Thursday, 19 April 2012

Books and haircuts.

It's two day's until my 20th birthday. I haven't been this excited about a birthday for years, I think it's more the getting to see my friends and have massive amounts of fun at Larp than actually turning 20, being 20 is not all that exciting, I'm no longer a 'teenager'. And amazingly my 21st is on a weekend too. I will probably do something special or maybe have a party I don't know it's early days yet.

I have been talking to many people about books lately, and today one of my friends was looking for 'romance' novels. So I thought through my small collection of books and some can come under the romantic genre but not entirely.  Alot of my books would come under teen romance, and I guess there is alot of raunch in my books, and most of them are about vampire, but saying that 11 of them the True Blood series which I got like 3 years ago so my love of vampire books have stemmed from there, two other books - Love bites (Lynsay Sands) and Night Pleasures (Sherrilyn Kerri are teen romance novels and contain sex. There is another one called Sunshine (Robin McKinley) which is a vampire book but it only hints at romantic feelings between the human and vampire as the vampires are not portrayed at the romantic, beautiful creatures. The only other 'Romance' novel I own is Goddess of Love (P C Cast) this is one that's set in the time of King Arthur, it's romantic and there is alot of sexual tension in there as well. Nights in Villjumar (Mark Charan Newton) and The Magicians Apprentice (Trudi Canavan) have elements of romance in them but they are more about the fantasy and the magic that they are about. I have recently gotten back in to crime novels, I previously read Dark Origins (Anthony E Zuiker) which was an interesting and interactive book, you had to log in a website at certain times to get videos, it gave you a better feeling about the book and I think it was dome really well. The last one I read was The Night Stalker (Chris Carter) which is a gripping crime thriller. It got me thinking...and also cringing, it is definitely one I would recommended and I would like to read the others in the series when I have the time and the money.  The one I am trying to read at the moment is Fear Itself (Jonathan Nasaw) It's good so far it's not just grabbing at me as much as Night Stalker did. Which I feel is disappointing if I can be that easily distracted from a book.

I got my hair properly cut for the first time in a long time, it feels kinda odd, I've had what 4 inches off maybe. It used to reach my hips and now I think when it's down it reaches about the middle of my back. I know that when it's up in plait it reaches to just above where my bra strap is. It's defiantly going to be easier to wash, brush and style.

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