Friday, 1 July 2011


So at the Jobcentre today I went to sign off as JOhn had worked for more than 16 hours this week and I am not entitiled to JSA by myself.  So I had to call the number at the jobcentre and I got to the wrong department twice, hung up on a number of times and then the office was engaged, and I know that thier office wasn't shut because thier office closes at six, I should know this as I heard their times about 10 times. And also they wouldn't give me any info on John wanting to start a business as he had rung ahead and cancelled it, which I did not know..grrr....So even asking them a few questions whilst I was there was  out of the order as there was no appiontment there. ect

Anyway the Jobcentre are a load of balls, and being in temp work means that whenever you do more than 16 hours work you have to sign off and when we dont have work for  a while we have to sign on again, and this cycle goes on and on. And the people there are all miserable snide gits.

Ok rant over I'm gonna shower and then get ready for DnD......This should be  fun......Great cleave anyone?

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