Sunday, 31 July 2011


So Friday, I turn down a few weekends of paid work at the DHC because I can't take the stress of handeling alot of people at the same time. I make mistakes which makes me feel bad and I get stressed. I'm just amazing right?

Anyway moving on, DnD was great again this week. We continued in this room of rooms and monsters in each of these rooms. In the next room after the half black dragon guy there was a Lamia and John killed it by smashing its head off ,he has a Heavy flail and he's just getting used to it (ie he's only just getting good rolls ;) ) In the next room was a nimrod thing that was friendly, Karls description was a angry looking old man and we all thought of our old DM :D great minds think alike. So we left him in the room. We also came up against a nasty magic fire trap, a Manticore, some floaty brains with poison tenticles then a Hydra. I got to use my Great Cleave :) I was a happy bunny. Oh and before that I got to use the blind spell that I have on my sheild so I blinded one of the six heads, then I got my kill on, and our druid created fire under the hydra's necks so it would set its stumps on fire. Oh also another thing, we would get so mauled in each room we would have to sleep in the corridor afterwards to just get our health and spells back. That was funny so I think we have been down there for like 4 days now and in that place altogether for about a week, and now that its hopefully clear it shouldn't take too much time to get back up and ask WTF. Oh yeah we also lost our dusk blade and we looted him becuase everytime we kill something the first thing we do when we kill something is we "SEARCH".

Yesterday I think it was just a day of doing nothing as usual.  But I saw  Captain America and I liked it, I wasn't what I was expecting at all really I thought it would be all guns and shooting and all american stuff but it was really quiet good a building the background for some of the other Avenger characters. I thought Hugo Weaving as Schmit or Red Skull was awesome, he just does that kind of character really well. I'm sure many of the ladies thought that Chris Evans played Captian America really well ;) tehe. The ending was expected but I didn't think it would happen that way.
With The Avengers I am really looking forward to it, I mean it has to be good it has Chris Hemsworth (Thor) Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) and Chris Evans, and for the boys Scarlett Johanssan in it so it must  be a good movie to have such great actors in it.

Today was one of the days where I worked at the DHC for money. All day. it was all right there were a few SNFU's but it was quiet enough that I could manage. I think towards the end I was just watching ducks and cashing up was easy it was all notes.

Tomorrow I will be going to Gloucester, it may be for a couple of hours but its not this house. Also tomorrow is the start of August which means the start of the countdown to summerfest :D
I will be Adventuring every week this month. Right up until Summerfest and I am really looking forward to the third week at BC.

26 days and counting.

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