Monday, 14 March 2011

So. This is a blog.

Well where do I begin. Well to those who know me and may not know, I have a temp job through an agency (they were much more useful than the jobcentre) I work in a place called NAF (national animal feeds) with John in Monmouth (Wales) the pack animals feeds which are mostly for horses, though we do do dog suppliments and I have seen bottles with chickens and peasents on them too so I suppose we serve game and poultry. My job is to stick labels on countless numbers of pots and tubs, help shrink wrap them and stack them on to another pallet that get wrapped in this blue stuff and taken out to be shelved and eventually delivered to wherever it has to go. 
I personally think that horses do not need these many suppliments but i dont know for sure I am not a "horsey person". Though some of the names are funny, like NAFoff which is a fly spray and MAGIC which does something which I know nor even care what it does. 

This job like any other job is boring and repetitive and the people there are either chavs, old or old leches(pervs). Now that I have been working there for my forth week now I dont come home feeling dead as much anymore and surprisingly I like to work on my own there (Johns in another department). 

Other than that lifes ok I spose I mean I live more for the weekends where I work on my sleep and ironing...which reminds me. I'm still running round the woods with a foam sword like a loon :D.

(disclaimer there may be might not make sense and it might be in small font.....I'm tired so pfft)

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