Saturday, 7 May 2011

Summer summer where for art thou summer.

Well its a dissmal saturday evening, I have to say that I am so glad that I didn't LRP this weekend and that I am glad that Springfest was last weekend when we had sunshine (and cold). So I have spent all day in a sleepy haze half wishing that I was shopping and half wishing that I was back at Springfest. Until this evening when Doctor Who was on then I dragged myself downstairs to eat, Special fried rice and pizza goes well esp when you find yourself hungry all the damn time, but I found out that it can be sated by having a drink(not alcohol) so I really have to keep reminding myself to have a drink more than twice a day.

Dr Who was great as always, it was rather energising (sp), John says that Matt Smith sounds kinda like Jamie Mac from Lrp. Then I watched So you think you can dance, some dances were good, I think some just went by with out me noticing.

I think I may either be getting stronger or I am getting better at tickling John because I can take him down easier than I used to, and by " take down" I mean make him laugh enough that I can escape from him trying to tickle me ect. I dont wanna break the boy :P.

I wrote a document on the Drun which are the elven clan of which my LRP character comes from. It took me a while as I had to keep checking things with John as it was originally his, and I also got him to do a map too which is cool. As I was writing this stuuf I was thinking  it was a little harsh ect, but that was the point, I just think I am too soft (sometimes) . Which is both good and bad I guess, never give me a monster that has to be a bitch, I'll fall on my face. Oh well I'm only human, we have our weaknesses.

Instead of leaving you with a pic of what the weather looks like outside I will show you this ouc of a pretty flower I found on the net.

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