Friday, 18 March 2011


My title is hello in Burmese by the way, Flikr told me so. 
Out of the studio window I am able to see the other big house across the road, the sky darkening and the lovely moon in all its fullness. I'm glad it is friday, I get to spend the day in Gloucester shopping and hopefully enjoying the good weather.

I had to come back upstairs just now because they are watching Crystal maze downstairs and its just cring-o-riffic I cannot believe how rubbish 90's game shows are. But evidently I will have to go back down stairs as Cara hasjust arrived to be socialable so I will go and be socialbe and probably play a board game of some kind with peoples...becuase thats what this family does. 

I dont know if you have but I have been listening/watching parts of Chris Moyles' longest show on BBC radio 1 and him and comedy dave were up for 53 hours....the bits I watched were hilarious...normally I cant stand Chris but fair doos to him and dave, they raised 2.4 mil. It was funny this morning during Fearnes show she said she would wear her new swimming costume on air if they got past 2 million and they did so she had to, I hve to admit it was a good one piece costume (with no back) and she did look nice. And Greg James got naked on air which there are videos of and its funny! 

Anyway I have to go even though I can hear that catchphrase has started :( 


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