Thursday, 29 September 2011

Space Bound,

This post will have nothing to do with space, I'm just listening to Eminems' Spacebound, despite not really being in my main genre of music I do like some of his music, more of this recent album more than the rest, I think he has grown up from Slim Shady. I like this song becuase it reminds me of my character Valvossa, and some of the things she has has to deal with since her death and ressurection, and I think it would be something that she thinks about often.

I think this weekend shall be a good one, I shall be over my cold (huzzah!), though right now my lungs want ot be on the outside of my body and I don't want that, they would be inside out and it would make life difficult. Tomorrow shall be a day of cleaning ang general housework, I didn't get to to this today as I got  called by my recruitment agency at nine o'clock this morning wanting me to go to the Crown in Whitebrook to do pot washing at 10...yay. So I did and I decided that when I got home at 3 this afternoon that I would just sit and relax and that that housework shall wait for tomorrow, I just hope that it is still sunny tomorrow as I ahve a load of washing to do and I would just hate to hang it indoors.  Then there is of course DnD, where I believe we left off in the middle of this city that hates angels and he have two angels with also doesn't help that our warlock can make you sick whilst just looking at him. So that should be all fun and games.

Saturday on the other hand is completely unknown to me as far as plans go. I might go in to Gloucester or Bristol and take my camera back again, as when I got it back the other day it still will not charge properly and it still makes this illusive clicking noise. And I  can't get my money back anymore :( sucks. So I will just have to ask them what they did exactly for the month that they had it. Also if  my cheque and wages have come through then I will be getting a new phone, amoung other things but phone is definetly at the top of the list. It won't be anything super shiny and fantastic, I just want it to text, call, and maybe have signal in the house and maybe just maybe have the net...that I will only just for emergencies....

As for Sunday, that will be the day of LRP at Bristol. I believe that my friend Cookie is running, so that should be interesting to play as I have found out some interesting stuff and it is a shame that the Dragon kin are away for the winter they would be interested in what we found too. It would be nice if one of my friends from London would come along but I doubt that will happen.

Oh well I just wish I had more froth really, one mage has my string doll and another has my essence of fire elemental and I doubt I will see either soon (the items not the enchanters). Though I have a feeling I am going to need the fire candle soon as it is part f on going plot. My string doll is sitting around waiting around for something to happen. Oh I hope it doesn't eat Sol...I would say I like him but I made that mistake last time *narrows eyes*  :P

The internet is being slow and it keeps dropping out on me. Pah! to Forest internets...PAH!

Also Death to Tholon anyone?

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