Thursday, 5 May 2011


So today is like any other day, I'm unempolyed and slowly going out of my mind. John  got called up by Merlins so he could drive washing from Chepstow to Swidon for a few hours, utterly pointless IMO but its money I guess.
I would have gone for a walk around the forest taking pictures but I would have gotten lost or eaten by sheep or something. So I will do that tomorrow but I think I will do it regardless of John as I am going stir-fry crazy.

I have been oddly hungry lately, though I keep telling myslef not to binge, I want to keep my slender figure forever dammit. Even if I am craving ribs and veg.
My birthday pressies from Jas and Kat came yesterday which made me happy, Jas did her usual thing of putting cinfetti in the card so i carefully opened it over a not pad, though when moving it back in the envolpe two little stars escaped and are now underneath the keys on the laptop. I got awesome plasters that have different colored skeles on them (such a child) and a mug and a bookmark with the panguin of death on it....which reminds me of someone 0=] tehe.

The new Charliaine Harris book landed on my doorstep today which was good, I have somethign to amuse myself with for a day or two.

I want to go back to LRP, or atleast hang out with my friends more, oh well until summerfest.

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