Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Busy Day.

Well I have done alot today, I help John with his job up the road with clearing all the hedge and tree trimmings, in which I get paid £4 an hour by John, and also I didn't die from havefever because though tress would have had me raking my eyes out, also I had to herd sheep from the garden we were working in twice, and it was the same group of sheep, she when I chased them off the second time and the gate was closed they wondered down the road to sit in this garden, cheeky buggers. Also had to rangle the chickens that were in the garden.

We had a pathetic excuse for a power cut like half an hour ago, it lasted like 5 mins thank god, though Johns mother did get stuck in her electric relciner which he thought was hilarious.
I have also been re writing my IC monster book that Valvossa would have written. It is made up of a little description of her clan, the monsters that she has come across or has gathered information on, and information on ithron and the guilds and how useful they are, though at the moment I am stuck on a guild as thier description is a little iffy on the Wiki. So I will have a look around and ask people about it. 

Roll on saturday, me and John are going to Cannock for LRP, instead of going to a friends housepart in Taunton, but the matter of fact is that it is cheaper to travel to Cannock then it is to go back to taunton, also on the way to cannock there is no bridge to pay for. So I will see my new world of friends and kill things and see my college friends another time when I have the money, or when they have the money to come here, which means I have to find something to do with them here, unless we just walk around the woods which there is alot of.

Oh I think I saw charlie and bill on the local news tonight at it was the summer soltice today and they might have been at stonehenge watching a cloudy dawn.

Hmm what to do now...troll the internet, watch Angel, play DA, or go downstairs and watch TV.....

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