Friday, 15 July 2011

The end of an era.

So I've just come back from seeing HP7 part 2. I may write a little weirdly atm, I'm tired and teary eyed still, k bear with me.

I enjoyed it all the way through it was a great movie.

To see Snape provay more  than one emotion was spectacular, I mean I really felt for him, I cold see how much he loved Lilly right from the start and to see it all fall apart like he did. It was a shame that he died, Alan Rickman was definetly the man for this job, he played it brilliantly right from the start.

To see Harmione and Rons relationship actually go somewhere was a real FINALLY moment.

There were parts were the cinema roared with laughter and I'm sure if you've seen it you know which.

I did cry, like many others would have. I cried when Fred (I think) died I started to cry. When Belatrix died I shed a tear of happiness. And at the end, when it shows the characters children. I think I did becuase it marked an end of an era.

I mean we all grew up with the books, I havent read all of them but I still grew up in the world of Harry Potter, we all grew up with the films and have basically grown up with the HP clan in a way. And now its gone. But it will always be there as a great film, and a classic when its older and our children are watching it.

So the actors of Harry Potter have gone their seperate ways. I hope to see them make more sucsess elsewhere in the entertainment world.

I must go to bed, I have a demon to kill in the morning.

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