Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Its only wednesday?

I had a goodish weekend....apart from the car breaking and having to go to gloucester on a sunday (not fun). The cars back axel behind the wheel cracked so we had to wait for Johns dad to get back so we could weld it up where we could and and then weld a plate over the larger holes....all I did was remove some rust so the weld would fix properly. 

 Gloucester on a sunday is dull, it makes shopping difficult esp when the shop you want to go in is closed. But thankfully I got the presents I need to get. 

We finally have Dragon age 2! Its better than DAO, it have great graphics....and its addictive :D Though John is playing it now bc its his turn even though i payed for most of it. 

Its sunny, the flowers are out.....and I have to work :( Roll on the weekendd for LRP and maybe cleaning Johns car bc its turning brown instead of being green. 

91 days til Trueblood.....waiting sucks

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