Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Well today I had a bit of a brainstorm/ brainburp.  Sometimes I think up stories that might have potential to be interesting peices.  My only drawbacks are, I can never begin them and I always either loose interest of reach a wall that I can not find a creative way around/over/under. Maybe if I give you the jist of it someone who is lovely enough will give me a creatie poke in the right direction for how to start the damn thing! And if it is interesting to more than someone than my head then I might NaNoWriMo it, but I will never in a milllion years get 50k words in a month.

So the jist....I don't even have a name for this either!

 It is set on earth but in 2120 and the world has been revaged by natural catastrophe, world war (and I mean all of it) and more natural catastrophe, the world is a series of different islands no bigger than the size of Madagasgar or an area of similar size. Cars are obsolete, but there are other forms of transport around.
There are just over 1 billion people left on  the planet, technology has changed but some people are yet to evolve.

Amelia is the focus of the story, she lives on one of the islands that used to make up the United Kingdom which in the past 50 years has reclaimed it's Empire, she has a simple life, but a more privilaged life than most people on the islands that make up the Empire. She has a bit of a struggle with her family, and some of her friends. She meets a person from another Island of the Empire of Britian, which is a relativly rare thing as people don't really travel from island to island anymore, most of people's lives are conducted by technology, Ameila's house may be ran by a computer, she hardly uses it, she doesn't use transport she walks to her job, the only real time she uses computers is for leisure and for cooking.

This is all I have really. I have to think of a real good reason why people don't really go from island to island, they can, there are boats and stuff, some just don't.

Ideas and suggestions welcome.

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  1. Everyone can write, it's just sticking with it long enough to get through it. NaNoWriMo is a great time to do this, especially if you are actually know people to do it with as you can encourage and cajole each other on.

    Main thing to remember in NaNo is quantity, not quality. As long as you get the words out, you're doing fine.