Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Well its 2 days til the fun starts

To springfest that is not the royal wedding. I mean its lovely that the pair are getting married and all but does it really have to shoved down our throats like this.

Anyway yesterday me and John got our in charecter invite to springfest, so we sat in bed reading through this letter like we were six, spelling out nearly every word until it made sense. S-W-AH-M-P-S whats a swam-- oh swamp. Thats basically what it was so I was in fits of giggles. So its two days til Springfest and I have to do the prep for it. So that means making a list of everything we need and making sure its all there, empting the car, putting down the seats then filling it again. And  also making sure we know the way there because its our first time there, but google maps has that sorted.

I've finished  reading two vampire books I bought recently they're both very good, one is Sherrilyn Keyon's night pleasures, which is about a women who falls in love with a darkhunter (vamp) from Thrace (A part of greece) and they have lots of sex and he has to kill this Daimon (vamp on steriods) ect ect.
The second book  is Lindsay Sands' Love bites, where a women gets turned vamp when she saves a mans (vamps) life by getting an axe in the chest from a psycho and this women gets turned gets freaked out about it, falls in love with Eteinne (man vamp) and they have to stop this psycho called Pudge from killing them becuase of what they are ect
They all live happily ever after but there are good bits, but I don't know if I want to invest in the rest of the series from the writers.

So for now I will wait for Dead Reckoning by Charliane Harris to arrive from amazon and i might make a decision, I need something to occupy me til the end of may as that is when I get my present from john which is True blood season three.

I am going to get on with my list, and make scrolls and prayer cards ect. Thank the god of technology for a photocopier :D

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