Monday, 12 September 2011

Turning the fade in to fae.

Ok so I was reading a Dragon Age 2 fanfic (Not that kind)  and one of the stories was of Hawke and Anders getting pulled i n to the fade by Justice (Spirit of Vengence) and as Hawke is wondering around she finds different peices of Anders, who is trying to seperate himself from Justice and get back to his normal templar hating self.

So Hawke finds the different versions of Anders. Regret, Instability, Indecision, Lonliness and Distrust. And if you know DA2 well you will know what these all are and why did what she did to help Anders in this.
Regret - Anders regrets everything, probably taking about what happened with Justice and the chantry (boom). So Hawke holds and comforts him and he dissapears.
Instability- He regrets nothing. She accepts him despite his flaws.
Indecision - He doesn't know what to do, he isn't sure of who he is anymore. Hawke tells him that he is to find his path and stick to it.
Lonliness- Anders is alone and feels he doesn't need anyones help and he can do it all on his own. Hawke asures him he doesn't have to be alone in this, that she is his friend and will be there always.
Distrust - Anders doesn't trust anyone anymore, he thinks she will turn him in to the Templars. Hawkes tells him she can trust him no matter what even when she fled Kirkwall.

After Anders has been put back together she finds Anders and he had to do the same with pieces of her. They finally destroy Justice, as there is no real justice in the world and they all hve a big fight and Justice goes boom.

I think this would make a good Fae encounter/mission. The Fade is somewhere where you cannot trust anything that can be said, you do not know what it real, illusion or if it is a demon showing you lost and forgotten or unknown memories. Which I  guess you can link to fae as its a freaky realm where things are twisted and backwards and fae cant be trusted as far as you can throw then.

So my ideas would be that someone who has lost thier soul in fae or has just lost themselves in fae and needs to be put back together. Having different aspects of themselves scattered around fae (whilst the real them is in the clutches of some evil fairy) and when one piece is "fixed" it would point to the next piece, I guess it would have to be used with a locate or something.

But yeah that was my little spur of creativity that I have basically stolen from someone but hey, their rcreativity is stolen from the game.

If you don't know Dragon Age here are the wiki pages for Anders and Hawke. So you can get the jist of them:

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