Saturday, 16 July 2011

Let the flames begin

So today was LRP at Lickey hills Nr Birmingham, I went on the mission of go back to crawstone and kill the big demon-y thing. And for this mission it was raining for a little bit as it had for the other missions, as Crawstone currently was underneath a rather large shardan storm. Convienient. So we went back with bits of a shrine to set one up, so we had to go back in to the library minus the books and get the relic of Crowa that we used the last time when we were all flangy and awesome :D but it had changed to a bigger and golden cup which was interesting, oh  well you dont really question the gods on trival things like "why have you changed the relic" Its used for the same thing. So we went to the town square where the last ritual took place, but the slab thing was in half thanks to a lightining stirke, but do not fear I consicrated the shrine anyway.
So once we reached the tower, this is where the party dissapeared last time thanks to the fae, but this time there was no wibbilyness, the tower was 6 stories high and only 15 metres across. Or so we thought. We entered a 50ft long room which had konnish coming out of the walls, then a myriad of different tunnels, then we came across more damn konn and a demonologist who when "poof" in purple smoke when I hit him lots with my weapon :P. I found another relic and was told to drink by my goddess, she gave me gills....thanks Crowa. Then everyone got gills as the way through was under water. Then there was this end of the tunnel and the water just went in every direction forever, then we fell/jumped in to the downcurrent where we fell for a whle and then fell up in to a cage. I fought John he was tainted and ugly looking so he had to die. I let the others out of the cage and then got jobbed by the other Konnish around but was healed and kille more.

When we finally got to the top of the tower by going down and under water and down then up. We found another demo I think. I didnt get a good look as when we killed him he fell off the tower and went splat. It was fun to imagine :P. The two mages jumped off the tower for some reason, there were some stairs btw boys. So the sane people went down the stairs and the mages had hurt thier legs so they walked very slowly back, with my and Kal watching them from a distance infront.

Twas fun I wish I quested now for troll strength.  Oh well.

I'm kinda glad that the other mission was less fighty because I was too tired to monster. Even though I don't wear armour, but I do think that I dealt the killing blow to all the three big things that had taint. I may be wring for the last one, i just remember pushing it off the edge and watching it go splat.

Must sleep now...


  1. There were reasons we jumped off... not least of all... it looked cool. =P

    The second demo, was a Warlock, just so you know. =]

  2. I saw the Warlock go splat, he wasnt going to get up anytime soon :P You're still silly.

  3. It was still a cool image. Even if it does mean he can't walk properly for a week. =P