Friday, 14 October 2011

Dreams and the week gone by.

So last night I had a very odd and very detailed dream, it wasn't like a jumble of pictures and sounds and feelings it felt real. So from what I can remember as I have been awake for some time now was, myself and a few LRP friends, my LO Olly, his fiance Ellie, Seneschal Matt and CC Peat were all on a hiking trip in Germany, and for whatever reason it changed to a hotel in northern Sweden where we were next door to Alexander Skarsgard's house and I think I remember telling Olly and Matt to not play golf as it would to in the Skarsgards garden, then where they were playing golf turned in to a river as they had just got splashed by a boat. Then I remember looking at a map of Sweden and all the rivers were in a grid formation like you would see the streets of Manhattan and me and Peat were navigating our way to the coast via the rivers (there is no coast in NE Sweden, it goes in to Norway). We went back in to the hotel and it had changed in to an Apple shop, but then there  is a rather blank space and it jumps to the gilmore girls.

You know when you think of something and it sounds good and then when you wrtire it down it isn't as good. Well this is it.

Any way this week has been unpleasent. I'm just feeling a little like a puppet on string. So yeah I have been upset a few times this week. Yay. I think my brain has been giving me strage a odd dreams to distract me from the real world. I'm also worried about one of my friends, and I think a few people are.

I just need to get out of this  house, hopefully I will get to a little earlier today as we are going to the cinema in Gloucester later and I hoped that John would take us in earlier so I can have a wonder and relax.

I finally got Dragon age legacy, it is awesome but difficult. I died like a million times on the final fight so I had to go back to where I could swap over players. So I hope that I can work out a puzzle that John worked out for me as I don't think I saved it.

I should be practicing making cupcakes with dough icing but I have no motiviation whatsoever, I feel drained so I think I will just play more Legacy. I think I  just need a day alone where I can do things at my own pace and where I don't feel like I'm being watched or hovered over.

Watching Real Steel later. Playing New Dawn tomorrow and probably a whole load of nothing Sunday.

Roll on Nov 5th, I get to have fun, see my friends and dress up.

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