Monday, 26 March 2012

Oh god oh god it's almost April.

I know that it shouldn't astonish me when the months move faster than most old people. I think April/ beginning of May is going to be really busy, for me atleast. I mean nothing is really gonna happen during the week days, I mean my life isnt that interesting.

Before I talk about that showery month that is April, I wanna say I miss the laptop, on friday it broke, when it was plugged in it wouldn't charge, it wouldnt register that it was plugged in, this all happened after JOhns friend Karl turned it upside down to look at the model and when i went to plug it back in it wouldnt work so ofc I blame him, even though it could have happened any time, but he/his dad is fixing it, but apparently it takes 4 hours to get to the bit that needs fixing. So I'll probably, hopefully get it back tomorrow/ really late this evening.
On another note I hate it when the clocks go back/forward it screws with the whole sleep thing becuase last nigth I went to bed at the ususal time of 11 and my brain was like "WTF its only 10 why are you trying to sleep your not sleepy. "

I guess I am going to count the 31st of MArch as the beginning of all this. It's a LRP day with BC branch wheere a group of players called the Einherjar are going to go to their home land and I think they are gonna go find thier people who they thought were dead. I don't know much else about this day as I am going to be monstering it all day. So that will be fun and tiring as hell. Then the day after is Bristol which will also be a good day, it will also be the 1st of April which might mean there might be a little silliness but most of the refs at Bristol are sorta serious and they can sometimes go out to kill everyone and everything thing in exsistance, I'm kidding their all lovely (sidebar: I want the laptop back I hate this keyboard), I hope its warm but not too warm as I will bake and die if I have to wear my padding as it's made from fur, on saturday I got to wear a gorget gambason which keeps the chain off the shoulders, it was heavenly and it didnt bake me to death so Thank you Hamish twas useful. I am hoping that my gambason isnt as warm as my fur else I will be a cooked turkey, but a comfortable cooked turkey. I'd ask Peat how warm is gets in his but his is much much thicker than mine, and he doesnt need to wear his to protect himself from heavy chain as he doesn't wear chain....I think he would just crumple :P I'm hopefully kidding...I don't have an easy time with it but it's worth the pain, oh how I love butchers chain.

The next week....Is a BC weekend, and we will be economising this trip, so it means having very little food as we will have to feed the car, and I am not going to Taunton as it would be far to expensive, I think we would be able to pay for the fuel down there and back and that would be it, so no eating or drinking and thats no fun so I am going for the more money easy option as it's an hours drive compared to an almost 2 hour drive.  On the sunday we probably won't be doing anything, as we will be saving as the first week of April is when Johns boss isnt working so John misses out on £300. It would be nice to go to Guilford but there might be a slight chance of deadness, which is bad. Oh I also have a In Character wedding to orginise, not mine, it's Dame Emilia's wedding to Kal, they're going to get married at Springfest so I have loads a time....:S I'm sure it will be fine. Though I think Amelia's getting sick of all this love thats around. (God metal mantle peices to the back of the skulls really hurt)

The next weekend is a little fuzzy, becuase for there is a 0.01% that I might be going to a concert in London. The other 99.9% is that we will be New DAwning and that Bath.(we just found a big bee in the bathroom and now I feel all weird as I do when I find bugs I hate, I just get scratchy.)

The weekend after that is my 20th Birthday so I will be going to BC in Cannock so I will be with my friends, again I wanna go to Guilford afterwards but thats a long way to drive. So that will be a great weekend.

The weekend after that is a mystery on the LRP front. But I will be  going to see the Avengers! so yee...

Then after that it's Springfest!! Where there will be epicness and fun and wine and I get to see all my friends and maybe celebrate my birthday in a "*hug* happy bithday" Kinda way with friends that I wouldnt have seen on the birthday weekend. So yeah lots and lots of fun and froth to be had and I will be so sad when its all over.

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