really loved saturday, the mission was amazing even though I have hurt myself, it was the chainmail and a heavy leather back pack and wearing that until like half three in the so owie. So I wussed out of monstering and took pictures. I just loved seeing all my friends, most of the country bar the actual branch were there before the BC lot which was good. When it was time for 'lunch' I had a good chat with Peat about Dry the River as I made him a cuppa outta my thermas, which by the way, Peat if it tasted like socky tea I apologies, it was the thermas not the tea, but you were very polite in drinking it all so thanks. mine however tasted like sock as I was drinking from the thermas cup but by the time it was 3:30 I didnt care really. He also managed to pause our chat to go off with Olly and Jamie to talk about nasty evil things that could see but didn't hear as the more tired I get the more deaf I get apparently, as proved in the banquet when I couldn't hear much of anything, though when it was Peat he's just naturally quiet and the others I was sat with (Olly, Nile, Tom and Charlie) becuase the room was loud...mostly bc of derians underwear which was an eye sore and a half. Oh I will have to think of some puns to throw around the table if I get to sit with the guys again... By the end of the banquet I was in fits of laughter, there was this fertility idol that I think was a prop that Peat used in his little side dish mission and its just the most ugly thing and we hid it in a wall of paper but then he would pick it yp and make it do stupid things and I almost cried laughing, Olly and Jebbo were not making it any better. Then we had to leave so that sucked. But I did get lots of hugs and that made me feel better about the impending suck becuase it was alot of awesome. Not to offend my life but I don't think that level of awesome will be achieved again until Springfest which isnt until May :( Booo.

So this was long so I will love you and leaf you all as the different branches of the preverbial family tree that you are. Yes I know I'm awful with puns.

*I started writing on friday and got interupted by DnD so I have complied random thoughrt strings and made a pretty line....

Oh another thing, yes I did wear silly shoes and my feet did hurt.. but it's the back that hurts today so the silly but really really nice shoes win! However I will be wearing sensible shoes to Springfest.
 I was going to say something else but the giant squid of fneh has walked off with brain. 

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