Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The internet

Lately this has been getting on my nerves by dropping in and out all the time. It gets really annoying when I am just trying to watch or listen to something and I have to refresh it a thousand times because the internet has decided to take a nap, or when I am trying to talk to someone and msn gives out or face book has a stroke and doesn’t send or receive messages. A friend of mine has this same frustration, though they live in a city not in the country like I do. I am actually writing this blog in works processor because the net wishes to p*ss me off. If the internet had an physical form I would take a flail to its groin.  I wrote an entire blog last night that took me ages to write, and usually blogspot saves as you go but as the net was blinking on and off so often it was failing to do so, so as I clicked publish nothing happened and it told me to log in, and when I got to the main page I had only saved one line, so a gave up, I couldn’t remember what I had typed, I just let my brain tick over. 

I think that if I ever get to go to Gloucester I will take the laptop in the a computer place as both the H and the v key are broken and it is really starting to annoy me.

So besides the net and the keys not working anymore, there have been other things that have been added to the pot of my stress today.  My cold has gone away but has left behind the cough, and I just don’t have the energy to cough anymore which makes it more painful, I just want to rip out my lungs, I mean they don’t really work anymore anyway, they’ll probably kill me one day anyway.

The inability to go anywhere more than a two hour walks worth away. John hating cities and general walking around said cities. I will never see London ever again at this rate.

Johns mother....*twitch*

Not having a job.

Not being near any of my friends.

Oh and my knees must think I am 60 because they are complaining.

Rant over I'm fine everything is sunny and not filled the psychotic thoughts. I have tea.

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