Monday, 27 June 2011

A total Fangover.

True blood is back so I was happy for about 2 hours ^_^. Its just unbelieve able what they've done, I loved it.

Anyway, the weekend went well even though the party nearly died thanks to a vampire and a merc with an enchanted venomed sword but luckily there was a vision and two of us got heald to heal the rest of the party. No one dies but two people lost limbs so that was ok.  Oh I wish I never took piriteze or whatever its called,  it was a drowsiness enducing hayfever tablet and all Saturday evening I was like a stone or when I was awake a irrate zombie.

My mind is utterly blank with what I did yesterday. Oh well :D.

And ofc it is a week day which means getting reminded that I am unemployed ect ect this is not a day off ect ect... *slams head against wall* sorry, back in the room. I painted another Uruk Hia (with a pike) and another Gondorian man but in red and black not green and black. There is a figure of Cara's here that I would like to re paint but I do not know if she wants it anymore so I will have to ask her to know.

I had to go up in to the attic earlier and half way up the ladder my legs turned to stone, I could not move as I am a scardy cat but I got up there eventually and I was ok once I got up there and getting down was easier. It as also hot as hell up there, we've just had a load of insilation put up there so I guess it works, esp after waking up at 3:30 AM dying from the heat, I also noticed that at that time its almost light out. I....crap. I went to eat and forgot what I was going to say, and "I" doesn't help, it was good pizza, chicken fajita.

Oh also good news that me and John will have the house to ourselves all next week. Excellent.

Tomorrow is going to be another day of finding things to paint and waiting for 4 O'clock to come around

I've kinda got a job at the Dean heritage centre at the weekend I will be covering the paid weekend girl and I will be getting paid too, I dont have to do an all day shift thank god.



  1. Anyway, the weekend went well even though the party nearly died thanks to a vampire

    Wasn't my fault. >.>

  2. Admit it you enjoyed it until we all hit the deck :P