Monday, 22 August 2011

Yesterday you threw away tomorrow.

So this weekend has flown by at an alarming rate.

On Thursday I got my character ressurected, so that made me super happy. So the first thing that she did IC was bathe, lots and wash all her belonging lots  to get the smell of death off of it, then she wrote one of her friends a letter to say "Hey come over and tell me about your battle" but they had excommed themselves and the letter I got was heartbreaking. But Valvossa's is still a happy elf she got to go to her home land just a day after coming back to life, and then she gets to go back to Ethron and kill shed loads of undead.

Friday was fairly uneventful, DnD got cancelled at the last minute because two players didn't want to play.
I think I discovered that Facebook is turning in to Myspace, they have this page rage thing where you get your own backgrounds ect. Now there are ads everywhere which is really annoying, especially when they are the ones that have noise, then you have to find the damn thing and shut it up.

On saturday it was the Leicester New Dawn play test, it is a Nerf gun system and I got roped in to playing, so I played a medic, and i think they would have needed one becuase alot of them got screwed, which I think is the point, as one of the rules say that you can expect to die. It was fun even if I got a little in over my head when it came to remembering the stuff for a medic. I think the other team had a harder time but they all had fun, becuase I mean what's releasing a plauge? I mean it's not like you'll get shot for doing it ;) No you just get ripped to peices SAW style. We finished really late and didn't get home til late.

Sunday was a good day apart from one or two snafu's. Two of the cars got broken in to, from one of them all that was stolen was £3 in change and a rice cake sandwhich, they didn't take the other food just the sandwhich, what kind of idiot breaks in to a car and steals a sandwhich, luckily one of the guys from bristol came along to get a chainsaw from another player and scared them off, but by then they had taken some other things aswell, so I dislike him just a little less now. But other than that is was a really good day, as I said my character got to go back to Llaminisu to look for some evidence and I am excited about what is going to happen at summerfest with what we have found, it will suck that my IC best friend won't be there but oh well, can have everything. The other mission got to meet a dragon, which I would have liked to meet, I might have had a good story to tell it. Again we didn't finish til like 8 and somehow didn't all get to the pub til 9 which is odd as the pub is five minutes away. So we got home super late after food and socialising.

So within the next three days I have to orginise and pack the corsa for summerfest, but first it has to get fixed because the electronics are dying on it.

3 days :)

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