Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday night

Well today was quite good I suppose, I painted an Uruk Hia to look like Vau and I Gondorian to look kinda like a Griffin Knight but I coudnt paint a griffin head on becuase of then white tree emblem . John repainted his giant, I think it was an improvment on the previously painted model. We had to go to the Jobcentre which was quick and painless, which was new.

At DnD our DM had a hissy fit in one of the most manly ways in the world, all we wanted to know is if our warlock could spiderclomb up the wall to this opening  20ft up in this cavern, and he didnt seem to get it, so he had a hissy fit and slowly rolled his pc chair in to the living room, amd said we would have to sort ourselves out or stop playing, so we left felling a little awkward and thinking wtf? So we all came back here to have a talk and a laugh, then we all started to play with Johns nerf guns, though I had to stop because I had to prepare for tomorrow, as all my holywater was empty, I had no scrolls, prayer cards and I hadn't done my alchemy. I also have to take my prayer book, my info books tomorrow as I am teaching a new priest a few things and my mage friend might be there, hopefully, if so much fun (y) The weather should be the opposite of Ethronian weather ;) but I am taking my new fur body wamer my jerkin and cloak just in case.

So yeah, I was making a spiringfest collage for my desktop but there are too many good pics that I can't fit them all on, but I will have a go whilst listening to mumford and sons and paramore and muse ect til a feel tired enough to go to bed.

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