Monday, 16 May 2011

Thoughts of the day.

Well today is like any other day, I'm unemployed, I have no money and I have nothing to do as John is at work and all my friends are a million miles in every direction and well IM is only good for a few minutes.

So i installed Dragon Age: Awakening on my side of the big pc becuase I wanted some of the extra stuff that gets transfered in to DA2, but I couldnt use my character that was a warrior and married alistair, though I think it might have something to do with me playing Witch Hunt with her as I think its after/during DA2. So i played it as new character for a bit and got bored.

So after that I did the ironing else I would get nagged it. Then watched some Dr Who on some blog site.

John made popcorn earlier and his mother said to empty it in to a plastic container to microwave it ( I dont know why doing it in the bag works just fine) I came down stairs to the smell of sweet but burnt popcorn, I just thought john had over cokked it until I saw that plastic pot. Clearly popcorn and microwaves generate alot of heat resulting in well its on facebook so that all got thrown out. Then John tried again with the bag in a glass bowl bc the bag gets caught on the sides, that barely came out popped so we put the unpopped kernals in a bowl and put them back in, they came out a bit too nuked. Take 2 was better than one but I think I shall either do it myself or stick with pre popped pop corn in the future.

Now listening to The Rasmus, they were once my favourite band and I bought all their albums and everything, Now 6 years on I just listen to them as much as any  other bnad that has fallen in to my life. TR  hold alot of meaning in thier songs esp in Dead Letters, always good for a gloomy day. A song that will always have my heart but always hold a different meaning is In the Shadows, its the song that made me go Goth.

Oh how I would love to just jump through a mirror in to a different life.

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