Thursday, 30 June 2011

You've gotta hollow point smile,

Don't you just hate it when you wake to a silent house thinking your all alone, you look out the front to see taht all the cars are gone, but when you do pad downstairs you realise that John's mothers car was on the drive and that you aren't alone and that there will be no peaceful morning to ones self.

So yeah today was not all that fun, it is do house work day, this is the day where I wish I had a tumble dryer because then all I would have to do is sort it and fold it and then eventually iron it. But the cleaning of the bathroom and the hoovering was inevitable there won't be anything that will make that easier unless I was like Bill Gates rich had a huge house and butler.

I may have mentioned that I will probably never eat from greggs ever again, it made me feel really sick so I couldn't go in to work, it was so annoying, I would  get that really horrid feeling that I was about to be sick so I would go through the necessary motions of going to the bathroom ect but nothing would happen, this would conitue until about 5 or 6 O'clock. Luckily I got my appitite back by teatime, it was beef, it may have shrivelled slightly but it was tasty nontheless, there was also strawberry pavlova :P

Have you ever noticed that one a hot night when you open the window it makes no difference what so ever. Also when you remove all the covers and it gets too cold but all the covers is too hot, I think I might do what the americans do and sleep under a sheet.

I had fun upgrading my DnD character to level 5 with 8000gp to spend, I bought elven chain, a masterwork shield and three weapons and assorted clag and I still have money left over :P. We are upgrading our DnD characters as we have left out DM who had a mental breakdown that any female or child would be ashamed of and now our friend Karl will be DMing, oh how I will miss Lissiana's (me) and Isabela's (Karls) brief girly banter. I also kept getting asked alot why my hair was blue.....alchemical accident ofc....I didn't just pick a colour at random...I mean its not like Lissiana is basically Valvossa, thouhg through DnD Lissiana can be quite funny, I mean V would never shout "GIANT WEASEL" I mean there are better things to yell when there are monsters around and I could probably come up with a better insult for an idiot mage :P

My H key fell off, this is what I get for trying to get the stars out from under there. Now I just have to be careful or find a way of fixing it back on the way it was.

Tis a shame I can not go to Bristol this weekend, but I am working for money atleast, if it wasnt so expensive I would have said I would make it for the second mission. Though John might be going without me :(

Oh well Friday tomorrow. yay. Is it summerfest yet???

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  1. Wish you could come to Leicester, might be going to give a demon a kicking...