Monday, 16 April 2012

Laser tag/curry, Newdawn, crazy dreams and more.

So this weekend has been full of running around and other fun things, though Friday was a bit of a fuck up becuase things went wrong, I did help John fix a fence for a few hours Friday evening which was nice, my legs really hurt from the crouching and my wrists caned after alot of screwing and unscrewing. They have forgiven me so far atleast so thats a plus, it is not nice having to type when your wrists want to give up and die.

Saturday we went back to the place with the fence as John works for the lady there on occasion. This time around we were starting to build sides to this gazebo she has in her garden, after we got all the wood and measured it all up ect we started on the frame for the 3ft high fence that was going to go around the sides of this gazebo, so we started with the side that was going to be there all the time instead of one side that needs to be able to be taken away and one that needs a gate. So we build these two half frames, I mainly did alot of holding as when I was sawing a few fence panels in half I kinda almost fucked them up so I stopped doing that and let John handle the saw. When fixing the frames to the gazebo itself we found that it wasnt built square so we made a few adjustments and it was fine then. It then took us an hour or so to fix the panels on to the frame. By this time I has spent most of the afternoon on my knees so whenever I had to get up or kneel again my knees were like NOOO. So when we finished we made a mad dash home, I emptied the car of FnH stuff and put all the New Dawn stuff in there, I then changed in to leggings and shorts because the backs of my knees were on fire from my jeans rubbing against them all the time, I then printed out the directions to Battlestorm HQ, whilst John is showering and changing. We are then late to BSHQ because the directions were crap. We had to go in to a horrible looking pub to ask for directions, I went in becuase they would probably be nicer to me than they would be to John, which was correct. We finally got there, we were put on a team with Dave C, Bill, Charlie and Bill's sis Ellie. During one of the games we were defending our base and I was the only one left so I scouted one side and got closest to the other base to see how many were there, I think only Nikki and Leah were left, I went back, waited for a while then scouted the other side where about halfway down the one side I found a Ross so I moved backwards, I think I caught my arm on the scenery and hightailed it back to base where I waited again for about five minutes before the mission ended in a draw.  The free for alls were the most fun, and I think on the last team death match I may have pinned Charlie and John down with friendly fire, though oddly my pack didn't tell me I was friendly firing. In the briefing room Phil noticed I was bleeding, I had scraped my elbow I didn't notice at all. THe curry at the curry house was amazing, we were in an executive lounge so it was practically a living room with a large table. I feel kinda guilty for not eating all my Korma and my Naan bread, it was so filling and the shish kebabs were also kinda huge. We then went to Bill and Charlies to crash and didn't get to sleep until about 3 after watching rapey dolphins.....and monkey rape frog....don't ask.

Sunday, at New Dawn where a good 90% of us were tired or aching most of us had tigh pain from BSHQ. Were for the first mission we played slime fish and I got to play with flour, then scalpers. Our mission was to recon an area where they had previously been. Bills charater stepped/kicked away a grenade, so myself and Leah's medic had to heal it up as best we could. We then fought a few things and blew a few people up the gun that Dan was using didn't work, but when the zombies came he managed to kill two of them atleast.  We got to the place we needed to go and decided to go home. It was a fun day all round.

My freakishly odd dream, I obviously can't remember it all now but I can remember snippits. I was getting my hair cut. Then I had Peat gauging where my fringe was going to be by drilling in to my skull, anf screwing it up when he got to the left side where he went through my skull, which I think I complianed about becasue it really hurt ect. So yeah I'm not letting him near me with a drill anytime soon :P. I think this might have been related to when I was drilling batons and I was going all the way thru when I wasn't supposed to. Though I don't where my skull, a fringe and Peat come in to this but hey. I do also remember having a dream that involved strangling Jim Moriarty.

It's my birthday in five days. On my birthday I will be travelling to Cannock to LRP, so hopefully my character won't die on my birthday, then on Sunday we will be going to Guilford where again I do hope I don't die. So I can see this being another weekend where I am going to be knacked afterwards.

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