Sunday, 12 June 2011

Raaaaaaains...I mean Braaaaaains

Note: If there are spelling mistakes, I'm tired and my hands have been cold and wet all day.

So today was the day to Derby and the mission to Ethron (Ireland), our mission was to do some diplomancy with the Knight commander of Ithron, so that meant fighting a few waves of undead, 'talking' to the clans, the KCoI talking to the ones in the red tartan then things happening but we didn't really see because we were told to bugger off, so we stood in the rain, getting cold and wet, fighting the occasional wave of undead. The second mission was a muc harder muc more fun undead bash to see what the beacon was, ( I hear it has legs), that was fun to monster even though the rain did not let up so I got soaked. Not fun. My robes and my red scarf have dyed my skin so parts of me arms and ands that werent covered by gloves are a pinky reddy colour and my chin and chest are red so it looks like Ive been eating people. Om nomnomnom. Also in a fit of utter insanity I mentioned to one of my friends that its not really raining and that its sunny and warm and we all have tea, I had lost the will to live and they did kinda cal me crazy (meh) but hey would I rather  be in the real world or in crazy backwords land wit tea eh?  Oh and I made myself look like a twat by talking with sweets in my mouth....twaaat.

Saturday was much more fun anf frothy, I kinda wished I quested for troll strength there, we went to save this town from the konnish and demons, so we snuck in, and knocked(and killed ) almost everything we met on the way through, we were told that there was a holy relic that was in the city somewhere and taht a ritual including this relic might purge the land of this demon taint. We find this library where there were mostly books on porn....but there were books on inter racial relations, so I took one for one of my IC friends to look at as he has been "bothering" me about elves for a few months now, it doesnt bother me, its something to do, there were also books of art, and religion but oddly the magic section as empty, so after we found the relic of crowa (Aaaaaah) we went to the town square and did the ritual, and I prayed as that was my job along with some other people who would say a few things whilst fighting off the konnish and the possesed people. after a while of praying alot some of us got mighty strengths (1 floating hit) then we got troll strenghts (your hits are transferred to En hits per) then our weapons got blessed, then the TS and the blessed were re carged ten the praying worked, the shardan storm went away and the konnish fled, so we headed for the demon where mre konnish fled from us, we met some bequafisians and the it went black and we appeared somewhere the say before we had to go to Ethron

Friday was dull until DnD. I forgot my character sheet. There were bad rolls. And I dont think I will be eating curry sauce again.

Anyway.....did I tell you the rain sucks and I hope I see the mythical sunshing again soon....I guess i should go downstairs and watch family guy even though I want to watch Game of Thrones but John will have a go.....

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