Friday, 1 April 2011

Day off.

So peoples....its Friday and its mine and Johns day off because work doesn't need temps to do stock taking....thank god!

So I had a lovely 3 hour lie in today, tho I didn't leave the room til midday thats how lazy I am even though I did sort through my clothes because i keep loosing t shirts then finding them in the most obvious place.

I had the most wierdest and the most loviest dream yesterdat night, I dreamt that I was in True blood and that something happened to Eric Northman (played by Alexander "swedish god" Skarsgard) where 55 version of himself popped up all over Bon Temps (thats where TB is set) and they were all different sides to Eric....which is weird considering as he only has like four .....maybe five but I wont go in to it if your not in to True Blood.

In other news, there is one things I do not get about John. He doesn't like gigs, he tells me that he doesnt like crowds and live music and the screaming......

I don't get it probably because I fell in love with the atmosphere and the chaos of live music, where everyone is lost in the wave of your favourite band, reaching out as if you could touch them even if your in the back row. I remeber when I went to my first gig in 2007 to see Within Temptation with Jas, Sian and Jas' dad and the feeling was exhillirating.

Like 30STM say in thier video for Closer to the edge, maybe this is a cult and the bands are our gods. We practially listen to our favourite music religiously, we buy thier stuff, we go to thier concerts and basically worship them, we even get thier logos tattoed on our skin. It inspires us, it can make us feel alive, happy, sad, it might even give you a new outlook on life.

I suppose you could say that about movies or even books....or it could just be called obsession and we're all mad as hatters. Who knows? 

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