Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Amusing ones self.

I found that on my nine hour shift last night at St Pierre hotel cleaning plates and pots, there are several ways to amuse ones self.
I would be thinking about in character things, or thinking about what life would be like for Valvossa is she lived until 2030 and all the different scenarios that could have happened to enable her survival for so long.
I was thinking up dofferent convosations I would have with different characters as my character.

I was also thinking of a book I had read recently again called Love Bites by Lynsay Sands, its about a coroner Rachael who gets turned in to a vampire, because she got in the way of this axe weilding psycho who was going to cut off one of her corpses heads because this corpse was a vampire, so she gets an axe in the chest =, becomes a vampire, many comnfusing things happen and she eventually falls in love/ has alot of sex with Etienne the vampire, but during this book Etienne is trying to woo her by spouting long words at her as she just commented on the fact that intellegence turns her on. Bad things happen, they fight somethign happens to girl, boy rescues girl, they get married and will probably continue having alot of wonderful vampryic sex ect.
But the part which made me smile the most was the spouting of the long words, and imagining it in a real life context.
I was also thinking about different songs that could be sung in character, but I will never sing any becuase I can not sing and I don't even like speaking in public. I was also making up stories in my head like what if one of Valvossa sisters came to Ithron, which is hard to imagine as I don't have a sister so things stop at dead ends.

So yeah thinking about other things rather that what I was really doing on auto pilot really made those nine hours go fast, I am glad that its a temp thing and that I have to do it when they need me because I would not want to do that all the time, I do not think that my body will forgive me after a weeks worth of standing on  my feet for nine hours. Though I did sit down for my break to watch top gear that was about it.

The rest of my week should go well, I have Cara and Tom coming over today for thier weekly visit, Friday is DnD which I am becoming better at-ish. Saturday is BC which the missions are being retrospectivly as on the sunday I will be off to Ethron (Ireland) IC, to see what all the fuss is about, if the undead think its good then it must be a good place to visit. I think it will just be a giant undead bash and everyone apart from the royal family are all dead and I bet almost any zombie that I meet will explode because it will be water logged, I might see if I can get more cure diseases, or suck up to a alchemist or physician, Immunity to disease was such a good mix when I was Eva, but I am having fun with V, I have plot and involvment even if I am an elf, they are just jelous because I live forever and they dont, plus I'm good looking for an 120 year old, you cant say that when your human :P

Ohh ooh True blood is back in 18 days :D well 19 days for me as I will watch over the net :P 

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