Monday, 2 April 2012

You took me to the Lion's Den.

I can never really understand that line after ^ that one. Becuase in all the videos of Dry the River Lion's Den it's usually screamed incoherently. Watching a violinist trying to 'rock out' is just so sweet and so funny at the same time because you can't really do that with a violin, a cello maybe.

Other than having DtR practically on repeat ( I don't even have thier album yet), it's been a really good weekend.  Saturday was Einherday, which a special day for the Einherjar where they went  back to Llaminisu to find thier village. It was an all day event so we monstered/played all day. So they headed towards the mountains, which has an ice giant under it, and the ice giant rolled over in its sleep becuase of someting that gave it bad dreams. This caused the paths to break and the village to go from one side of the mountain to the other, so Gunnar convinced the Einherjar people that they were dead and in hell. For the Einherjar the could not just walk to the normal paths becuase there weren't any. So they had to travel through the saga's to get to thier people. so that invovled alot of big nasties. Some of them were really wierd and as they were travelling through time there were a few points in which they couldnt interfere becuase it would either fuck time up and they wouldn't get back to the now or no one was actually around to see it so nothing could be interacted with or they couldnt kill certain things until the actual hero showed up. Then they met weird twisted versions of adventurers. So there was a Knight commander, Sir Marcus, Emilia, Llewis Marw (who no one recognised) vau, Rac, (whatever marcus was playing) and a Valvossa. So the evil ones of us died, people were really happy to get the chance to fight the KC and Vau. I didn't get a chance to fight becasue I mage cheated! Jace entangled me in my robes and then killed me. So they waited for me to die, when I was finally dead (for the thrid time!) so Fith did a flangy ritual where he connected out skiens...(pathways) then I was laid to rest by the Swan. So yeah that's me and alot of people happy. When they made it to the village they made thier people believe themselves to be alive. Which of course they did. Then they were met with Gunnar and all the major NPC's they had met earlier. So they got to have a hardish fight. And they all lived happily ever after whilst getting drunk in the meadhall. Getting drunk was fun, everyone likes drunk me :)

Sunday was also awesome, I must have slept so much I didn't notice the hangover but alot of people made fun of the fact I was hungover but I was happy about it. I got to see people from Guilford that I haven't seen in a while. And just becuase Stinky Pete has been on TV doesn't mean he can be mean to a hungover tired me. Olly was also mean to me but he's allowed as he's the LO and in charge. Atleast on monstering I got to have a nap. And I wore Johns super heavy chain as I was the big bad girl who got mobbed, I might ave moved more if I wasnt so heavy, and I would have been more of a bitch if I wasnt tired and dehydrated. I think I am geeting more used to my chain, I had to run three times and it didn't totally kill me in the end, thank you adreniline.

So I am still knackered today. So I have sold alchemy, and sold out in like 2 hours. Clearly I have good prices for my potions.

My mothers coming up tomorrow, I have to think of things to do. Should be fun.

Yes I know this was another long one. But if I blogged to much I would have nothing to say.

So great weekend and I great start to April.

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