Thursday, 11 August 2011


So, this week has been a little strange for me. Sorry if it gets rantish.

Friday went well, Dnd was fun, I think I may have been in the minuses for a couple of rounds but I think everyone was in that game at some point. We have been led in to this labarynth of rooms and corridors, and I don't get a map so I have only partly mapped it so finding our way back or out will be interesting, but I think we established that a big circular room we went in all the doors leading from it just went back to that room after a while so we went in to this secret room where there was a pink swirly thing. And i forget the rest as it got late and my mind went to mush.

Saturday was great, I finally got to get out of the house for a day, I got to go to Gloucester, glourious not this house, village, area Gloucester. John bought a Nerf gun and some warhammer stuff. I spent most of the day day dreaming, I was thinking about what it would be like to wonder the streets of Brissel in FnH, to see the cathedral of Vleybor and the other six churches dotted around the city. What it would be like to walk through Brissels market square.

And then there was Sunday. It started out ok, apart from the rain. The first mission went by ok, it was a stand and hold this point mission, which I wouldnt have minded going on but bc of plot reasons I had to go on the other mission, and looking at it now, the ref of the first mission could have handeled it, I mean it was a couple of encounters that were completly random. But the second mission, it stared ok with the bits of plot that the CC had put in for me coz of plot reasons, which I really enjoyed, getting partially kidnapped by demons and getting the scream is always a giggle. But the shit hit the fan. I made a counting mistake and technically died, one of the refs was less than kind about the point. So I got upset and wondered off. So IC there was a confusion about where I was then they found out I was dead and my body has been left out in the woods to rot for the time being. and OOC I have had a formal warning, which is fair enough I fucked up, but all the refs got together and voted against my charaters ressurection, which I think it totally unfair. Why punish a character for an out of character fuck up. I think its outrageous, which is why I have sent my appeal to Central.

The rest of this week has been me worrying about the appeal, worrying about my friends that live near the roiting, I've been a little worried about one of my friends as they have alot on thier plate atm and I can't seem to do much to help. Also been thinking about different characters that I have to come up with if I dont get my character back.
Me and John went to Bristol Zoo on Tuesday becuase it was his birthday. Two butterflies tried to escape on me in the butterfly place. It was a good day as it usually is at the zoo even if it was packed. I also took my camera in to be repaired, as it was having trouble with charging and it was making a clicking noise that it was not meant to.

I got the model I ordered from Games workshop on wednesday, and I painted it to kind of resemble Valvossa. I have also written a 2 page IC letter which should be with my will IC but it took a while to write and I made "parchment" paper specially and I have realised that I just don't like the letter at all and I hve made a few mistakes so I think I will write it again but I won't bother with the parchment effect, I think for the next letter I want to talk about certain things more.
I have found that I like some muse songs that I never thought I would like really, like Unintended, and some other songs that I would have normally skipped past when just listening it music on the laptop.
Oh and my corset came, John bought it for me. It's a shame that I might not get to wear it for its IC intended purpose. Oh well there will always be a time to wear it, though unless I get John to put me in to it i will have to wear a top undearneath it as its one where you have to loosen it get to in to it, its not too small or anything I just have be constructed in to it.

So tomorrow is a day of probably writing that letter, then going to taunton and getting drunk then going to lrp in BC probably nursing a hangover then sunday probably doing nothing, or back to worrying. Wonderful.

Is it summerfest yet?

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